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Cleaning Playstation 3 Lens

July 24, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning playstation 3 lens
how can I fix my ps3?

I have a 80GB PS3 I bought from best buy around December 2 years ago. Every time I play a game my PlayStation freezes.
i.e. I play one match on Modern Warfare 2 and it freezes after the match where the scoreboard shows up.
Also on World at War, then I tried Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare and it freezes every time I try to join a game.
I’ve already vacuumed the vents, Un-Plugged all the cables, took out the HDD and cleaned out the dust then put it back in. That let me complete one match on Modern Warfare 2, but I want to fix it for real.
Please don’t give me a answer that involves deleting ALL of my data, or having to call Sony because it’s out of warranty already and I don’t don’t to pay.
Is there anyway I can fix my Playstation 3?
I think it’s the BluRay lens but I don’t know yet. So please help me.

You could maybe delete all the content on the hdd from your computer that way its nothing there. Or opening it up and take a look inside maybe you can fix it. Or if that doesn’t work then I would recommend to buy a new one or save money or getting a used. Sony can fix it but they want cash that is after the warranty have expired. It takes robots on a factory hours to assemble a ps3, imagine how much you would need to troubleshoot?.

how to clean blue ray lens ps3


Cleaning Playstation 3

July 5, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning playstation 3
Playstation 3 disk reading / Blu-Ray problem and Maxell Blu-Ray Disc Cleaner?

I heard that Maxell Blu-Ray Disc Cleaner cleans the dust Blu-Ray in the PS3 laser reader. I intend to buy to fix my PS3 (I'm sure it's the optical drive), but I want to know if it actually works. I do not want to spend $ 20 and still have a broken PS3

When a PS3 does not read the discs, its usually because one or two of its laser has died or been put out of alignment and must be replaced independently. Dirty / lens dust is not that often on the PS3 for one thing. second thing is its not recommended to use lens cleaners on a game console because they may scratch actual laser itself, which makes your problem worse.

PS3 Blu-ray lens cleaning (ps3 fix)