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Cleaning Tile Grout Floors

July 25, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning tile grout floors
cleaning grout between the tiles?

I for my tile floors down together. The grout between the two was mainly dark where we walk. Do something with this? I wiped with bleach, a bleach pen tried .. You know what to do? ? Thank you!

Mix a paste of the bar keepers friend cleaner with bleach undiluted and use an old toothbrush … should work like magic

How to Clean Tile Grout


Cleaning Supply Network

July 23, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning supply network
Computer strnage made a few things?

I am trying to fix a Dell Dimension 4600c for someone and I find it has more than one issue.I ide and boot it errors on the mouse and keyboard. I then press f1 to boot into winxp. Then I noticed that the video screen flickers horrible.The is pink and yellow (virus?). So then I loaded the private security ZoneAlarm and cleaned as much as I could, but only now i cannot connect to internet reviews to update the defintions.i tried, but as I turned off the PC. o_0 He got angry and stopped. I should be able to just plug in my DSL jack and it should just recognize my network as my laptop does nephews, but it wont. Also, another strange thing is a bit of noise it makes while it starts .. almost like something short-circuit out.sounds as the power makes a strange noise in the loop, but it almost seems like it might be something with the video would say card.i hardrive but no noise.this click is a new sound ..

Random errors BIOS, video and sounds strange erratic: it looks like the failure if the motherboard you can answer a question – repeat this behavior every time you turn on the PC? If these are errors that have disappeared and new symptoms each time, Your friend does not error messages seriously as they should and may need to talk to others more often if this happens regularly. I'll give you advice, but I'm afraid the first possibility, and if nothing is resolved, if I were you I would stop trying repair the system and get professional help. (PC repair shop, Best Buy, Circuit City, the manufacturer of your if it is under warranty, the district PC geek, etc.) Keyboard / Mouse: try different connections: if PS2 (round plug), try unplugging the mouse and see if the error returns. If it's USB, see if you can use a USB/PS2 converter plug (included with most hardware stores, or available at electronics stores and office supplies) to force the keyboard / mouse into a PS2 instead. See if the error returns. Network: First, disable ZoneAlarm. You will be able to do in the program, or use the Control Panel, see Add / Remove Programs and uninstall the time. (You can retrieve it later.) Open My Computer, then click Network Connections (this may be on your desktop, if you do not find it in the Control Panel) and look at the NIC on the screen: is it activated? Is it working? If not activated, right click above and choose "Enable". If she already has, look at the state and see if the card is connected, not connected, limited or no connectivity, or unavailable. Ask another question on Yahoo Answers with this info (or you can email me by clicking on my name) and we can help others: hardware problems others seem more important to fix first. Noise: where. Listen to the case. Remove the lid if you have to listen. Where is the noise coming from? More specifically, whether it is the power (the large box where the power cord runs into the computer, including the fan), fan accessory (next to the CPU or on top of it, or a fan plugged into the front or rear panel away from the food), a hard drive, the motherboard itself, the processor itself (without the fan on top) or a Optical disks /. This will help greatly, and may indicate that some may need replacing. (If it is the motherboard, processor or Food that noise, there is a serious problem and your friend may need to get a new PC. If it is still under warranty, contact Dell. Otherwise you should get a new one.) Video: same idea as the keyboard / video – there two VGA taken back? One of them could be video board and the other an AGP card. Try this if the two video cards are present:! – WARNING: This can leave the computer unusable. If you are not comfortable with the CMOS setup program, or are not convinced of this fact, go into the video section. – I would recommend a computer geek to do this. Again, if you're not sure what to do, there is no shame in staying safe: find help. Read all these instructions before you begin, print them if you want to try. – Keep the cork in IT'S ORIGINAL LOCATION. – Enter CMOS setup: when the PC starts, watch the screen immediately when you press carefully Power. Look for a line that tells you which key to press to enter Setup. before it hit the screen disappears (usually when the disks are controlled and light all at once.) If you miss it, stop immediately in Windows PC and try again. – Look for a line there that says "Enable on-board video" or something like that and make sure. May say "video card" and give you the choice between "AGP", "PCI" or "board" (one of them can not appear.) Choose board or PCI and save your changes. Turn the PC off. – Change which connect the video cable is attached. Press Power. If you do not see the video, then back to the original form and see if she returns. If it does not, you need to reset the BIOS: open the lid, Search for a round battery and remove it if possible. (If stuck, do not do this: there is a jumper somewhere that needs to reset triggered the BIOS memory.) Wait 60 minutes and replace: This will restore the default settings and must restore the PC video. (Make sure the plug VGA is the port of origin.) If you do not have video after you reset the BIOS, you should seek professional help. ========================= ===================== Try some of these ideas here and in other responses, and add details to the question here so that we can help others.

