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Cleaning Brass How To

July 7, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning brass how to
How do you clean brass?

I have an antique brass and I was candlier wondoring what to use. I wanted use something that is not severe.

Use lemon or tamarind to wash it if it is fat or oxidized look. Do not use lemon or tamarind if yoru is brass plated. If his gold-plated just use normal washing powder if available in your market. It is generally white. It will be good job and is economical. Once the brass element is dried after washing, to reduce the brightness so it is a sacred ash used by Hindus. It may be available in Indian stores, it is called or Vibuthi Thiruneeru. After candlier has dried, rub with ash gently with your hand or a cloth or tissue. This is the normal method used by the Indians to clean their brass prayer materials. Brasso a metal cleaning product available in stores such as Ace and department stores is also recommended to clean the brass. But I think it is more expensive and less effective than the ash. If you do not want to wash your antique and Brasso might be the best choice.

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