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Automatic Cleaning Litter Box Reviews

July 14, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

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If you have the idea that the breeding of dogs is an easy activity with easy money to win. Think again. It is indeed a difficult task with huge responsibilities. There many things to attend to during the dog breeding process and it could not even be profitable at all!

To begin, you need high quality parents when you start to race. There is already a abundance of unwanted dogs mutt in the world. Although there are more shelters to house Mutts today, yet many end up being down. Only by choosing high-quality parents, you can ensure that your puppy to offer the best qualities of the breed and have better chances of finding good owners for each litter.

The best way to find good parents to examine their medical history. Parents must be both free of hereditary diseases and have been tested for infectious diseases. Finally, it is very important that both parents have good temperament. You do not have puppies that are hostile and devoid of affection towards their prospective owners.

Livestock is risky for the mother and father. E. Coli, streptococcus and other bacteria may be common problems during breeding in the country or on a farm. You'll need an extra effort to ensure health of the mother and pups from these strains of bacteria.

Not All the puppies are sure to survive the birth or thereafter. Some puppies die during birth can be emotionally difficult. The effects of the death of puppies patients and mothers are a risk that comes with farm animals, but should not be a general deterrent.

Selecting and bottom of the puppies can take time and costs money. A whelping box is necessary for the puppies, as well as heat lamps, thermometers, of hemostats and other medical items to help the puppies and the mother during this vulnerable time. You need to have on hand and a good indicator of how to use the instruments before your pups are born.

After the arrival of puppies, the mother will look after them for about three weeks. The mother instinctively know how to keep her puppies under control, bath and feed them. The new puppy, however, will need a safe and private to stay during this period so that the mother feels that her babies are protected. It will also need access to go outside when she wants to avoid accidents. If she is housetrained and a timetable, it may be disrupted during this period and, sometimes she will just need time away from the puppies.

You'll need plenty of fresh newspapers or similar material to keep the puppies and the area clean. The equipment must be changed frequently to keep the security zone against bacteria and other messes.

Puppies need to stay warm at all times. Hypothermia is the leading cause of mortality puppy, heat lamp and a thermostat with automatic equipment are important in Education puppies. You need to keep the puppies around 75 – 80F although the mother may be uncomfortable and move further from heat.

Most breeds of dogs are always in the presence of their mother, but they often whine and bark at night. They go to sleep one hour, get up to go to the bathroom and you want to play. They calmed down, but you may be cleaning their sleep and not be any rest for yourself. In general, this trend began in the second or third week and lasts until the eighth or ninth week. If you ignore all night, you'll have a big mess on your hands in the morning and a higher risk of infection in puppies.

You must bring the puppies to be in their plans to obtain and be checked by the vet. Then you will find good homes puppies. You must be willing to live some form of emotional loss when your puppy left for their new home and owner. It's a bittersweet moment for puppy and owner.

A dog breeder may be aa rewarding experience if you can cope with all the hassles involved in your activities of breeding dogs. You can enjoy the joy of adding a new member in a new family, as well as create lasting friendships.

Scoopfree Ultra self-cleaning litter box


Pet Urine Odor Remover Carpet

July 3, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

pet urine odor remover carpet
Is this true about mouthwash be used to remove cat urine?

I just read that mouthwash (do not say not what brand or flavor) will remove the smell of cat urine on the floors? I'm having a little problem with my cats. They keep pee in the same spot each time and then on the carpet in a corner. Their range is quite clean and I know this is not a question of them being disgusted her, and I do have two small boxes. I used to use Woolite Pet Stain & Odor spray. It worked ok but it did not deter them from soiling the same area as the bottle said. It now remains for me a certain w litter deodorizer / bicarbonate soda, and plain baking soda. I wonder if I put mouthwash in a spray bottle and spray on the area … will this really work? Someone Has he tried?

Cats hate the smell of Listerine original. spray the place they are spraying and should work. but you must continue to make every two days. Naphthalene also work …. they hate the smell of them … put 4 or 5 in an old sock and tie, so that no one is poisoned. Put it in the place where they go and it should stop happening …

Chem Dry Carpet Cleaning, Pet Urine & Odor Removal Orange County, CA


Automatic Cleaning Litter Box

June 19, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

automatic cleaning litter box
Do you use an automatic cleaning litter?

