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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Prices

April 16, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

commercial carpet cleaning prices
I need help with pricing commercial cleaning / proposal!?

I am a newbie to the business of domestic cleaning. I am in Ft Lauderdale, FL and I am putting together a proposal in perspective. It is a church that has a school. I do not know where to start insofar as prices are concerned. Details of the School / Church OFFICE / are: * School (per week) Vacuum carpets 6 (5370 m)-Mop tiles (4120 m²) Clean-five (5) bathrooms; consists of eight cabins, a bowl of urine, 1 bathroom (488 sq.m.) *** total square feet school = 9970 * Church (1 x per week) Vacuum carpets (3271 sq. ft) * Church office (2 x per month) Vacuum carpet (554 sqm) -1 bathroom (16 sqm) Total *** CHURCH = 3841 square feet * Four (4) glass doors (one per week) * Three (3) Double entrance doors (4 x per week) Your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you very much! I am open to any advice you may have. : O) Thanks again!

Think how long it will take to complete all work in one night. For example, if you calculate that it takes 10 minutes to empty 100 square feet of carpet, you can do some simple calculations to determine how long it will to complete the 5370 square foot school. Then do the same procedure for cleaning tiles. Think how long it will take to the halls bathroom, etc. Once you have all the calculated, add 20% for the calculation of the work (It's still a bit more difficult in a real environment). Then calculate what you consider to be a "reasonable" hourly rate for this type of work. Multiply them and you'll have the daily amount for cleaning schools. Be careful! If you make a mistake and the sub-bid work, you will be stuck making less than you should! Good luck!

NW Green Clean- Seattle Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services


Professional Cleaning Services Singapore

April 11, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

professional cleaning services singapore
When in Paris I can buy green Household Cleaning Products? Or is there A Cleaning Service it Eco Friendly?

I recently got and expatriates in search of a professional service, but I do not want toxic chemicals in my house or near my children. Can anyone recommend companies?

Thank you Ms. Jacobs at the recommendation of its kind! The risks of using toxic cleaners is high and still unknown what lasting effects of exposure can be …. toxic cleaning products not only harm your health but the health of the environment. When use bleach on the floor "clean" it, think about what happens in your lungs and into the drain in the ground …. There is an option to change. We offer green home cleaning kits and Professional Cleaning services throughout Singapore. Why? * Non-toxic Cleaning Products Green said they are less dangerous to you and our planet * air quality for you and your family * reduce potential health problems such as asthma, allergies and cancer * reduce the harmful effects for your pet * Professional, friendly, trained staff of exceptional ecological * Service standards – we treat your home like the satisfaction of our own websites * choosing a service that has a positive impact on our environment * Take away the Work stress and leave you time for important things in life more! Make the change today, visit our website at ';

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Cleaning Lcd Screens

April 5, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning lcd screens

On the right digital camera manual for the maintenance of the LCD

Screen LCD stains can be divided into two kinds, one is singled out because of the cumulative dust remaining in the air, it is a user inadvertently left fingerprints and oil. For digital cameras, the LCD screen installed in two cases, one is a supplier the LCD screen on the outside and adding a layer of protection, like a hard transparent plastic and so on, so our fingers and dust, etc. does the access to the LCD itself, we do not focus on health that will be sufficient, the second and most common is the LCD screen directly exposed, no external substance can be easily in direct contact with the LCD shows time, we are cleaning and maintenance LCD screen, it must be more careful. Should first be noted that the surface of the LCD screen looks like a black screen united, indeed, this layer of the screen makers will be covered with a layer of a special. Clean, then we should not be free to use any solution or alkaline chemical solution wipe the screen.

Misunderstanding one with a soft cloth (eyeglasses cloth) or towels paper to wipe the LCD screen

Do not use glass cloth and paper towels to wipe the LCD screen, which is very easy to scratch, "squeamish" LCD. For dust, then we could start by the method of blowing their shot off the dust particles remaining can be used a dedicated Lcd Cleaning Cloth gently wipe the LCD screen. In general, fingerprints and grease are not removed as easily as the old, but if you use one dedicated to Touchscreen LCD cleaning cloth, which is also very easy to solve, because a dedicated LCD cleaning cloth used is a special fiber cloth with high quality lenses than average to be better and more effective cleaning, but also soft and will not scratch the screen, but also the dissipation of static electricity, to avoid absorption of the dust again. Again recalled: the canvas screen General LCD and paper towels are super-killer!

Misunderstanding 2 to fresh water to clean LCD screens

Use water, the liquid can easily penetrate the internal LCD screen or digital camera, this device is very likely to cause a short circuit, burning expensive digital camera. In addition to fingerprints and grease, water is unable to do more cases, more flowers more friction.

