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Cleaning And Cutting Leeks

August 17, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning and cutting leeks
bearded dragon has been bleeding, he needs to see a vet?

I fed my bearded dragon last night and it was fine but this morning when I woke up, he had three small scratches on his chin. I cleaned and scratches do not look too bad but there was a little blood, it seems that it may have captured one of its scales. I had nearly two years and it never happened before, so I'm not really sure how he did it. I gave him last night leek which he never had before and it seemed really like it so maybe it became too hyper after i left and he was injured? It was very cool, so it may be been too harsh or cripsy. I do not really know. For the moment I'm just keeping cuts clean with hot water and keeping an eye on him. I wondered if there is anything else I should do? If it gets worse he needs to see a vet? And what are the chances of it getting infected? There was no fresh blood since this morning. All advice welcome, Thanks

Hi JD! Looks like you are looking after very good! But – For your own peace of mind – if you think it should be seen by a veterinarian – a rendezvous. They will probably give a certificate of good health – but better safe than sorry! You Put your mind at ease if you are really interested! It is to you, honey – but personally, I would not be worried. I have dealt with much more serious injury to me during the past twenty years! If you want to reduce the risk of bacteria: – Get Some Milton Sterilising fluid (the stuff you clean the bottles with) Boots. It not that expensive – less than £ 2.00 for A-half liter bottle, the last time that I have some way! use half a cap full to a gallon of Milton (5 liters) of water – and keep a supply of this mixture in a sealed flask. The addition of Milton – will reduce the risk of infection nearly zero. Milton I used almost all the time I have been keeping / breeding reptiles. I use it when I clean my vivarium once a week – to disinfect the interior. Veterinarians usually recommend control practices called "Betadyne" or some similar. Do not get me wrong, Betadyne is an excellent product, but such things can be expensive, you can only get from practices Veterinary! The "active ingredient in Betadyne is sodium hypochlorite which is now the" main ingredient "found in the fluid Milton. A pint bottle lasts me about three months – but then I do a lot of terrariums to clean! Good luck – and keep me posted! David

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