My two kittens (who I think are now cats) have exceeded their current litter, and I am considering options for a new one. There are several types of boxes to automatically clean the litter mass. I'm curious to know if one this work and are worth the money, and are more practical than bailing me every day. Thank you for sharing your experiences!

Yes, it is expensive, but if you're like me and not clean, it's quite the way to go. They are a bit noisy if you want to put it somewhere far from the room bedroom, and if you overload they just keep running. You will need to clean the hopper every 3-4 days, and sometimes cheap bedding scoop before he pee fixed and can be a mess. I take mine every month and the hose at the bottom, and I use a grocery bag as a liner Hopper plastic because the "disposable" parts are expensive ridicuoulsy. If you ask me, $ 100 is not too much not having to scoop. I got mine for over a year and I think when we get to the bar two years, I will replace it.

PetSafe Simply Clean™ Automatic Litter System –


Odor Remover Home Remedy

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Tea Tree Oil Home remedies

Oil from "Down Under", Tea tree is yellow / green tinged essential oil extracted from leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia. Even if it can be used directly without any carrier oil, it is ideal to perform a patch test your skin before use.

It is a good home remedy for oral infections. A few drops of this essential oil in a cup of water makes a bath good antibacterial mouth. A drop in the gum line may help prevent or reverse gum problem.

There is much talk of oil treats vaginal infections, plantar warts, warts and insect bites.

When rubbed on the scalp helps to get rid lice, dandruff and lice.

It fights viruses, bacteria, fungi thereby boosting the immune system to repel infectious diseases.

Few drops applied to wounds, small scratches, scraps, minor irritations of the skin and the remedies cut the area affected by the penetration the skin without leaving scars.

It is a good home remedy for acne. It heals acne scars and unclogs pores. Only large drops of tea tree oil dabbed on the button at the first sign may clarify things quickly.

Add a small amount Your hot bath to relax and recharge. It helps to eliminate persistent muscles and soothe aching body odor.

Massage few drops of undiluted oil for athlete's foot and ring worm infections.

Inhalation of few drops offer relief for persistent colds, flu, toothache and even whooping cough. Dab it around your nose to open soothing stuffy sinuses. Dab a drop of 2 or 3 times a day the first sign of a cold sore.

It treats an abscess, blisters, burns, oily skin, rashes, blemishes and warts.

It heals sunburns, infections and toenail problems foot odor.

Acts as an immune booster helping the body fight cons host micro-organisms that lead to the reduction of the power of the natural resistance of the body.

Sprinkle drops in the shampoo baby wipe to make a good solution.

For diaper rash, DAB few drops of tea tree mixed with olive oil.

For healthy nails and nail, massage drops of tea tree oil on the nail bed and drop under the nail too.

The reader of this article should exercise all precautions as directed on the revenue of this article. Avoid using if you are allergic to something. The responsibility lies with the reader, not the site, and the writer.

Alternative Medicine & Home Remedies : Foot Odor Home Remedies


Cleaning Dogs Teeth

April 21, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning dogs teeth
My appointment as veterinary dogs? (Cleaning of teeth)?

Hello guys, I just returned from the vet with my dog. I took him in we could see his teeth and the timing of his appointment. They said a few days before cleaning the teeth as the dog must be sent to home with antibiotics, anti, is this correct? Later, I'll buy the antibiotic. In addition, they had to weigh him, and it is 41.8 kg. He used 52 lbs. It has, on average, eats his food here and there. So my 2 questions are: Antibiotics in additional front teeth cleaning (for those of you who have taken your dog for teeth cleaning. My other question: What is a good food I can feed him that dry food, which in bulk again? He eats quality food (Innova) and it is noisy and frontlined, what is the problem? He acts normal Any help and advice would be

