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Cleaning Dog Urine From Carpet

May 17, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning dog urine from carpet

How to clean dog or cat urine without harmful chemicals

How to clean dog or cat urine without harmful chemicals

One of the worst things that a pet owner is going through a "number two", but "number one." number two can felt until it is cleaned, but usually it does not allow odors or stains sustainable unless it is in liquid form. Same then it is easier to handle in the long term.

We will talk a lot of cats in this article because they need to urinate indoors if you use the Litter bins and not leave them to their business. Dogs, if they are trained the way they are supposed be, should go outside. This method works on any urine, however, including humans.

Urine with a liquid volume large spot on the carpet, will be absorbed by the carpet in the pad and the subfloor. Not that most cleansers do not do the job, just that if they do not get all the way to all the bits of the urine, so it can not work. Therefore some spots seem to be "ghosts" and reappear later, especially when the area is rewetted. The stain (red wine, chocolate ice cream, whatever) is still in the NAP of the carpet and padding and the surface of the carpet is clean. It can wick up onto the surface and stubbornly reappear. Urine cleaning spray recipe later in this section may be used to clean most stains from colorfast carpet throughout.

The other problem with urine is that you can clean it enough to make it comfortable for our own noses, but dogs and cats have noses that are thousands of times more sensitive than ours. Animals are likely to note the same place several times to eventually lead to ruin and floor replacement Full carpeting. It can also mean replacing the subfloor at great expense. It is better to act as soon as possible and maintain stable solution, we describe below on hand.

There is good news! With ingredients dollar stores and not much work the most colorfast carpets can be cleaned and deodorized so that Fido or Fluffy ignore the region. We will also give you a link to a home products cleanup will effectively deter a pet out of the region. We do not have the ingredients here, but their formula is only $ 8.95 (at As this article was written) and it is a recipe that you can do it again and again with household ingredients. We have used this formula in our own house and it is fantastic! No cleaning products available in the enzyme business (and for a price) has maintained the animals to revisit the area as This formula has.

If you have a pet (especially a cat) continues to urinate in the house, we can not stress enough how important it is important to take the animal to your veterinarian to determine if he / she has a urinary tract infection (UTI). One particular cat has pain on urination with urinary tract infections and associate this pain with the litter. He / she should avoid the litter box and urinate anywhere else. We had a cat that has continued to pee in the house for several months and we finally had his cage just before we re-examined its homing device. We to end our mind until a friend at our animal shelter no-kill us says he checked for a urinary tract infection. She serious infection. After a week of antibiotics, she returned to the litter box with a little encouragement and was a big cat since then.

In addition, sterilize your pet cats. Man will spray urine foul on walls, furniture and other vertical surfaces to mark territory. castration, especially before the deadline, can often stop it. Males walk on one leg almost anything to mark their territory and the sterilization of a dog is often stop this behavior.

This is off topic of this article, but here's another save Money Tip: If your cat does not have a urinary tract infection or has been treated successfully for one and still can not consistently use litter box, do not buy cat litter expensive than the advertising they contain "cat attract weeds." Getting a clumping unscented with a texture close-grained sand (where a cat prefers to dig). The brand is not important, but make sure she has a fine grain and without fragrance. The perfume is for humans, not cats. A scented litter some cats can be as overwhelming to them like the perfume counter at the neighborhood grocery store is ours. Place 8.6 tablespoons packed catnip between your hands and rub the herb on litter. Stir in the cat litter with the litter scoop. This makes the bedding more interesting and your cat will eventually come back without poison cat. If you have multiple cats, make sure there are litter boxes for each cat and make sure you scoop every day. Some cats are very picky but can you blame them? Would you like to use dirty toilets?

We have saved thousands of dollars using the steps below. We must, however, emphasize that you should test for colorfastness (ensuring that the colors in the carpet from fading not run or bleach out) using a discreet corner or inside a cupboard or using a remainder left when the carpet has been installed.

We make no guarantee or warranty this information. It has been drawn from multiple sources on the Internet and trial and error with our own experiences. Please do not send an e-mail us to tell us that it did not work. It will if you follow the instructions, but we can not be there with you to ensure you do it right, we make no guarantees. This Information is distributed without charge and without guarantee.

Get a gallon of distilled white vinegar as the acid content of at least 5% (some cheaper brands are diluted to 4% acidity and work, but you would have to be diluted with less water). Also get a bucket or second empty container gallon. Pour ½ liter of vinegar in the bucket or other container and add ½ gallon of water. We keep this in a bottle labeled vinegar empty so we are ready to attack if there is a repetition of the indiscretion on all fours on the carpet.

If the stain is still wet, blot up as much urine as possible with absorbent paper towels or old cloth. Discard the paper towels (Get them out of the house) and either wash the towels you used or bring them to a place where cats do not. We have an obstacle in our laundry room (The only cat free zone in our house) where we keep these until we can recycle. If they are on the ground or where a cat can do for them, they will urinate on them. When you launder the clothes, add a cup of white or apple cider vinegar to the wash to neutralize the odor (We do not vinegar apple cider in the Carpet Cleaning recipes because of the color. It may tend to discolor carpets and other fabrics while the white vinegar does not work not).

