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Cleaning And Maintenance Management

August 4, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning and maintenance management
Can I do this?

we moved into an apartment a few months ago. half the time since we moved, we have been misereable. management and maintenance stinks. they have literally been here about 10 times to fix the AC. they have an excuse for the problem each time. It was Sunday and the CA, again. I have a 2 year old is sick and feverish. I know that when I call all they will tell me, is to move my family into the apartment a show (which are never cleaned) until they able to solve the problem tomorrow. I'm so sick of that and I do want to move my daughter because of her illness. is a huge disadvantage for us all. since it is a recurring problem that they failed to fix the past 10 hours have been here that I can call for emergency repairs to AC and spout apt?

I would not, they might be crazy alittle to you and may evict you. They may also be able to make you pay the remainder of the year or two years of the contracts you have signed for them live if you are expelled. I went threw the same problems as you, I was in the office almost daily until they got sick of seeing me. I told them eithers repair or break my lease and pay for a company to move me to move in another place.Or try calling the company that owns the managagement where you live and ask to speak to the person charge.

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