Window Cleaning Network Plug.MOV


Cleaning Toilet Tank

July 19, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning toilet tank

Green Plumbing Design meets Toilet Fill Valve Repair

Today I want to talk about green plumbing design and a new innovative product for the toilet valve repair filler called HydroClean. I recently met the inventor of the HydroClean, a plumber fourth generation named Michael Schuster. Michael came with one of the most well thought out new products I've seen in a long time. This new toilet fill valve saves water, and I mean lots of water, which is a wonderful thing in the context of drought current awareness. But it does not get water, it also alerts you when it is time to replace a leaky toilet flapper, she cleans the inside your toilet tank flush and installs all, even without tools.

Mechanics Toilet 101 – Toilet flushing

To understand exactly how HydroClean saves water, it is first necessary to understand exactly how a toilet. Most residential toilets are the standard variety reservoir. A type of toilet that works by using water that is stored in the tank to empty the bowl into the drainage pipe system. The basic chain of events that occur when you flush the toilet are: Water is stored in the tank when you push the flush lever it raises the flapper in the bottom of the toilet tank, water tank the toilet drains into the bowl through the opening under the valve, the waste in the bowl is washed out in the pipes drain the extra water is added.

Mechanics Toilet 102 – The Fill

While all this happens drops fill float valve, the opening the filling valve when the valve closes the reservoir to begin filling. At the same time the fill tube on the fill valve now sends water into the bowl through the overflow tube in the tank. When the tank is full, the float rises and closes the valve filling. This is all pretty simple if you know the rest.

The problem, the fill tube

Problem arises because the bowl is filled at the same time as the tank and the bowl is often completely filled before the tank. Once the bowl is full, the rest of the water flowing through the fill tube works just down the drain and THR is wasted.Unfortunately more, fill valves have no way to adjust the rate filling the tank to prevent this happening.

The solution to the Mini Valve

The inventor has come up with HydroClean a solution to this problem. The HydroClean has an adjustable valve on the fill tube to allow you to calibrate the amount of water that is used to fill bowl. This allows each toilet to be adjusted accurately to the right amount of water to fill the bowl. The latter describes the simple refinement HydroClean as a green plumbing design has the potential to save millions of gallons per year with widespread use.

See for yourself

Now you may be wondering whether or not you lose water enough to need a HydroClean. It is quite easy to find by yourself if you follow the steps below.

First step, before rinsing mark the water level in the bowl with a pencil. The second step, remove tube filler overflow tube in the tank and directing the flow of the fill tube into a separate container. A fourth freezer bag works well. Third step, the flush. Step four, tap the filling tube into the container. After flushing is complete check water level in the bowl. Fifth step, slowly add the water reservoir to bring the water level in the bowl at your pencil mark. Step six, measure the water in the container. This is the amount of water is wasted with each flush of water.

What mess

If you want to take a step further, you can calculate how much water is wasted on an annual basis. First of all how many times a day you flush. In addition, the National average of eight times per day. Now, multiply the amount of water (in ounces) is left in your container by the number of times per day you flush, then multiply that number by 365 (the number of days in one year) and divide that total by 128 (the number of ounces in a gallon). This will tell you how many gallons of water your toilet is wasting ineffective on an annual basis. If Curious to know what cost in dollars and cents, call the water department or check your water bill to see how paying for a gallon of water. Do not forget the sewer charges are if you are on public sewer .. You might be surprised at the answer.

Listening to a leak

Another great feature of the HydroClean is its ability to warn you of a leaking valve in your toilet tank. The HydroClean is a little noisier than the filling valves and other valve opens with a very clear, positive opening. If your drum If leaking water level slowly in the tank drops, the valve open. The noise when this happens is an indication that you have a problem in your tank. Do not misunderstand me Well, this is not so strong as to be a nuisance. You probably will not hear the children during the day but at night, will be a dead giveaway.

