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Cleaning Oven Windows

June 26, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning oven windows

The quality of cleaning MAA is here to help

MAA cleaning quality is in business for over 10 years and have established a reputation for quality. We're eager to show you who is well deserved. Please give us a call for a free estimate at: 571-721-9396 or 571-501-0191, You can also send us an email to

Here our Field work:

Kitchen: Clean the stove full lift range clean area and who holds, clean burners, drip plates, buttons, inside the oven, oven racks, broiler and side of stove. Clean out the dishwasher, inside the door, door-and burners. Clean the top and underneath the hood, clean fan filter and light cover. Clean the inside and outside the refrigerator box all shelves, racks and drawers. Clean inside and microwave. Check sink drain baskets are clean. Shine the faucet and handles. Cleanliness in the top of the backsplash the front counter. Cabinets / Interiors: Doors, faces and interiors are clean. Drawers / interior: drawer sides and interior are clean. Clean all light fixtures and covers. Clean all cover plates. Clean and mop all the floors, make sure that devices with area is clean. Clean all baseboards. Clean window and window track. Clean window blinds including housing and valance. Check all the walls are own. Check that the ceiling is clean. Verify that the window screen is clean.

Bathrooms: Clean the bath, clean the shower, interior and exterior cleaning, bolt caps, toilet seat and the seat hinges hard worker, shine the mirror, clean the inside and outside medicine cabinet, clean shower doors, track, frame and remove deposits from the water. Shine faucets and handles all. own sink, cleaning and polishing towel and toilet paper holder. Clean fixture and lid, cover exhaust fan clean, heat lamps, floor cover plates, baseboards, bathroom vanity, drawers, and clean and dry.


Living Room: Clean all the fan blades and light covers, clean all cover plates, clean all window sills, window tracks and clean the windows, sliding doors and door tracks clean, clean all the blinds, including rail head and skirt, clean all fixtures and blankets, clean windows and sliding door, radiator clean ventilation, thermostat, and check the walls, ceilings, and baseboards are clean.

Room (s): Clean windows and window tracks, sliding doors and Track door, clean all the fan blades and light covers, blinds clean, including the rail head and skirt, clean all fixtures and blankets, clean windows and sliding door, closet doors clean, shelves, poles, and tracks. heater clean vent and thermostat.

Balcony: removing all cobwebs on the walls and ceiling with a broom and wash if necessary, clean all grates, sweep and clean throughout the lighting and blankets.

area of the open door outside from the clean door, door frame clean, clean cut, clean all light fixtures and covers almost the front door, clean both sides of the door.

Various: Check and clean the water heater area, remove all debris and dust around or near the water heater, clean all the blinds, chimney clean – remove ash and debris.

Thank you in advance for taking time on the review of our services and once again look forward to hearing from you and show you who is well deserved.

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