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Cleaning Parts

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cleaning parts

Charlotte Home and Commercial Cleaning Services

Spring is upon us! So that could only mean one thing â € "cleaning Spring! Spring Cleaning is a great way to get rid of unnecessary items in your home or office. It also gives you the chance to clean a Part of garbage, cobwebs and dust that have been hanging around all winter.

Charlotte Chamber of Commerce Tips and cleaning services spring cleaning

â € ¢ Â Â Â First, create a list of cleaning
â € ¢ Â Â Â Use a damp cloth for ceiling fans and fan blades
â € ¢ Â Â Â Use cleaners Purpose
â € ¢ Â Â Â Slightly cushioned sponge will prevent scratches on the glass
â € ¢ Â Â Â Do not clean windows in the sun
â € ¢ Â Â Â gently vacuum curtains and draperies dusting attachments
â € ¢ Â Â Â When dusting, start at the top and work your way down
â € ¢ Â Â Â Do not mix cleaners
â € ¢ Â Â Â Rubbing alcohol can remove fog on the mirrors
â € ¢ Â Â Â Use a combination of vinegar, ammonia, baking soda and water for bathroom and kitchen cleaning
â € ¢ Â Â Add a box of baking soda to absorb odors in the refrigerator
â € ¢ Â Â Â Placemats at the door to collect dirt and outside risk
â € ¢ Â Â Â Always use a white cloth when removing stains from carpet

About House of Charlotte and commercial cleaning services

With a solid reputation for diligence, Bucket â € ~ n ' Charlotte Broom House and Commercial Cleaning Services provides the highest quality maid service and professional customer service. Serving Home and office needs of Charlotte, NC, Broom Bucket â € ~ n 'provides more than the ability to clean up. Services include general cleaning, a thorough cleaning, bathroom cleaning and cooking, special occasion cleaning, and cleaning after construction.

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