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Computer Cleaning

August 14, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

computer cleaning
Then have a list of the cleaning tools computer?

tools used to clean the computer, such as cleaning hygienicelly Board or the MONITOR button etc. etc. Either clean it or simply remove the dust, etc.

Zanda Hi, I Lysol wipes on my keyboard, you can delete individual keys at once to clean under each, a box of air for cleaning inside the computer, you unscrew side panel, then spraying air into the computer (sorry I do not know how it works, but it does) and keeps the dust rabbits on the screen Montor I use a dryer sheet used, but you can find static unconfined aquifers in most places count, use the Vacuum brush on the week just to clean the dust bunnies and ash into my keyboard, and if you spill pop, wine or beer on a flip key upside down and shake all the liquid, then use a hair dryer on cool setting to dry, but I finally had to remove all the keys cause it was through tights. I hope it works for you. Have a nice day. : 0)

Computer Cleaning by PROtech IT Hygiene


Keyboard Cleaning Wipes

August 2, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

keyboard cleaning wipes
when was the last time you clean your computer keyboard?

so when was the last time you cleaned your computer keyboard? I heard that some people do not clean their house / office keyboard over the years even if it was proven port of more germs than a toilet seat I with antibacterial wipes to clean my keyboard, mouse, mouse pad and the surrounding region for all two weeks – it takes only five minutes also I never eat snack / meal to my desktop, so when was the last time you got antibacterial wipes

Friday! those schools are pretty disgusting manky if: /

Keeping your Apple Mac Spotless by KeepItClean


Cleaning Keyboards

July 28, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning keyboards

Cleaning the keyboard

Computer Keyboards always get dirty easily.
After running a Computer Cleaning company for more four years, I'll show you how to clean your keyboard thoroughly.
More information


plush cloth.

dry cloth or duster.

appropriate cleaning fluid (isopropyl alcohol).


Then compressed air or a vacuum cleaner (optional).

First, shutdown your PC and remove the plug power, unplug the keyboard and hold the head down to release any debris from between the keys.

If you have an air tank compressed and then use it to blow up all the debris of the world and under the keys, if not, use a vacuum cleaner hose to remove it.

Now, take a cotton swab and put a few drops of cleaning fluid on it, use cotton swab to clean the sides of the keys.

After cleaning the sides of the keys to take your lint free cloth and moisten it with your cleaning fluid, remember to do Never pour any liquid directly on the PC. Give the keyboard surface property on the cloth using the fabric.

When you have finished the keyboard gives a wipe over with a dry cloth / duster, you should now have a keyboard nice and clean to clean more thoroughly, follow the guide below.

If have time and prefer to give the keyboard more deep cleaning, you can easily delete all the keys on the keyboard (recommended only for standard PC keyboards).

It is however important to take note of all the key positions so that you can re-assemble the keyboard when you're done.

The keys can be blown off using something like a screwdriver, be careful not to scratch the keys.
Repeat the process above but this time you can thouroughly clean the keyboard on the inside and individual clean the keys.
The keys pop back enough both maneuvered position.
Do not force the buttons should pop a little pressure.

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Cleaning Your Computer Monitor

July 24, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning your computer monitor
My artwork has been overrun by pop-ups that take over your comp ..?

You know the kind … when you wake up and Internet Explorer has been disabled, you comp is still connected to the Internet and these people have simply taken over entirely your computer! I tried Ad-Aware and love them, but nothing works! What are malware on my computer and what do I seek to remove! Tired of calling the computer guy to come fix this problem, surely I can do myself! monitor the speed of the Internet is a name is a lot in these pop-ups. Please this is a way to clean your computer of this kind of thing manually?!? Thank you!

Prevents any unwanted pop-up ads immediately and automatically. Block 100% unsolicited popups. Run quietly in your system tray using very little resources. Smart pop-ups and pop-under control.

Computer Help & Solutions : How to Clean Computer Monitor Glass


Plasma Tv Cleaning

July 1, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

plasma tv cleaning
How do I clean my plasma screen?

baby wipes? I would not have thought of that! They leave no residue?

just use a little wet wipes dress all others are a waste of money

TV & Electronics : How to Clean a Plasma TV Screen


Cleaning Tv And Computer Screens

June 29, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning tv and computer screens
LCD TV and monitors cleaning?