Saturate area with solution of vinegar and water. Urine will be absorbed within the carpet in an area 4-6 times the size of the spot that you see on top of the carpet. So if you have a four inch circular spot on the carpet, you need to wet the area for at least 24 inches around. It is preferable to saturate a larger area to ensure it reaches all the urine than being stingy with her and repeat the process. A gallon of white vinegar costs less than $ 2.00 so it is not wise to try to be frugal here. If the stain is near the wall or the wall and ran on the carpet, clean the wall with a solution of vinegar and water and be sure to pour a little of the vinegar solution on the tray so it wicks behind this area too. If the vinegar and other solutions, we are discussing can not reach all sources of urine, it will not work.

Allow the solution of vinegar and water to stay in place for at least one hour. Use a wet vacuum or carpet cleaning machine to remove the vinegar and excess water. If you do not have this equipment, instead of 4 or 5 old towels on top of the area and place a weight heavy on top (one gallon or two sealed water will do). Replace the towels as they become damp and repeat this until that the towels are no longer lock of large amounts of moisture. This may take several days.

If the urine is dried, add 1 teaspoon of liquid detergent per liter of vinegar and water. Shake gently to dissolve the detergent. You do not want create bubbles in your solution. Use a cup of this solution to gently rub the carpet with an old toothbrush or a plastic brush until the stain is removed. If the stain does not arise (this will depend on the carpet), to saturate the area with the vinegar / water / detergent solution and continue as above with a wet spot. We will give you a formula for stain removal which will remove urine stains later in the old article.

After the carpet is as dry as possible with the method of extraction or towel, remove everything from the area and allow it to air dry. Use a fan on its highest setting to aid in drying. This can take up to one week. If you have a dense or thick padding or both, you may have to pull the carpet loose to get it dry. If it stays wet longer than a week, you may mold forming under the carpet.

If the smell of urine that remains after the vinegar water solution above, follow the steps below.

After the carpet is dry or slightly damp, sprinkle baking soda liberally on regular throughout. Use a regular size box baking soda for an area of 24-32 inches around.

Prepare 2-3 cups of vinegar and water solution, but add 1 tablespoon teaspoon liquid laundry detergent or dishwashing liquid. Pour over baking soda. The baking soda will start to foam and carbon dioxide Carbon (my apologies to those of a previous copy of the article where we incorrectly stated that oxygen was released). This link in the carpet with your fingers or a brush, pushing the solution in and around the carpet. When all the foam has been developed in the carpet, let dry air. Residues of baking soda can be drawn after the carpet is dry.

Keep in mind that if you smell of urine, the vinegar solution does not reach back into the padding and the subfloor. You can renew the water treatment vinegar again, but use more saturate the solution and a larger area. Make sure the carpet padding and dry substance between treatments. If the carpet or filling stays wet, you can end up with mold or mildew in the carpet.

If you do a search on the Internet these types of cleaning methods, many state sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and then pour hydrogen peroxide on it. peroxide and baking soda together do not react, except to form moist baking soda. Peroxide by itself eventually releasing oxygen when it contacts with dirt or urine, but not because of the baking soda. We have tried and have had much better results with baking soda and vinegar combination or by using a peroxide-based cleaning powder which releases oxygen more oxygen more quickly.

Urine Stain Removal

The following steps use the hydrogen peroxide who has a mild bleaching effect. Do not use on any surface without test colorfastness. Always use latex gloves when working with peroxide.

Stains can be removed from the carpet at the same cost. Again, however, you must test for colorfastness 24 hours in advance. Use ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide on a small inconspicuous area and the carpet or use a remnant. Pour over a small area and allow it to remain for 24 hours. If there was no discoloration or bleaching, cleaning. Do spill the following solution on any surface or use it on any surface that has not been tested colorfastness, including clothing.

Put rubber gloves when mixing this solution. Peroxide bleach may your hands and alcohol can cause severe drying of the skin. Keep the solution away from children and does not apply to animals company. Do not do it in your eyes.

Get a 16 ounce bottle of hydrogen peroxide 3% (of its kind in the glass bottle brown in the section of First Aid pharmacy, grocery or dollar store. Do not use stronger solutions used to mix with hair dye) and pour into a spray bottle of 32 oz. Fill the sprayer ¾ of the way with hot tap water. To this add ½ teaspoon oxygen-based cleansing powder ("Oxi" Oxy Power "Awesome Oxygen" and other brands are available everywhere) and two spoons mL of 70% rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol). Do not shake, but gently rotate the vial to dissolve the powder. Move quickly your urine spot as oxygen cleaning powder and peroxide foam begin and end up blowing the bottle. Therefore, keep the ingredients in hand, but do not put it in advance. It is only good for about 3-4 hours once mixed.

Spray generously on the urine spot and rub gently with a brush or a rough cloth (a piece of old towel works well). Most stains will not come immediately. Spray the area again and generous walk. Wait until it dries. The powder of oxygen and hydrogen peroxide slowly bleach the stain on. Repeat in a few hours if necessary.

Discard any excess peroxide solution because it will not and can cause the plastic sprayer to blow the other.

A deodorant for the good and deterrence can be made with cooking ingredients. It is sold under the name of Pee away and is a recipe. Once you have purchased the recipe (below $ 9.00 at writing this article), you can make the solution again and again. We even used on furniture to keep cats from getting on the furniture. It works well and lasts 3-4 weeks before it must be reapplied. Visit our website at the and click on the link in the Pee Away menu. It will take you to the Pee Away site where you can find more information and ordering instructions. We strongly recommend this recipe! A bottle of 32 ounces of what can be done for only a few dollars and once mixed, it can be stored in a spray container and used as needed.

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cleaning dog urine
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