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Cleaning Ears Wax

August 16, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning ears wax
How do I remove ear wax from my ears without peroxide?

I tried cleaning my ears with peroxide, it has not work and now I can not hardly hear anything, everything sounds just like I'm underwater. How can I solve this problem?

I have heard of these things are like candles in your ears. (I'm serious) I think you can buy at the store herbs. You light and it draws the fabric and is supposed to work great.

Ear & Sinus Problems : How to Remove Ear Wax at Home


Cleaning Ears

January 10, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning ears
Question about ear cleaning Chihuahua and infections?

Chihuahua ears of my roommates smell raw and deep inside it is shit brown. I can not describe the smell. Should I tell him that they must be cleaned or does this sound like an infection? Perhaps a yeast infection? Or is this normal? Is this common in Chihuahuas? His ears are not bothering him, he does not rub or scratch.

Infections Yeast infections of the ear and most others are extremely itchy – It is likely that the puppy just needs a serious Cleaning Ears. Brown Wax built naturally over time and some dogs have overactive glands that make it even harder to keep. Chihuahuas are not a common breed for entries of hyperactivity (think cocker spaniels and other breeds thick, hairy ears), but it can occur in any race. Once the ears are cleaned, if it comes back quickly and still feels it would be a good idea to have it checked by a veterinarian and make them do a culture.

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