I have a 15 "and 20" LCD TV and a 17 "HD LCD computer monitor. I need ideas on how to clean them safely – hopefully with regular cleaners I already at home. Ideas?

Brillo pads and use of bleach mixed with Easy Off oven cleaner. reality – DO NOT DO, I was joking …….. You can use ScreenClean Monster "which is a special form available from your local electronics store.

How to Properly Clean for your HD LCD/Plasma or Computer Monitor Screen


Cleaning Your Computer Screen

June 22, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning your computer screen

Computer Screen Cleaners – How to protect your investment

You donâ € ™ t need to be a Felix Unger-types want to clean a computer screen. Whether you use the screen to play games or skyscraper design, you know that fingerprints Digital dust, and stains can see the screen more difficult.


If you have a flat screen monitor or laptop, the screen is capable of an LCD, or LCD. They are more delicate than their counterparts on TV conventional and must be cleaned differently. Liena € ™ s how to find the right display for your cleaning equipment.

Using typical household cleaners can yellow the screen, and if itâ € ™ s an abrasive cleaner, power draw at screen. If a product is hard sprayed directly on the screen, the filter can seep into the edges of the screen and actually corrode circuits € ™ s screen Avoid disaster by leaving the screen chemicals harmful to the bathroom. Instead of using a monitor cleaner special shielding.

One option is to mix your own solution for cleaning computer screen. Some experts recommend Mix equal parts of distilled water and isopropyl alcohol, which is commonly known as rubbing alcohol. Others recommend a mixture of distilled water and vinegar.

A natural cleanser computer screen is a gentle and effective way to remove dirt and grime. These alcohol-free cleansers are made from organic ingredients that are squeaky clean screens without inflicting damage. As a bonus, cleaners natural are safe for youâ € "and may be particularly important if youâ € ™ re parked in front of a computer all day.

Donâ € ™ t use newspaper, paper towels or tissues, either. Although theyâ € ™ re fine for an old TV, they can scratch an LCD screen or computer screen. A cleaning solution for computer screen should be applied with a soft cloth own tissue. Old t-shirts are a sure bet, as well as other natural fiber or microfiber cloths.

CRT Monitor

If you have a bulky monitor that looks like an old television, chances are itâ € ™ sa CRT or Cathode Ray Tube screen. Although itâ € ™ is true that CRT monitors have a durable glass screen, many of them have anti-reflective coatings that require a touch more delicate than an ordinary household cleaner can provide. Get a computer screen safely clean the filter using a high quality youâ € ™ d use an LCD.

Whatever the type of monitor you use, remember to spray the href = "" target = "_self"> computer screen cleaner on the cloth, never directly on the screen. Air Products maintains or a very soft, natural bristle brush is a sure way to drive pet hair, dust or crumbs from the corners € ™ s monitor and crannies, like the edges of screen. When the cleaning process is finished, wait until the screen is completely dry before turning it on.

Computer Upgrades & Repairs : How to Clean a Laptop Screen With Household Products


Keyboard Cleaning Tips Laptop

June 15, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

keyboard cleaning tips laptop
a little orange juice slopped on my laptop keyboard (about 1 ounce) because it is sticky, how can I clean it?

I immediately turned on my laptop and leave it to drain the fluid. brush will and work rubbing alcohol? I need 70% or 90% alcohol or just water on the tip Q. I know to be more careful and close my laptop to the future, comments if only useful if you please.

Turn it off, remove the battery to be sure that no current passes. Wipe the keys with water (50/50 with rubbing alcohol will be more effective if you have one), clean under them with pipecleaners Qtips or soaked in the solution cleaning. Let dry completely (at least 24 hours) before turning it back on. Otherwise, you can replace the keyboard for ~ $ 50 (depending on model).

How to Buy a Computer : Cleaning Tips for a Computer Keyboard


Cleaning Up Computer Hard Drive

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cleaning up computer hard drive

How to prevent data loss by cooling your hard drive

The cooling of the hard drive will help prevent a requirement recovery service hard drive. For many different reasons, storage of data is an extremely important part of your computer system. Now one day, computers are much more than they used to do in the past.