Myth 3 with alcohol and other chemical solvent cleaning LCDs

Generally, Alcohol is a common organic solvent, can dissolve some of the dirt is not easy to erase, if sometimes be used to clean camera case digital camera, and perhaps no adverse effects. But do not use alcohol to clean the LCD screen, once the consumer alcohol and wipe the screen, it will dissolve this layer of special coating will be detrimental to the screen. Even more solvent chemical reactions and chemical agents on the "arrogance" of the LCD is simply devastating blow. If you do not carefully screen coated with the juices, saliva, or hard to remove stains such as coffee, do not use chemical agents and the tissue or cloth-like glasses wipe because it is very easy to erase the stain in the same time also LCD discarded; You can use the LCD cloth specific ion Free sprayed add appropriate amount of water (or liquid crystal special cleaning fluid), then gently wipe, you can not only do no trace of the stain will not scratch your 10.4 Inch touchscreen monitor a.

How to Clean LCD Screen


Cleaning Wood Floors With Vinegar

April 3, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning wood floors with vinegar
What's easier, faster way to keep wood floors clean?

I have hardwood throughout my house and my dust crazy. We do not wear our shoes in the house but the stories still seem dusty on a daily basis. I have one month to six starts crawling and I feel even more foolish for keeping the land pristine. I'm not crazy chemicals and most often I clean with vinegar / water or just hot water. What is the quickest way I can get some dust on a daily basis? What should I mop with? Product / tool? Cost is not a factor here.

Swiffer Sweeper X-LARGE and rags are 1.5 times bigger than regular Swiffer ®, so you can clean the same space in much less time. Swiffer Sweeper X-LARGE is ideal to attract and trap dirt, dust and hair on the floors of supermarkets and households. Swiffer Sweeper X-LARGE is ideal for: • Hardwood floors and larger spaces • pet hair and cages • Inside of closets and around closet shelving • The walls and baseboards Dry Cloths are ideal for: • The wood, tile or vinyl floors • under beds, tables and cabinets • Inside closets and around closet shelving • around pet areas • Under shelf appliances, electronics and plants • • The walls and baseboards ************************************** ******* ******************************************* ************************* Now I have this product as I use on my wood floor to pick up small particles, dirt, food, etc. Read more below. ***************************** ********************* ********************* ****************************************** Clean messes large and small in one powerful step. Swiffer Sweeper The new texture has a Swiffer dry sweeping cloth to trap and lock dirt and fine dust, most powerful cordless vacuum to catch larger pieces of garbage, leaves, pet hair and cereals. This is an incredible all-in-one tool for a clean you can feel. Light and compact, the new Swiffer Sweeper works great on almost any surface in your home and cleans better than a broom and shovel. In addition, it requires no vacuum bags. You can easily remove dirt, dust and particles of the see-through dirt cup with a simple pressure a button. Swiffer Sweeper gives you a clean you'll love or your money back. Guaranteed! SWIFFER SWEEPER VAC ® ® Swiffer Sweeper is ideal for: • pet hair • Wood, tile or vinyl floors • Large food items like raisins, cereal and craft supplies such as beads • Non-carpeted stairs • In appliances and furniture ———————————– ——— —————————————– ——— ————————————– They offer a money back guarantee! So if you try it and you do not like (you'll love it), you can recover your money, read below. We are committed to providing quality products to our customers. If you are not completely satisfied Swiffer WetJet our Starter Kit, Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit, Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit, Swiffer Dusters Starter Kit, Swiffer Dusters with Extendable Handle Starter Kit, Swiffer 360 ° Dusters Starter Kit or Swiffer Sweeper X-Large Starter Kit for any reason, we will give you your money

Cleaning Floors : Cleaning Wood Floors With Vinegar


Cleaning Coffee Maker

March 29, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning coffee maker
How do I clean the coffee machine had mold in it?

My stepmother was there nearly three months and made coffee. And I forgot to throw the filter. So I just found last night and it is extremely musty. Well I took the filter holder and place in the dishwasher, but I need to know is if I put vinegar in the pot coffee kill the mold on I can not remember parts?

Use bleach or Clorox cleaning in areas that had mold and there and you'll never be able to say.

How to Clean Your Coffee Maker


Cleaning Foreclosed Homes

March 27, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning foreclosed homes
Looking to buy a house before?

