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Furniture Cleaning Solvent

July 26, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

furniture cleaning solvent
Question polish wood?

Good morning. My coffee table is scratched research (it is a dark wood). I googled how to solve this problem and I had after almost every site: Wooden furniture – cloudy or scratched surface this may be caused by fat trademark of cooking or heating, or it can be rubbed onto oily rags waxed finish, or too much wax / polish to apply and does not wipe. Clean rubbing with furniture wax / polish containing solvents, Clean and dry with a soft cloth. Can anyone suggest a furniture wax / polish containing a solvent that I can use? I tried Google and it gives me strengh just industrial products or products containing no solvent. Thank you!

Murphys soap Oil get rid of the accumulation

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Tips On Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

July 22, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

tips on cleaning kitchen cabinets

Top 5 tips for keeping your kitchen cabinet doors Kitchen Countertops Organized

Busy with work, friends, family, and races? Then, as most people, you probably have a difficult time cleaning your kitchen. Food, spills and splashes can do a lot of cabinet doors Kitchen faucets, kitchen and kitchen counters. You're not alone. I had this same problem – until I discovered these five tips for kitchen cleaning.

1. Organization should be a step towards you clean the kitchen. To begin, take the items on your kitchen counter and place them under the sink and in cabinets and draws.

2. Then we bust disorder. Mentally note the areas that have the most congestion utensils, dishes, food, etc. and focus on those areas himself up every day. Cleaning these areas will always have less time than you accustomed to.

3. One of the most ambitious action you can take is to clean up the list and to keep it in a central area like your kitchen cabinet doors or countertops. Commit to cross at least one element of the list each day.

4. kitchen faucets and sinks are perhaps the most difficult to keep clean. Each day, move the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Once the sink is empty, scrub and your kitchen faucets.

5. Remember that your kitchen tile. Use a cleanser for the kitchen but not rude, washing tiles kitchen. The grout may require more severe treatment that dirt can not stop there. Fortunately, cleaning the grout is generally often unnecessary.

You will soon discover, following the advice above, that keeping your kitchen clean will not be a problem. So go ahead – your kitchen awaits you …

How to Spring Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets Wood Cleaner Touch Of Oranges .avi


Cleaning Oven Windows

June 26, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning oven windows

The quality of cleaning MAA is here to help

MAA cleaning quality is in business for over 10 years and have established a reputation for quality. We're eager to show you who is well deserved. Please give us a call for a free estimate at: 571-721-9396 or 571-501-0191, You can also send us an email to

Here our Field work:

Kitchen: Clean the stove full lift range clean area and who holds, clean burners, drip plates, buttons, inside the oven, oven racks, broiler and side of stove. Clean out the dishwasher, inside the door, door-and burners. Clean the top and underneath the hood, clean fan filter and light cover. Clean the inside and outside the refrigerator box all shelves, racks and drawers. Clean inside and microwave. Check sink drain baskets are clean. Shine the faucet and handles. Cleanliness in the top of the backsplash the front counter. Cabinets / Interiors: Doors, faces and interiors are clean. Drawers / interior: drawer sides and interior are clean. Clean all light fixtures and covers. Clean all cover plates. Clean and mop all the floors, make sure that devices with area is clean. Clean all baseboards. Clean window and window track. Clean window blinds including housing and valance. Check all the walls are own. Check that the ceiling is clean. Verify that the window screen is clean.

Bathrooms: Clean the bath, clean the shower, interior and exterior cleaning, bolt caps, toilet seat and the seat hinges hard worker, shine the mirror, clean the inside and outside medicine cabinet, clean shower doors, track, frame and remove deposits from the water. Shine faucets and handles all. own sink, cleaning and polishing towel and toilet paper holder. Clean fixture and lid, cover exhaust fan clean, heat lamps, floor cover plates, baseboards, bathroom vanity, drawers, and clean and dry.


Living Room: Clean all the fan blades and light covers, clean all cover plates, clean all window sills, window tracks and clean the windows, sliding doors and door tracks clean, clean all the blinds, including rail head and skirt, clean all fixtures and blankets, clean windows and sliding door, radiator clean ventilation, thermostat, and check the walls, ceilings, and baseboards are clean.

Room (s): Clean windows and window tracks, sliding doors and Track door, clean all the fan blades and light covers, blinds clean, including the rail head and skirt, clean all fixtures and blankets, clean windows and sliding door, closet doors clean, shelves, poles, and tracks. heater clean vent and thermostat.