From business information to family photos, storage is the ideal way to keep your precious data. HDD is the most important and widely used storage device. It may contain a large amount of data and most computer users rely on it to keep their data safe.

Although the hard disk stores data important to your business critical, it is not perfect in every way. hard drive failure is very common with all computers, without proper way to prevent it.

The hard drive could fail due to a variety of reasons, and overheating is most common among them. Crashes and natural disasters are frequent, and, as well as sabotage.

With more style hard drives, the RPM speed was low and the reader would not overheat. modern hard drives have a high speed to 10,000 rpm and they get very hot when they begin work. Although computers have a cooling fan, but sometimes they become insufficient if the environment is too hot.

The overheating of the disk drive can create several problems, so you must keep your computer in a cool place. If the drive becomes too hot, it may fail and, finally, can lead to nightmare of data loss.

One area, which suffers from the overheating is the platters that are very sensitive and composed with magnetic media. Trays are what are the actual data. Overheating can also affect the logic board hard disk, read / write head and the motor drive.

To prevent the hard disk to be too hot, you should make sure it is properly ventilated and cooled properly. You should always use additional fans and coolers to keep heat controlled.

You should also regularly check the temperature of the hard disk using special tools available on the market. modern hard disks are shipped with SMART enabled, they can tell you before any mishappening.

But sometimes users do not care about these things and the reader could fail due to overheating. In such situations, the data can be lost and you need for the data recovery.

Recovery of hard disk physical failure composers is possible with the help of service hard drive recovery. It is available by using custom business recovery disk. You should always go for the recovery service hard disk to ensure the best complete extraction of your data.

Stellar Information Systems Ltd. is the leading provider of familiar and most href = ""> hard drive recovery service. The company provides services in hard drive recovery the state of art class rooms clean 100. Specialists in hard drive recovery Stellar are highly qualified and experienced and are capable of handling each situation and each loss of data.

How to Clean a Computer : How to Clean a Hard Drive


Computer Cleaning Vacuum

June 10, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

computer cleaning vacuum

Computer Maintenance – Improving Computer Performance and Reliability with a cooler computer

While the dust might seem an issue for some surface cleaning, it can contribute to the heat issues by acting as a blanket. Not only that, but the dust can be corrosive or may even conduct electricity which may lead to short circuits. If enough dust settles on the CPU heat sink, the dust will restrict the airflow through the radiator fins is necessary to take the enormous heat generated by CPU. And if too much dust accumulates on the CPU fan blades, the weight of the dust can unbalance the blades and cause premature failure fan itself … this is true for any fan.

The best way to clean the inside of your system is using and a vacuum hose (vacuum static if you have one). I also use a brush to make the dust and finish with a bottle of air tablet. Note: Always put off and unplug your computer before cleaning the inside. In addition, if you do not know about ESD, at least touch a door handle, then an external metal part of your computer case before touching the components inside your computer. This will relieve any static electricity from your body.

I also recommend cleaning the fan blades as if they are available. I'm going as far as the use Q-tips, although you may find it difficult to clean the power supply fan unless you dismount, and I would not recommend unless you are qualified for service electrical parts. Caution: Power Supply capacitors may shock you, even when the device is switched off and unplugged, it is unless they have been properly discharged.

If you open your computer, especially if you had never made day with a second hard drive or an add-on video card, check to make sure that these add-on parts have been installed with a clearance sufficient in other adjacent parts. I recently repaired a computer that someone had installed an add-on video and USB Card side other. They were so close that the fan on the video card has been blocked by the USB card, which caused the fan motor to burn prematurely.

Although not a matter of heat, you might as well use compressed air to clean your keyboard as well. Vacuum first, then blow air canned. I suggest you get a skin or keyboard cover to protect it from spills and small foreign objects like paper clips.

While most people would agree that keeping your computer clean and cool sounds like common sense, it just gets neglected until their computer crashes and you end up paying a PC technician to do it for you as part of an inappropriate remedy, but avoidable. Fortunately, I could push some to take a look at their computer and take a few easy steps to a computer cleaner, fresher and more reliable.

SourcingMap USB Mini Vacuum for Computer