I just looked in a house today that the foreclosure. They are asking $ 146,000.00 for a room 3, 2 bathrooms and 3 car garage. It has the mezzanine floor which is clearly an addition of a bathroom incomplete. There are many things wrong with this house. There are holes in the wall, kitchen cabinets look terrible, no equipment, NEEDS CARPET ADB (or anykind of flooring, tiles, etc.) should be cleaned and the needs of Windows. For many more things to list. This house has great potential. I guess about $ 65,000.00 to renovate EVERYTHING! Firstly, how do I go about purchasing this home. I do not want to "lowball" but this house is not worth $ 146,000.00. Who do I go and What should I do? I have a deep feeling about this house and I love him, but how do I go in without sinking it? It has been sitting empty for About a year and a half … it needs work badly, but I love it. JP Morgan Chase now owns the house … What should I do? And how can I do? I thanks!

You really need someone to represent you in this transaction. I warn you in buying this, and tell you a story I am attached to you to read. Find a real estate agent to work with someone who has experience in dealing with REO or foreclosed properties. Want what has been selling in the neighborhood, if you find most are selling more than $ 200,000, then you might be allowed by it. But the agent CMA does on this property. I wish you all the best! Read more: foreclosures more than some in exchange for Jim Buchta, Star Tribune I need not remind Danelle Hoeppner that the number of mortgage defaults soared. Almost two months, she and her fiance, Brad Cheney, made an offer on Bloomington house that had failed, but they have not yet received an answer from a California lender that holds the mortgage. "With all the houses on the market, you do not think they want your money?" Hoeppner said. "I guess this is not how it works. "If you believe the infomercials promising instant wealth from distress sales, then the record number of foreclosures is expected to result an easy prey for investors. But buyers of real estate agents and prospective say that offers on many homes owned by banks remain unanswered for weeks! that the closures are sometimes abruptly canceled. Sales agents blame the delays on a growing backlog of ads and companies mortgages that may be ill prepared for hundreds of miles and very inadequate. Some experts say that buyers themselves are contributing the problem by making unrealistic offers in hopes of snagging a bargain. "It's incredible, and I'm hearing that every officer I talk to, "said Jay Anderson, of Coldwell Banker Burnet in Minneapolis, which has been waiting six weeks for a response to an offer of its own foreclosure on a house he intends to hold for investment. backlog is growing Listings Experts say that the purchase a property belonging to the bank should not take longer than a traditional transaction and that most come without a hitch, but the agents Real say some buyers are increasingly faced with frustrating delays as mortgage delinquencies rise. Earlier this month, a study Minnesota on sh! Sales eriff said there was 11,207 seizures throughout the state! 2006, a second a record pace continued until 2007. In July alone there were 975 seizures in the county Twin Cities metro-area 13, up from 392 a year earlier, according to RealtyTrac. The sluggish housing market is somewhat for help in vain trying to sell their homes before the situation comes to a sheriff's sale final. These houses often become "short sale" ad in which the owner has made arrangements with the lender to sell the property for less than what is owed for he will not return to the lender. These operations can be more complicated, in part, because the conditions of the sale must be approved by lenders. In addition, lenders are often in remote offices where departments of loss mitigation is taken to process registrations and to prevent owners of other meet the same fate. Richard Bauer, the agent representing the sellers concerned about the house that Hoeppner and Cheney are trying to buy, said that acr! oss the country, lenders are struggling to adapt to changing market conditions. Bauer said he has received four offers on the house Bloomington, but no other buyers were willing to wait for the lender to process the offer, leaving the sellers closer to foreclosure. "You understand that, and it does not seem logical, "said Bauer, a real estate agent with Edna in Minneapolis. "But you ask:" Is this whole mess logic? "Expert of view of a Danielle Babb, a database of investors for real estate and California and author, said inquiries about bank owned listings increased 400 percent nationwide, but because lenders typically can handle only 10-12 per day, the levels become unmanageable. Babb Major said most lenders and brokers are well equipped to manage the dam and have large staffs that can be reallocated one task to another. But many small and medium businesses that are new to the mortgage industry right! are not agile enough to process these transactions quickly! Ough, sh e said. "And the layoffs [happening within the industry], banks are even more inadequate, so they do not rise, "said Babb, who recently co-author of" Finding Foreclosures. "Dan Arrigoni, president and CEO of Twin Cities -based U.S. Bank Home Mortgage, said his company does not have a backlog of ads, in part because it did not offer subprime and Alt-A mortgages that are risky more likely to default. The company works with a national real estate service and sales agents, has now just under 120 properties, and the average time of market for them is about four months. "Realtors want to sell them as bad as we do, "said Arrigoni. But he acknowledges that many mortgage companies are concerned about staying in business. "These companies struggling to survive and to fund loans, "he said. Patrick Carey, senior vice president of default operations and maintenance of Wells Fargo Home MORTG! GE said that if the enrollment of his company owns has increased, the company has ramped up staffing and training to meet demand. Carey said his department tries to deal quickly houses in large part to avoid impact negative on the community. seized houses, may be detrimental to property values if they fall into disrepair or if they are sold at fire sale prices. "We do not want to damage the values in a particular neighborhood, "he said. "Investors need to get market price for this property." The Byron Anfinson both sides of Coldwell Banker Burnet said he saw the situation on both sides. He had buyers who were essentially homeless Due to problems with the work that has delayed the closure under, but he also received a response from some lenders in as little as 15 minutes. Lenders blame consumers for some of the delays, either because supply of ridiculously low or because of incomplete Pope! rwork submitted by buyers. Jim Miley, Chairman o! f Resident ntial property Bremer Bank in Minneapolis, said many lenders lose a lot of money on their lists, because they have funded the top market and credit beyond the value of the property. "We had some very zealous outstanding loans, he said. Some even go to assume that lenders are not eager to sell their lists because they are waiting for the market to improve or the market has changed since their price list. Patrick and Briana Schiebout wondered if such a situation happened when they bought their home-coming divided into Rosemount. Buyers first time he has seen, loved and has made money supply in order to complete the deal. It took the bank seven weeks to respond, then he responded with an offer slightly higher than the list price of origin. The couple, who saw the ouster as a great opportunity to finally enter the market, were willing to pay the higher price simply because they didn 't! t have the energy to go through the process all over again. "We threw our hands in the air," said Patrick. "We do not want to wait another seven or eight weeks, so we agreed. "