It Cleans The Tank

I also mentioned that the HydroClean cleans the toilet with each flush water. This is accomplished by filling a tube booster which is routed along the bottom of your tank on the opposite side of the filling valve. This means that every time you flush the water is introduced into the toilet tank openings of several different points along the tube, creating a flow of water through the bottom of the tank and wash all the debris.

Look Ma, no tools

Another feature of the aircraft it is installed without tools, even if you need a pair of channel locks to remove your old valve, the new tightened by hand only with a truly unique design nuts that snap when it is tightened. It is a great advantage for the installer, because it eliminates the guesswork and prevents over tightening, which could damage the tank.

I tip my hat to Michael Schuster and HydroClean his toilet fill valve repair kit. It is refreshing to find a new product that lives up to the marketing claims and I can say from experience Personal HydroClean that does just that. I did the test on one of my toilet and I'm now using less water, 525 gallons per year. And what is really is that I'm saving all that water without sacrificing performance. You can bet I'm planning to check the rest of the week. In my case, HydroClean is not rocket science!

How To Clean a Toilet Tank


Cleaning Tile Grout Floor

July 1, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning tile grout floor
How to clean the grout on a tile floor?

I have a new house and the grout in my back door is dirty and wet the Search … I tried bleach, it is useful, but not all the way???

Get your lazyass on the floor and clean the cracks.

Grouting Tile Clean Rinse Tile Floor (step6)


Bathroom Cleaning Services

June 20, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

bathroom cleaning services
Portland real estate investor Barry Menashe refuses to pay the fees of $ 50,400 the city in protest campers from downtown Menashe said he likes downtown Portland, but he will not continue to pay $ 4,000 per month for cleaning and security services that do not work. The Portland Business Alliance which manages the services, said he has tried to address concerns Menashe.
How To Clean Your Bathroom Cleaning Services Boston


Carpet Cleaning Quotes

June 17, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

carpet cleaning quotes

Discrimination and Carpet Cleaning customers

She had moved into our area, buying at a very nice neighborhood. When she called her carpet cleaned ASAP to have it immediately rubbed me the wrong way. You know the type. Fighting with you immediately. Applications (Riparian coarse), before you even begin to "tell and sell" your business.

We make an assessment of carpet at home with clients potential before citing any pricing carpet cleaning and upholstery. It allows us to tell the customer what they can expect from the cleaning and what are the cost will be if they charge us.

We charge per square foot, so after measuring the areas she wanted to clean, I have given our exact price down-to-the-penny. I reviewed the films to clean up, which was included in the package we've offered and, finally, the cost of us cleaning the carpet.

It took less than three seconds for her to declare, "It is too much." She said the last company, she had used carpet cleaning and more he has done for half the price I had quoted.

I knew his tone and attitude that was more. This woman did not intend to engage our society. I thank her for her time and left. Returning to my van, I thank silently cleaning the gods that we do not do business with this woman.

However, five minutes after returning to office, she recalled and informed me she wanted us to clean the carpet. The subtleties of time was over. "I thought you said that our price was too high, I said. She replied: "Well, if you do a good job, we'll do it. Is it still possible tomorrow? "Stunned, I told him said he was and that we would be there at 9 pm

After hanging up, I sat there watching the phone and I thought about this turn of events.

This lady was hard to get go. More importantly, she was clearly unhappy before we even set foot in the door to clean his carpet. Why? Because she felt she was overloaded. Whatever we did, no matter how spectacular the results, I was convinced she would find fault with our cleaning because she was already annoyed.

Do I really want to work for her?

I decided to fire her as a potential customer. I called her back and said we would not be cleaning it.

She was incredulous. "You mean that even if I agreed to pay the price, you will still not clean my carpet? "Yes, you got it." I said, it is simply not a good fit. There are many companies with low dirt prices that would like to clean for you. "In fact, I gave him the names of two of our competitors in the call.

"Even if I accepted to pay the price? "These few words speaks volumes for me. She was convinced that I held her for ransom carpet. And if it would clean up the back, it was forced to pay our ransom.

BIG LESSON: You can refuse to work for someone you choose. It is important for your business you embrace the concept.

But is not this discrimination? You bet. Is it ethical? Absolutely. Most people associate the discrimination bias, which bigotry and intolerance at its core.

This is not what I mean. The definition of discrimination as applies to this discussion is "the act, practice or an instance of discrimination categorically rather than individually."

