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Cleaning Coffee Stains

March 11, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning coffee stains
Are stains in a cup of coffee harmful to your body?

This clever guy made this comment today "you have to clean that mug, you'll be sick of the bacterium, "Well I clean the cup every day. he spots it just tea and coffee. Is it safe for me?

I do not know the stains of coffee is bad for you, but if you want a quick way to clean them, I found one that will make you give up coke! since I had just finished my last cup of coffee one day and wanted a Coke, I decided to use a cup instead of a dirty glass, when I finished the Coke, the inside of my mouth was sensational! Coke had traveled the coffee stains that I could rub no matter what I tried. so do not worry about those coffee stains, just stop drinking coke, I could be dangerous! lol, enjoy, and good luck!

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