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Carpet Cleaning Springfield Ma

August 3, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

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Keep Your Carpet Clean

David Hebert

The carpet is a surface coating relatively little sweet talk with a lot of qualities beneficial. Some of these benefits include: a soft surface for safety and comfort, a filter for pollution control of indoor air the aesthetic qualities of color and texture, and heat convection.

However, some consumers perceive to be difficult carpet maintain. By following a simple routine care, the carpet will look great and last for several years. Here are some suggestions to ensure years of use beautiful carpet.

Vacuum, Vacuum,!

One of the best maintenance actions a consumer can make is in their mats Vacuum often. It is important to choose a vacuum that meets or exceeds the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Green Label Seal of Approval program. This certification ensures that vacuum has exceeded in testing air quality and dependability use a modern carpet. Believe it or not several popular vacuum cleaners on the market are too aggressive on the carpet and can cause premature wear. Using a vacuum cleaner approved by CRI Green Label program mitigates this concern. To find CRI Green Label approved vacuum, visit

One question is how often people Must empty? Indeed with a CRI Green Label approved vacuum, the answer is as often as necessary. Factors such as the use of carpets, animals, children, land transition (ie land or went walking trails at the entrance of the house), and other factors discussed in the decision on how often empty. A rule of thumb is free to vacuum once or twice a week Unless the above factors come into play. It is not uncommon for some consumers to vacuum once or twice a day to control hair and animal dander. Conversely, if the use of a room receives little or no carpet, vacuuming only a couple of times a month May more sense. The short answer is we can not vacuum too often.

Treat stains immediately

modern carpet has an amazing ability to hide the soil is dry. Above I noted that controls vacuum frequently much loose soil dry, but the vacuum does not address spills, spots and stains caused by liquids. Fight against liquid stains is a fairly easy task and the sooner a consumer addresses site Fresh Premium. modern carpet is made of earth blocking the chemistry, but it is not infallible. Over time this ground blocking the chemical disappears carpeting and floor mats will not stand as well as it did when he was nine. In addition, some OTC-spotting and home-made spotting solutions are too harsh on the chemistry of carpet "surface-to-lock and chemistry will be compromised.

The best way to treat spots, Spills and stains is to follow these 3 step approach:

1) Identify the source – to try to discover the source by the sight and smell. Please note: If the spill is corrosive or dangerous, do not try to clean it yourself. It is best to call a professional who has a background in specialty carpet cleaning to protect yourself, family and pets, or if it's dangerous if you do not know how to deal with spills. Scoop / remove / extract – If the spill is significant, with a Shop-Vac "mode of wet milling, it will be easier to remove the bulk. Small stains can be removed with a cotton white terry towel or microfiber cloth. It is important use a white cloth to wipe to ensure that there is no transfer of the color of cloth or towel to the carpet.

2) Treat – All points fall into two types (or sometimes a combination – such as certain types of ink): oil based and water based. stains Oil-based are caused by fuels, oils, inks, grease, nail painting, etc. Water-based stains are caused by urine, vomit, feces, food and beverages, fertilizers, etc. It is important to treat everyone according to their type. water-based spills, spots and stains need to be treated with solutions based on water and oil based stains should be treated with oil based branding solutions. For a complete list of tasks with the instructions, please visit

Carpet Cleaning

Vacuuming is effective for the removal of dry soil and spot cleaning is a great way keep the carpet looking great between cleanings. Like all textiles, such as clothing, better cleaning system is necessary when the carpet becomes uniform dirty. The Environmental Protection Agency and carpet mills recommend cleaning as frequently between 3 months and 18 months, depending on use and soil types. As indicated above, the carpet has an amazing ability to hide soil. Hoover Vacuum Company has commissioned a study and determined modern rugs that can completely hide a book of soil in a square foot of carpet! Over time "carpet traffic lanes" can be engraved on a permanent if the soil depth is not removed. It is best to clean your carpet before the show ground because once it accumulates, permanent damage has probably already begun.

Method is the best

There are five recognized methods of cleaning carpet – hot water extraction, adsorption Foam, Shampoo, RI and absorption of dry powder. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Hot Water Extraction, sometimes referred to as "steam cleaning" is the most popular method of cleaning and is the only method that rinses the carpet fibers. However, one of the five methods are effective in the care of an experienced technician.

Select Make yourself or a Pro?

For Light stains, spills and stains, consumers can usually be remedied by using techniques and stains above graph. But when it is time to clean large areas of carpet, whether for maintenance or because of large spots, spills or stains, consumers should ask following questions:

1) If you do it yourself? If so,

a. If you rent or buy a machine?

b. Which machine should I use?

C. Will you be able to clean to my satisfaction?

d. Does perceived low cost of hiring or doing it yourself is worth?

2) If you hire a professional? If so,

a. Which method to choose?

b. Which company would you choose?

C. The perceived higher cost worth it compared to renting or buying a machine?

Only you can answer these questions, but ignored. The typical professional carpet cleaner often attends classes carpet cleaning and stay abreast of new trends, methods, techniques, and chemistry, a typical professional carpet cleaner also cleans successfully thousands of square feet of carpet per year. Some professional carpet cleaners to choose to become a certified company, which also means they have agreed to have possession of the Code of Conduct, 3rd party verification insurance and licensing requirements, and also have a formal complaint lodged policy, should there be a problem. A final consideration, the Carpet and Rug Institute recently established a seal of approval program for cleaning companies that agree to use Seal of Approval of equipment and chemistry. To view this list, visit

By following this guide, your carpet will last longer and will look great all year. For more information about cleaning and restoration work, visit: ┬ę 2010 Hebert'sRCS

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