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Cleaning Keyboards

July 28, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning keyboards

Cleaning the keyboard

Computer Keyboards always get dirty easily.
After running a Computer Cleaning company for more four years, I'll show you how to clean your keyboard thoroughly.
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plush cloth.

dry cloth or duster.

appropriate cleaning fluid (isopropyl alcohol).


Then compressed air or a vacuum cleaner (optional).

First, shutdown your PC and remove the plug power, unplug the keyboard and hold the head down to release any debris from between the keys.

If you have an air tank compressed and then use it to blow up all the debris of the world and under the keys, if not, use a vacuum cleaner hose to remove it.

Now, take a cotton swab and put a few drops of cleaning fluid on it, use cotton swab to clean the sides of the keys.

After cleaning the sides of the keys to take your lint free cloth and moisten it with your cleaning fluid, remember to do Never pour any liquid directly on the PC. Give the keyboard surface property on the cloth using the fabric.

When you have finished the keyboard gives a wipe over with a dry cloth / duster, you should now have a keyboard nice and clean to clean more thoroughly, follow the guide below.

If have time and prefer to give the keyboard more deep cleaning, you can easily delete all the keys on the keyboard (recommended only for standard PC keyboards).

It is however important to take note of all the key positions so that you can re-assemble the keyboard when you're done.

The keys can be blown off using something like a screwdriver, be careful not to scratch the keys.
Repeat the process above but this time you can thouroughly clean the keyboard on the inside and individual clean the keys.
The keys pop back enough both maneuvered position.
Do not force the buttons should pop a little pressure.

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Cleaning Keyboard

January 28, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning keyboard
What is the best method to clean a laptop keyboard?

It is very disgusting dust accumulates between my keys.

The best is to blast off a compressed air can, such as Maxell "Blast Away". It is available on most desktops or supply stores as a Satples, for example. It made espically to remove dust and dirt from keyboards. Even a hair dryer set to cool, works in some cases. To clean the top of keyboard use a cotton swab with alcohol.

How To Clean Your Computer Keyboard