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Cleaning Leather

January 17, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning leather

You should never clean furniture leather with baby wipes

Many people are tempted to resort to household products General to clean their leather furniture. General cleaning found in the home contain harmful chemicals that eventually cause the pigment in your leather furniture to crack or Peel. Use baby wipes for target = "_blank" Cleaning Leather> is probably the worst thing you can do what they really want to break the finish and will eventually ruin. leather furniture can be cleaned and cared for, but it must be done properly to help maintain a high level of appearance.

The most common type of leather is "pigment" also known as the name "Protected" leather which has a durable lacquer finish. A common problem with leather furniture is the transfer of dye. This occurs when the varnish is consumed by the general wear. Dye can then transfer those garments, denim jeans in particular, for the leather seats. To Use clean skins of specially formulated Leather Cleaner followed by a leather protector. The protective leather coats and can delay dirt and stains cleaning of leather much more successful future.

Another popular type of aniline leather or nubuck. Furniture made this type of leather is sold because of its look, feel and comfort. These leathers are usually more expensive and their proper maintenance is essential to protect your investment. Aniline leather is not durable finish than leather pigmented or protected a. It could be described as porous as it did not varnish and therefore has a high absorption rate. Aniline and Nubuck leather are both difficult to clean, but there are ways to improve its appearance if begins to look dull and lifeless. Consider seeking professional assistance as improper cleaning can cause permanent damage.

Follow these tips to take care of your leather furniture: –

1. leather dust on a weekly basis or simply wipe with a damp cloth which rehydrate the leather and prevent it from drying.

2. Do not and never too overwet rub leather furniture.

3. Test any specialized Leather Cleaning products on an inconspicuous area before use

4. position leather furniture away from radiators as heat can damage

5. Not not clean leather with soap.

6. Place leather furniture in direct sunlight because it is subject to fading.

7. Do not clean the leather with furniture wax.

8. Do not use baby wipes or cleaning products to clean leather furniture.

9. Do not use products packaging they contain oils and waxes that clog the pores of the leather.

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Cleaning Leather Furniture