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Carpet Cleaning Machines

July 27, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

carpet cleaning machines
Green cleaning solution cleans and deodorizes. Using the Earth environment, quality of food ingredients, Eco-Green ® Deodorant cleaner and helps eliminate public works inorganic and organic odors from smoke damage from animal waste at source. The non-harmful form, which does not contain corrosive substances or generate hazardous fumes, waste emulsified and prevents production of bio-films and odors residual. biodegradable solution …
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Cleaning Machines

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cleaning machines
I am starting a cleaning company and need to rent industrial washing machines and dryers?

I will mainly be washing towels and sheets for hotel restaurants. Since the charges are large, a regular washing machine and custom dries. I wonder if there are places where I can pay to use industrial machines and dryers?

You will probably have to buy your own. Here is a site where you can buy commercial washers and dryers

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment


Carpet Cleaning Equipment

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carpet cleaning equipment
40 ways to Green Workplace Chairman Peter Belisle and Vice Executive President Robert Best of energy and sustainability services Jones Lang LaSalle offers these tips.
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How Do Cleaning Products Work

February 13, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

how do cleaning products work

Wash your bathroom tub effortlessly with the help of Natural Cleaning Products

Cleaning your bath room can be the worst thing do when caring for your bathroom. It is also important to regularly clean your tub so that you prevent rust from occurring. This is why it would be really useful to know how. Read the article and know tub Easy Cleaning tips for an unforgettable experience of swimming.

Using a bucket, pour hot water inside the tub. Spray your choice of cleaning the top of one side the bathtub. Leave it to run down for a couple of seconds. You can also use a cheap shampoo to replace your vacuum cleaner. It works and wonder what is more it has a fresh smell if you do not hold your breath when using chemicals (bleach and vinegar concentrate both have strong fragrance!).

However, if you want the smell of shampoo and the effectiveness of bleach, you can use products natural cleaning. Not only that, they are as safe to use and have no health hazards.

After spraying the surface, scrub with a sponge or cloth. Never use steel wool when cleaning (unless you want your spa to be deleted!). Scrub up cleanup. Follow by rinsing the tub with hot water. Feel the tub for any roughness. Scrub the area a little more because it is obvious, it is not yet own. Also clean the door.

If you have shower curtains, you also have to clean it the home of mold. You can to removing the curtain from its stem. Then slip into your washing machine with your cleaning or detergent. Spin for a couple of minutes. Hang it up and let dry draped.

Also scrub and spray the tub, shower (This is also susceptible to rust, so make sure you always clean properly as you clean other items in your bathroom!). containers, soap, towel bar and all the elements that you do not wash their needs washing too! Rinse these items twice with hot water so you do not want to leave the dirt and soap scum on these. Be careful with the water hot as she can and could burn you!

Check bathtub drain. If you see a puddle of dirty water residue of land, you can open the drain and clog it with a plunger and a solution of white vinegar and water. Just pour the solution over the drain and leave it there for few minutes to hit the dirt and other materials will be dissolved. And finally, never forget to wash the outside of the tank.

Here is Other tips that can ensure a neat bathroom:

• If you use chemicals for cleaning, open the window or operate the fan to ensure adequate ventilation. Remember these chemicals are very caustic and a strong smell. However, you do not have to worry about this if you use natural cleaning products!

• Up in the bathtub if you want to clean the tub much better. It will even prevent Accidents caused by slipping.

• The most convenient for you to clean your bathtub is just before or during your shower. You do not you worry about getting wet!

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How Cleaning Products Work

January 6, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

how cleaning products work

Maintenance products are a time bomb!

If your home or office is typical, it already has dozens of cleaning products personal care products that contain harmful chemicals. Recent studies have revealed that most households / offices contain over 63 hazardous products that together contain hundreds of chemicals. These chemicals have the potential to greatly harm or even kill your children, your pets and you, should they accidentally not be used with extreme caution.

