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Iron Cleaning Cloth

February 5, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

iron cleaning cloth

Household Checklist

It is important to keep a list of tasks to be performed on a regular basis. Some parts Your home should be cleaned every other week and must be cleaned every month or every year.
We live lives in rapid and sometimes neglect, or simply forget are not aware that there are things that must be cleaned on a weekly basis. To help you improve knowledge of cleaning tasks weekly, I compiled a list with some tips to help you on your way with weekly cleaning.

Furniture Cleaning:
Upholstery can be cleaned without removing it from the room. To do this, take a damp cloth (old sheet) to cover the furniture and remove the fine dust with a stick special.
To clear lacquered and polished, boil a glass of beer with a piece of wax. Apply a little hot mass for furniture and let it dry, then rub with a cloth of wool. You can use vegetable oil as well.
water rings painted on the surface must be dusted with flour and then dipped in a tampon factory or engine oil, and rub until it disappears.

Mahogany furniture is wiped with a damp cloth, then with a dry cloth.

Cleaning windows and doors. Doors and windows should be washed with ammonia and water (1 tablespoon of liquid ammonia to 1 quart water). Doors, frames and painting, must be washed with hot tea strained brew (2 teaspoons of dry tea to 1 quart warm water). Stains on the glass the dry whites can be erased using a blade safety razor, the remains of fresh paint is removed with turpentine. Rags to wash the windows should be machine or you can just use newspaper, which will not streak.

Clean mirrors. The mirrors are clean with a cotton cloth and denatured alcohol, then wiped with a soft paper or newspaper. Highly contaminated mirrors can be washed with the composition Next: 2 cups hot water, 50 g of vinegar and 50 g of chalk, mix well and set aside. Once the liquid is constant, wipe it with a mirror, then wipe with a soft cloth or newspaper

Cleaning floors. It is not recommended to frequently wash the floors. With careful handling, floor can be cleaned more than twice a year. To polish the floors, use 1 part of wax to 1 part turpentine. The spots of floor can be removed with sandpaper, and wiped with turpentine old. If stain remains, sprinkle talcum it, cover with blotting paper and press. ink stains from linoleum can be removed with emery paper or pumice as well.

Taking care of carpet:
Twice a year, you can clean the carpet with a hair brush, soaked in ammonia and water (2 tablespoons of alcohol to one liter of water). After cleaning, the carpet this way, it should be dried with a clean cloth.

Remove carpet stains:
Beer, wine, liquor or can be removed from the carpet with warm water and detergent powder. Coffee and cocoa can be washed cold water and glycerin (1 tablespoon to 1 quart water). Red wine and fruit juice stains can be removed using cold water and a small amount of ammonia. Remember: once the stain is removed, the carpet as a whole should be wiped with a soft brush, moistened with a detergent solution, then simply dried with a sponge.

If you take care of these items and get weekly stains immediately before pouring, cleaning your house will be a task much easier. They key to Cleaning The House quickly is to stay on top of daily and weekly tasks so they donate? t accumulate.

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