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Cleaning Bathroom

June 2, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning bathroom
CLEANING: how often do u own? What all do u have to do (how big is ur house) and how often do u bathroom

k if 1)) how many hours a week do u think u own? 2)) How big is ur house? 3)) how often do u clean the room Bathroom ((as fully clean?) 4)) and what ur r organization, cleaning tips to keep ur house looking and feeling good? Thank you for the time responses heart of one of the questions would be great! =)

Firstly, I want you to know that I am a mother at home with my 3 year old daughter. and my bf I are renovating our house so that everything is always getting dirty again. 1. i pick-up to clean the entire house every day for about 1 hour. Then each day I deep clean parts such as, mop floors, clean litter, wash windows, polish all furinture. I usually to bedroom one day, living and dining room, day, kitchen, one day, laundry room and a family of the next, and 3 bathrooms, the other day. deep cleaning takes approximately one hour. on weekends, I try to scan and clean water the patio tables and chairs lawn. 2. our house has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, lounge, dining room, kitchen, family room and laundry. I think it's about 2,300 square feet. 3. the bathroom is complete cleaned once a week, as tanks cleaned, toilets, mirrors cleaned floors. but throughout the week, I'll clean the stain sinks or toilets, if someone leaves Goobers. 4. one of the things I have learned to do is to keep the appropriate tools for cleaning each bathroom under the sink, I do not have to carry my belongings in the house. Each bathroom has clean restrooms orders, Carpet Cleaning, Windex, paper towels, etc. I also let Clorox wipes disposable in the bath for cleaning very fast like toothpaste in the sink or a dribble on the toilet. I noticed that my BF from time to time, use twoo so it is a major advantage. and each room has pledged itself wipes or cleaning in the closet. it makes life so much easy. EVERY day I do laundry. it really helps to make the house smell fresher, I think. and I want to Febreeze curtains. We have recently adopted Grandma's dog and I'm panicking because I noticed a slight odor of dog when I come in and is an animal-nemesis of mine, so I went today and pet each fragrance Walmart pet, neutralizing the air and sprinkle carpet that I could find! haha …. I guess I'm OCD! and I cut all the meters and take care of payroll BF, rent and bills, real estate and business. but I'm home all w / day my daughter and not go to 9-5 job it is totally worth all the hard work. Hope I answered all your questions! (I am somebody grateful to my daily efforts will listen because my bf thinks he should be a cakewalk) and I agree with T stephanie, trash must everyroom be collected daily and taken. you never know what you find in the trash of my daughter …. banana peels (even if it is not allowed to eat In Room) cups … some of the Supper nights. vaccuuming as I do every day and I mop the kitchen all day with the Swiffer things, but the day cooking, I get on my hands and knees and do it right. Swiffer really keeps it out of control.

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