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Cat Urine Odor Removers

May 28, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cat urine odor removers
How do I get rid of the smell of cat urine on carpet?

I have 5 cats and over the last 6 months, some of them began to urinate and defecate on the carpet. How do I get rid of the smell of urine and prevent them from going on the same places? I tried baking soda, carpet deodorizers, Resolve, and multiple to remove cat urine, but in vain. Help! I'm the point of getting rid of cats before getting rid of me. I found something on a website called The product is anti Iky Poo and another called Feliway. Has anyone heard of these products? Thank you, I'll try! For Quinn Su W: All cats are fixed.

Use Nature's Miracle Cats advanced to the spraying. It works wonder and will really remove the odor and pheromone quickly. It is a bit expensive ($ 11) but very effective. It can be found at Petco where I bought it and maybe you'll need a powerful UV light to find urine stains and soak the stain with a stream and wait for 5-10 minutes, then wipe with a damp cloth. It works and my cat has stopped going to the same place. Cats like pee in hidden places, such as sofa and cupboards so keep them closed and pillows Stuff under sofa or get rid of the legs. 5 cats is too much and it seems that they have territorial issues that were at perfume with pee. Get rid of some and keep the cats 1-3. Buy more than 2 litterbox or buy 1-2 boxes per cat in the house.

Clean Cat Urine – Remove Cat Urine Odor & Stains with Cat Urine Off


Carpet Stain Removal Dog Urine

March 24, 2009 by stain remover expert No Comments »

carpet stain removal dog urine
Urine ??!!? Dog Removal

I need serious help with how to eliminate the odor and stains my puppy has left my carpet. I just had a Chem Dry Professional Carpet person tell me that you "can" get out the yellow carpet, and even of treaties, the areas you still see the spots again he was more than $ 500 to treat a small area. What can I use to get the smell and stains the yellow? The carpet is not super saturated sprinkled with pee. It dosent pee in one place. I use Natures Miracle when I find the pee, and paroxide and I used baking soda before the smell. Other ideas that work? Please help!

Woolite is a trademark of carpet cleaner specifically for pets. It works with hot water and enzymes eat or what they say. I dont care not how it works, but its impressive. carpet shampooer and that a good or a washcloth to remove. Even those spots neon yellow peas on. Feels fresh, but not more power. Try to do when its wet or it will be more difficult to escape.

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