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Cleaning Free Clip Art

August 1, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning free clip art
Window Cleaning Clipart sales / marketing / copyright?

I am a window washer and amateur artist. I get the cleaning windows cartoons for the industry since 1999. many of my old cartoons and clip art, I have unleashed are still used today bing. On Web sites and even logos and t-shirts. I designed and updated a large part of my collection of clip art, but I do not know how the market or control so that people take it. I would like to see some type of profit, but I'm not sure what I can do? To see some of my cartoons, you can look at my site at: This will give you an idea of my work. (Oh, if you know someone that window cleaning please send them to my site … thx) So in short, how to protect my clip art and still be able to sell … What type price should I expect? And finally, I can assert my copyright on one of my old stuff since I'm basically just gave it far?

The old clipart, if you plan to start selling, must be able to always be used by those who gave it to you, but new people can not use it. Even if they have sites that you gave to free. It would not be fair to say "Hey, I know I gave it to you, but you must pay me now ". If you show your art on a website, make sure it says" sample " through it, so that people will not use it. Then you give them the real deal when they buy. There are many sites that have copyright images. It is illigal for people to use it, who have not obtained a license to you. All you have to do is when you see someone use it, tell them to quit using it without a license. If they do not sue them for breach of Copyright.

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