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Computer Cleaning Vacuum

June 10, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

computer cleaning vacuum

Computer Maintenance – Improving Computer Performance and Reliability with a cooler computer

While the dust might seem an issue for some surface cleaning, it can contribute to the heat issues by acting as a blanket. Not only that, but the dust can be corrosive or may even conduct electricity which may lead to short circuits. If enough dust settles on the CPU heat sink, the dust will restrict the airflow through the radiator fins is necessary to take the enormous heat generated by CPU. And if too much dust accumulates on the CPU fan blades, the weight of the dust can unbalance the blades and cause premature failure fan itself … this is true for any fan.

The best way to clean the inside of your system is using and a vacuum hose (vacuum static if you have one). I also use a brush to make the dust and finish with a bottle of air tablet. Note: Always put off and unplug your computer before cleaning the inside. In addition, if you do not know about ESD, at least touch a door handle, then an external metal part of your computer case before touching the components inside your computer. This will relieve any static electricity from your body.

I also recommend cleaning the fan blades as if they are available. I'm going as far as the use Q-tips, although you may find it difficult to clean the power supply fan unless you dismount, and I would not recommend unless you are qualified for service electrical parts. Caution: Power Supply capacitors may shock you, even when the device is switched off and unplugged, it is unless they have been properly discharged.

If you open your computer, especially if you had never made day with a second hard drive or an add-on video card, check to make sure that these add-on parts have been installed with a clearance sufficient in other adjacent parts. I recently repaired a computer that someone had installed an add-on video and USB Card side other. They were so close that the fan on the video card has been blocked by the USB card, which caused the fan motor to burn prematurely.

Although not a matter of heat, you might as well use compressed air to clean your keyboard as well. Vacuum first, then blow air canned. I suggest you get a skin or keyboard cover to protect it from spills and small foreign objects like paper clips.

While most people would agree that keeping your computer clean and cool sounds like common sense, it just gets neglected until their computer crashes and you end up paying a PC technician to do it for you as part of an inappropriate remedy, but avoidable. Fortunately, I could push some to take a look at their computer and take a few easy steps to a computer cleaner, fresher and more reliable.

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