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Cleaning Keurig Coffee Makers

March 22, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning keurig coffee makers
I was thinking about buying a Keurig coffee machine … review …?

What are the advantages and disadvantages? I wish to get one because of the Easy Cleaning, rather than cleaning a coffee pot full for a single cup of coffee, but I'm afraid One day, the company will stop making the coffee. What do you think?

I was thinking About doing the same thing as you, but my problem is that I need to do more than a cup of coffee at a time. See my recent dissapointment last Mr. Coffee, I bought on the link below. I decided to go with a percolator. This is the closest thing to Starbucks, piping hot coffee tasting.

Easy Fix for your Keurig Coffee Maker


Cleaning Mold With Bleach

March 8, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning mold with bleach
What is the best cleaner to use for mold off shower tiles, accessories?

I was thinking of using a all purpose cleaner with bleach, it will work or should I use something different.

Things you'll need: vinegar White soda cup old toothbrush or a bowl Step 1 Pour 1 part vinegar and 1 part warm water in a bowl, then add 2 parts baking soda to make a thick paste. (If it is too runny, add more baking soda) Step2 Scrub this paste on the mildew stains with toothpaste and rub for a few seconds, then let stand for at least 15 minutes. Step 3 Rinse well. If the stains are not completely gone, repeat and watch them disappear! _________________ White vinegar kills the bacteria naturally

Home Improvement Projects : Removing Mold From Vinyl Siding


Cleaning With Vinegar Hardwood Floors

March 3, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

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Cat has diarrhea on the hardwood?

Well, someone locked my cat in my room, so he had a little accident. I do blame. He had a lot of bloody diarrhea lately (if we fed chicken and rice for a while, now it's just diarrhea). It went on my hardwood floor, and then buried him with a couple of towels. There is crap everywhere on the floor and towels. Disgusting. So, how clean it? My mother recommended the vinegar and water for the floor (she was not sure), and water the towels in court then wash. What do you think? Thank you!

Poor Kitty! I would hose out the towels in the backyard is a good idea at first. Perhaps you could just squirt a little dish soap on them, but not much, or it will foam too. Second, wash towels in hot water and much detergent will do. I run them through the washing machine 2 times though. Cat shit smells really strong. For soil, the vinegar may be the case but because it is hard, I'm not sure what you can put on him to not ruin the wood. The real wood, I will not be much help there.

House Cleaning Techniques : Cleaning Wood Floors With Vinegar


Cleaning Oven

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cleaning oven
What is the duration of the cleaning cycle for a conventional oven self Kenmore?

How long does a self cleaning cycle-of a classic self-cleaning the Kenmore oven?

More self clean cycles take 4 hrs.The oven is gradually heated to 950 degrees F, which can take up 1 hour and 4 hours after the east until it takes time for the oven to cool before the door is released below 550 degrees. You can clean your Auto oven for 2-3 times the price of a can of oven cleaner and without the elbow grease involved. You should not use oven cleaners on porcelain hard on your coating oven or it could be damaged. Before putting your oven clean car, you must delete any excess spill with a damp cloth and soapy After cleaning wipe your ashes with a damp cloth. If you do not want the oven racks to take a bluish gray ugly not to leave them in the oven during the cleaning cycle.

454 Chevrolet in Thermal Cleaning Oven