Could these tragedies happen in your home or office? When little Jennifer Smith of Salt Lake City, UT was but a year she crawled on the dishwasher while her mother was unloading the dishwasher. She put her finger in a cup distribution detergent and ate a finger full of wet but undissolved detergent commercial dishwashers. Within minutes, his face was red and swollen, with inside his mouth and tongue were burned white. Fortunately, she was transported to the hospital emergency close up to prompt medical attention. She recovered within a few days.

Another documented case was a boy of 20 months must be fed through tubes for five months and suffered through many operations. Again, the culprit was detergent.

It that two of the thousands of cases reflecting children ingesting and being exposed, which some consider common household products, terrible life threatening consequences.

It is estimated that the U.S. Poison Control Center has nearly 1.5 million cases of accidental ingestion of poisons every year. Unfortunately most of these cases were under 12 years.

Have you ever wondered what the strong odor of Isle of cleaners in your supermarket?

Ingestion is only one of three main ways that these products enter the body. Inhalation is even more dangerous because when breathed in these harmful chemicals go directly into the bloodstream and can quickly affect the lungs, heart, liver, brain and kidneys.

Incidentally, the island that the strong smell in your supermarket cleaner is caused by what industry experts describe as "outgassing". Venting vapors are escaping the "sealed" containers on the shelves of supermarkets. Which, of course, are extremely harmful to your health!

Have you ever been literally driven out of your bathroom shower while using one of tile cleaners most popular? These types of cleaners must contain strong chemicals to do the job. The work can be done, but you are at risk of heavy vapors that are generated. When you left the bathroom of chemical vapors have entered the bloodstream and are wreaking havoc with your health. Where are your rubber gloves?

Do you know that a square centimeter of skin (the size of a dime) contains 3 million cells and 4 yards of nerves? How do you think of nicotine and hormone replacement patches work? The chemicals somehow enter the body through the patch skin to do their job? Of course they do.

This same absorption occurs each time a cleaning product touches your skin. By the way, if your baby come crawling across your kitchen floor cleaned well, even after several days, the skin will pick up and absorb the harmful chemicals are in the vacuum.

Consumer Alert! Why not the consumer informed and protected from potentially dangerous chemicals contained in cleaning and personal care products? * The government has very limited powers to regulate and require proper testing. * Products that kill 50% of animals can still get designated as "non-toxic. * Of 17,000 household chemicals only about 5,100 or about 30%, were thoroughly tested and less than 10% have been tested on the nervous system. * No law requires manufactures to list the exact ingredients on the label. All natural cleaners!

Imagine your peace of mind if you never had to worry again for your family suffering the misuse of harmful cleaning chemicals. Environmentally friendly cleaning products provide a strong response to the damage which ingestion inhalation and absorption of common household products. Cleaning products combine all natural ingredients and vigorous cleaning action for the ultimate in consumer safety and environmental health.

All Natural Cleaning Products, soft and powerful, reliable use only citrus-based oils, as well as ingredients from corn and other materials to reconstruct. They contain no dyes, artificial fragrances, or pesticide residues. Even the packaging and labels are constructed solely from recycled materials safe product by many manufactures.

The news is incredible, a line of cleaning products work like no other cleaning products on the market-friendly environment today.

Consumers everywhere, including those on businesses, hospitals and schools are switching to the environment, security, cleaning effective in improving the health of families members, customers and employees.

Just how these cleaning products are good? Formulas friendly the environment are used exclusively by more than 30 national parks, some of which include Yellowstone, Grant Teton and Yosemite. These products cleaning safely made have been selected by the City of Santa Monica after conducting tests for the most efficient and environmentally cleansers for the city cleaning needs. Warner Brothers and Fox Studios, the University Medical Center Hackensack, NJ and resorts also have world class chosen safe products to clean their facilities. And more recently, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is testing products that are safe for use its fleet of air and water quality testing. Some companies make these products safely at your disposal for use both in the home or office. It is a powerful and effective alternative non-toxic to traditional cleaners.

Begin to protect your health today! Do not waste one minute. You owe it to yourself, your family, friends and employees for the protection of safe products and effective to provide. Access to these earth-friendly products is as easy and convenient.

Fill your basket with safe products. Discard all these harmful products forever and replace them with environmentally friendly products!

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