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Cleaning Laptop Fan

February 3, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning laptop fan
Cleaning my laptop fan?

I keep hearing a strange noise from clicking any fan. I had my laptop for about two years now and it has never been cleaned. I have no idea how to clean it (with right to air? I do not have any right now but I can probably get somewhere.

DO NOT use hair dryers or vacuum cleaners clean your laptop! * They can create static electricity and damaging the electronic components of your laptop. Compressed air is the easiest way but not the best. Just blow the dust later in the notebook, could help get some dust built to break, but the best way is to disassemble it and do it properly. If you do not want (or can not) do it yourself, does it take to repair a laptop. Like some others already pointed out, the click may not be from the fan at all. Most probably from the hard disk.

How to Clean a Laptop Fan