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Cleaning Mussels

March 5, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning mussels
Hello. I wonder if anyone can help me with a question lobster blue?

I bought my electric blue lobster (actually a crayfish) in a pet store three weeks ago. Unfortunatley he died and I was wondering if someone can tell me the possible reasons what I am wondering whether or not to get another. He was kept in a large tank 5ft and was the only animal it apart from a few snails that are have crept with him. The reservoir was maintained at 26 celcius and was well airated and in a state very clean. I got home from work for found in the corner of the tank crumpled. The main trunk of her body was turned slightly green. I had fed on fresh mussels and superelevation work if it fell on me or the weather, he died of natural causes. It has been fully developed when I and I had no idea how old he was. If anyone has any ideas please let me now. It was great to watch and I will miss him. Thank you.

These crabs live for several years and can grow to about 8 inches long. So if your crayfish was growing, I would say it was probably the age of just old. The temperature in the tank and it sounds good a large enough tank. While the tank was clean, the only other thing I can think of other than old age is a certain type of illness or parasite that has been in. I'm not sure what kind of diseases they are likely to do so I really can not help you there. Sorry for your loss, good luck if you get another.

Cleaning Mussels