Refusing to work for another is not a personal affront to that person. It is simply a business decision.

REALLY BIG LESSON: Never forget that this is your business. Do you really want to work for anyone money waves in front of you? Working for a difficult client does not steal your joy. It will make you worse than you do not really need. Life is too short and property issues Business is already complex. You do not need people like that I just described as clients.

Now extend this concept further

Many use direct response marketing to get new customers. The discrimination is applicable here.

You do not want not mail everyone simply because they have a heartbeat. Find the average value in your area. Add 10% of the value and it is you want to market. We categorically refuse to clean up mobile homes and apartments. laser focus on homeowners We pleasing homes and more disposable income.

To help you sift and sort prospective clients, have substantial minimum service charge. It takes at least $ 100, preferably more than $ 125, which is after all rebates.

Remember that the line of the last Indiana Jones movie? Before deciding to tens of drinking cups, the old knight told them to "choose wisely." The wrong decision could prove disastrous. As owners Business is the same for us. Choose wisely customers fill your cleaning program. The wrong choice will not necessarily affect disastrous … but it will only feel that way.

Cherry Hill Carpet Cleaning Bellaire MI


House Cleaning Before And After

April 18, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

house cleaning before and after
When you are charged the cost of cleaning it is to clean the house before moving in or after?

Sort Im new to this thing rental housing and would like to know this question if someone can help. Besides, I'm in Arizona. What if the lease has not been without spot to move in time?

LL to pay if you do not clean the unit after your departure. If cleaned super fine you get the deposit back completely [I'm in AZ too!] you are welcome to email me



Carpet Cleaning Business Plan

March 26, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

carpet cleaning business plan

Start a cleaning business of the House for the Holidays

Summer is the season for the House Cleaning Business. And holidays is the best time to start a cleaning business due to all customers new holiday that is available.

If you are thinking about starting your business, then you must leave the fence and start doing something about it now! Professional house cleaning is the only company that you can start now and make money immediately. Timing is everything and the best time is now!

I really charged during this time of year because there are so many exciting things in progress:

– Plans are underway

– There errands

– Parties are planned

– Relatives and friends are to strengthen ties

With all this activity led many people find it too overwhelming to keep their house in order and are actually like you, they are thinking about closing to find someone to clean their house.

But they have heard "stories" about a lot of house cleaning companies, who can they trust? Even their friends are reluctant to provide a credible reference. The horror stories about damage caused by chemicals spilled, vacuum cleaners that have burned their carpets, even the theft of their belongings.

These people are looking for dependable, professional and they have very specific criteria. You can be one of those house cleaners who meet their criteria.

But you're still sitting on the fence wondering if from your own business is the right thing to do. I'll be the first to ask "why not"?

– Are you concerned about what could go wrong?

– We will miss you a steady income?

– Your family and friends question your decision?

Only you can decide to finally go forward and take a chance. But I would not recommend you do that without knowing all the problems that exist in the construction and operation your own house cleaning business.

It is used for cleaning isolated people search. Now that the house cleaning customers have become more educated about what their options are, they want a professional service which the policy and procedures.

How do you start when you're just a lone cleaner? There are several ways to present the house so that these studies cleaning customers, you agree and give you the job. And the key to your success.

Why not start your dream business now with all companies that are outsourcing to India, China, the Philippines and the country more each month? Your work is not protected. And retirement is becoming a thing of the past. IBM has announced it will terminate their pension plan soon for all new employees. You can expect other companies to follow. Your future working for someone else has ever been more danger than now.

And if you missed the holiday season? Anytime is good to start. Since summer is the season most slow, you can start planning your house cleaning business in July and August and be ready for the new holiday season.

If want to achieve your ambitions, stop listening to everyone, and stop listening to your negative thoughts and otherwise. Start to think positively and take a calculated risk. Make sure you have covered the risk in finding and applying the best available information. There are ways to secure your success, you just have to be prepared to find and make your commitment.

Holidays customers are waiting for you, why you are still on the fence? Start your house cleaning business now, while you remember.

How to Open a Small Business : How to Open a Carpet Cleaning Business


Cleaning Wooden Floors

March 23, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning wooden floors
Move, which cleans hardwood floors better?

