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Cleaning Girl Games

July 15, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning girl games
Any good ideas for babysitting games?

Children under 2 years are 3 and 6. Boy and girl. What are some fun games that involve not having to clean the dishes are great mess. We've tried to hide and seek. What are some fun games that could tired for bed? Thank you!

play ball or prosecuted in court. Drawing pencil sharpeners, pencils. You could ask the parents if its going to attract many with chalk (reminding them what is water) on concrete, they have around the house, but avoid going near the road. Read books together, or let them out two of their fave toys to play in dance or watch a movie lougeroom Get some building blocks and making buildings, making some with garages and toy cars. Edit: A 3 year old child may have trouble getting the concept of an object looking game … remember to be age appropriate, especially with movies.

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