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Cleaning Dogs Teeth

April 21, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning dogs teeth
My appointment as veterinary dogs? (Cleaning of teeth)?

Hello guys, I just returned from the vet with my dog. I took him in we could see his teeth and the timing of his appointment. They said a few days before cleaning the teeth as the dog must be sent to home with antibiotics, anti, is this correct? Later, I'll buy the antibiotic. In addition, they had to weigh him, and it is 41.8 kg. He used 52 lbs. It has, on average, eats his food here and there. So my 2 questions are: Antibiotics in additional front teeth cleaning (for those of you who have taken your dog for teeth cleaning. My other question: What is a good food I can feed him that dry food, which in bulk again? He eats quality food (Innova) and it is noisy and frontlined, what is the problem? He acts normal Any help and advice would be

Antibiotics are probably necessary … your dog's teeth and gum health is probably not so great (Like most dogs). Definitely give them if they were recommended. With regard to "tweak" your dog up: How old is he? Does it really seem to be too thin? Ignore the ladder and look at the physical condition of the dog … if you can not see his bones, he should be OK shape (standing on it, most dogs should have a very slight hourglass shape). You should be able to feel the bones of dogs through a thin layer of fat dog whose bones can not easily be felt is overweight. If he really needs to gain weight (and I would consult your veterinarian to confirm it), you can try it NutriCal a high calorie supplement (corn syrup and molasses) once or twice a day, but if the situation is not extreme, I would do nothing. Have you asked your vet if there could be a reason for weight loss? There are several reasons that a dog may avoid eating, one of which is pain caused by bad teeth … ask the vet advice when he gets his teeth cleaned.

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