I leave my apartment, and the need to clean wood floors, this that cleans hardwood floors better? Thank you! ps. the floors were covered by a large area rugs, then cleaning them was not really a problem, until now. :)

Well, have you ever cleaned the whole time, Lordy me? Kidding Around here, I'm sure you have (hoping, hoping). Anyway I always use 50% of white vinegar and the remaining clean water, mixed, use a sponge clean mop, but do not saturate the soil. Vinegar is recommended by my wood floor installer, so … Wood does not like water. Except of a poplar, he kills for water. Rife. If waxed, I'm no help, vinegar prob remove the wax that is good if the wax is well … dirty. If polyurethaned then use the product which does not dissolve the finish, it comes in a spray bottle green and if you are in the kit (Walmart), it has its own Grand apartment "mophead" in an almost institutional size of the rectangle. Good works, washable mop thingy to take the next apt or home? It leaves a glossy clean enough. Good idea, forward and backward with the grain, the vertical boards, and it also put spray long hanging from the pocket of the apron year. However, if you are under the age of 65 you will not know what an apron. Do not worry about it. OK? Cheerio.

Housekeeping Tips and Home Cleaning Techniques : How to Clean Hard Wood Floors


Jewelry Cleaning Machine

March 16, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

jewelry cleaning machine

Six common questions about sterling silver jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry has been a popular commodity for thousands of years. A obvious reasons is the accessibility compared to other precious metals gold and platinum. The large variety of sterling silver jewelry requires some knowledge to choose the right piece and also keep it in good condition as long as possible. The following are the most common questions on jewelry Sterling silver.

How do I clean sterling silver jewelry?
It depends. Usually you use a cloth jewelry (with two layers of fabric of different colors) that you can get from a jewelry accessory store. Do not use a hard object to clean sterling silver jewelry, even towels can scratch the surface. You need to rub the dirt with a soft jewelry, no nail. Silver-dip is another commonly cleaner sterling used silver jewelry, which can also be obtained from jewelry. Silver jewelry is completely immersed in the solution for half a minute one minute, then rinsed with water. Make sure the silver jewelry is not plated any other metal before using the money Immersion plating is damaged.

Where do I store sterling silver jewelry?
It is very important to store silver jewelry Sterling properly when not in use. The perfect place to store sterling silver jewelry is cool and the sunlight. Heat and the light is yellow silver jewelry and cause it to tarnish quickly. Even indoor light source like fluorescent lamps and light bulbs turn the color of silver jewelry over time. If you are not going to be some room for a long period, he put in an airtight bag and store in a drawer.

What types of silver jewelry plating are there?
Unlike gold and platinum, however, pure silver is rather unstable and oxides rather quickly. Therefore, silver jewelry is usually plated with a metal to protect against tarnishing. There are two types of coating for silver jewelry: nickel and rhodium. Nickel has a more whitish look and rhodium darker. Rhodium is used plate white gold and platinum jewelry and is much more expensive than nickel, and provide better protection to the silver underneath. On the other hand, jewelry silver is not plated. For example, jewelry, high polished sterling silver plating and not the surface is polished by machine to make it shine. In addition, "Oxidized silver" jewelry is oxidised on purpose to give a dark antique look and is not plated with all other metals.

How do I know the purity of my silver jewelry?
The purity of sterling silver refers to 92.5% silver in the alloy. To confirm the purity, the metal itself should be sent to a laboratory for testing. However, most sterling silver jewelry produced now a "925" stamp to indicate the authenticity of the jewelry. Although there are cases where stamps are forged and the metal is there not silver or the purity is not as described, they are very rare.

How about engraving and resizing?
Engraving and resizing of sterling silver rings is rather simple melting point due to the ductility and relatively low. However, make sure your jeweler understands the process of refinishing the ring and that they possess the necessary equipment to do so. Not all jewelers have the equipment to recover rhodium after cutting and welding of the ring. Also, rings set with stones are sometimes not resizable because resizing might cause the stones to go out. These settings include channel and invisible settings.

Can I wear sterling silver jewelry, if I'm allergic to nickel?
Yes, just make sure that the jewelry is pure sterling silver, plated with nickel. Even rhodium plated in sterling silver jewelry sometimes contains a nickel layer between the silver and rhodium to act as an adhesive. Thus, you can buy fine jewelry Sterling Silver polished if you are allergic to nickel.

Jewel Jet Jewelry Steam Cleaner- Demonstration