Antibiotics are probably necessary … your dog's teeth and gum health is probably not so great (Like most dogs). Definitely give them if they were recommended. With regard to "tweak" your dog up: How old is he? Does it really seem to be too thin? Ignore the ladder and look at the physical condition of the dog … if you can not see his bones, he should be OK shape (standing on it, most dogs should have a very slight hourglass shape). You should be able to feel the bones of dogs through a thin layer of fat dog whose bones can not easily be felt is overweight. If he really needs to gain weight (and I would consult your veterinarian to confirm it), you can try it NutriCal a high calorie supplement (corn syrup and molasses) once or twice a day, but if the situation is not extreme, I would do nothing. Have you asked your vet if there could be a reason for weight loss? There are several reasons that a dog may avoid eating, one of which is pain caused by bad teeth … ask the vet advice when he gets his teeth cleaned.

How to brush a dogs teeth – Dog teeth cleaning tips


Pet Urine Odor Removal Recipe

January 27, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

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Remove smell of cat urine- HOW?


Urine Odor Removal Laundry

January 24, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

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Casual Shoe Odor Removal.wmv


Odor Removal Products

January 17, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

odor removal products
Poll: Most back stricter financial reform, advantage Obama Approximately two-thirds of Americans support stricter regulations on how including banks and other financial institutions conduct their business according to a new poll Washington Post-ABC News.
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Pet Stain Removal Products

January 4, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

pet stain removal products

Stain Upholstery

Upholstery is an important part of the Interior. They add value to the design of your home. Therefore, you should always try to keep the upholstery clean and stainless.

Stained and dirty upholstery not only look bad, but degrade your status. How would you feel if someone offers you a seat that is dirty and stained? Will not you try to leave the place as soon as possible? The same something happens to your guests. Believe it or not, represent tack your status.

However, certain factors often damage your upholstery damage your inner state and social time. In this paper, we examine five factors that stain your upholstery and then we'll see how clean it.

Black Mussels

Molds are fungi. They thrive on moist surfaces and live on dead organic products. Molds are essentially microscopic, but when they grow up and grow to form colonies, they appear as small black spots on the surface.

stains mold is difficult. You must use the mold remover to remove the stain. Natural mold removers are good but not hard to clean the colored substrate. And green products are safe for health.

Coffee stains

coffee stains are very common. coffee stains are sticky and difficult to remove. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to avoid. Coffee could affect the padding any time, you know never when the accident occurs and your favorite fabric is damaged.

Once it arrives, place a few drops of water on site dilute. Then DAB detergent and vinegar on the stain. Do not rub the stain that could spread and become too sticky to fall.

If you find the task very difficult, apply a cleaning agent to dry completely eliminated.


Rust is the most difficult of all kinds of stains upholstery. Your favorite upholstery fabric is dyed when it comes into contact with rusted metal. rust cleaners can help clean fabric.

It will not be irrelevant to discuss a few words about rust here. Rust is a series of iron oxides and water – porous and reddish brown. When iron is in contact with moisture and oxygen, it oxidizes and forms rust.

Touching a rusted tool, the particles slide into your hand and the stain. The same thing happens with padding. If the sofa set, sofa or chair is rust, chances are the upholstery is stained soon.

As mentioned previously, the rust stain is very sticky and difficult. Cleaning with a normal detergent will not be a big help. You need to turn rust stain upholstery in good condition again.

Green Cleaning Products are good to clean the rust stain. Natural Cleaning Products are free of side effects and not to harm the upholstery.

Pet Urine

The other worrying factor is the urine pets. Like most Americans, you must have pets at home and I am sure you love them. But you never know what they can make your favorite stuffing, they are animals after all.

There are cleaners for pet urine available market. These solutions not only clean the spot, but to eliminate bad odors as well.

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Stain Remover Spray

July 11, 2008 by stain remover expert No Comments »

stain remover spray
Winning Brands to start product sales in Africa winning brands Corporation feeling clean new Winning Colors Stain, publishes its first shipment of Winning Colours in South Africa in May to begin testing the first commercial brand on the continent of 900 million inhabitants.
OXI CLEAN Stain Remover Spray AWAY