Balcony: removing all cobwebs on the walls and ceiling with a broom and wash if necessary, clean all grates, sweep and clean throughout the lighting and blankets.

area of the open door outside from the clean door, door frame clean, clean cut, clean all light fixtures and covers almost the front door, clean both sides of the door.

Various: Check and clean the water heater area, remove all debris and dust around or near the water heater, clean all the blinds, chimney clean – remove ash and debris.

Thank you in advance for taking time on the review of our services and once again look forward to hearing from you and show you who is well deserved.

How to clean your oven


Cleaning Marble Table

June 8, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning marble table

Best quality of Indian handicrafts Marble

Of all the natural building stones, stone marble occupies a unique position. Marble is not only known for its beauty, but also known for its durability and resilience to water and grease. Marble is a stone that is difficult, does not absorb water, anti-slip and non-porous. Our architectural ornaments in marble decorative offer the best solutions for your office and residential architecture. Our architectural ornaments including balusters, columns and pedestals, fireplaces, lamps, vases, decorative, etc.

Marble Balusters

Carved from a marble delicate neutral tones, our bars are both decorative and functional, and are fully customizable. These cylindrical marble balustrades are made to respond to a sense of Art Deco style with its clean lines and smooth appearance. Balusters can be used as decoration or function as barriers or guardrails, and are fully customizable. Add a personal touch to your home with beautifully designed baluster.

Columns and pedestals

marble columns are like a luxury to see if you arrive at your door. They are also a glamorous d├ęcor in the house. Sculpted in pure marble, the classic architectural columns to add to the timeless beauty of construction projects. Considering that the marble pedestal base provides solid supporting the statues of any kind regardless of their weight and sizes. They help to highlight the artistic beauty, making it an absolute eye catcher. The marble columns and pedestals to give your home an antique charm, a sense of richness and royal look.

Marble Decoratives

The spark of creativity in India was there since the beginning of civilization. The immortality of the handicrafts and art India can be attributed to their ability to captivate the viewer. An inspiring range of products are available from timeless creations, which include parts marble table, marble carved with trophies and the honor, marble mortar, decorative marble photo frames and many … They have remained coveted for their ability to transform homes into places of absolute beauty.

Marble fireplaces

Enhance the beauty of your home with breathtaking marble fireplaces. A fire that refuses to be ignored, with a fireplace important The practice of decorating, hand carved ethnic designs are ready to be rich and royal ambience. They are exclusive in design and beauty and provide warmth and ultimate comfort during winters.

Marble Lamps

Ideally used for storing the lamps, the bases beautiful lamp marble adorn the corners with their charm. When lit, the lights kept on these bases and marble shine beautifully adapted to all modern or classic interior design in the rooms, offices or rooms. They are perfect representations of classical Indian art and are available with work fine sculpture which speaks of the great Indian craftsmen skills.

Marble Vases

marble flower vases designed handcrafted by Indian craftsmen beautifully enhance the traditional Indian designs and modern designs. marble flower vases are decorated in styles ranging from exquisite to outrageous ones. Available a variety of sizes, designs and styles, marble planters are sure to look new for years to come. They make exclusive gifts as decorative.

Shower Renovations


Hotel Room Cleaning Tips

April 15, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

hotel room cleaning tips
Is it appropriate to tip the person cleaning a Bed and Breakfast?

I have never slept in a bed and breakfast before, and I do not know if it's appropriate to tip the person who cleans the room. I always leave a tip every day in a hotel or motel, but the maid is an employee. At a B & B owners tend to be cleaning them, and I'm not sure if they would offended by the tip or not. If not, is five dollars a piece suitable for a Midwest B & B? Thank you in advance for the help. Yes, that is $ 5 per day – Not $ 5 total. I also remember leaving the tip of dollar bills. I've never seen this before. Thank you for the info, all world!

I use to clean the rooms at a resort, $ 5 is great. If you do not tip, that is fine too. If you go to the tip, get a dollar bill, that way if there is more of a cleaning agent, they can easily split the point, without running receiving changes. Nobody will be shocked to free money. Enjoy your stay.

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Hotel Kitchen Cleaning Schedule

April 13, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

hotel kitchen cleaning schedule
Everest 2010: SummitClimb Mt Everest Expedition in Tibet North Col April 21, 2010: Hi this is a dispatch from Everest Expedition in Tibet SummitClimb. The time is 7:15 p.m., local time Tibet. I'm calling from the top of the North Col. The altitude is about 7000 metres/23, 000 feet here. Col. North is also known as the Chang La.
KItchen Canopy and Duct Cleaning Brisbane and Gold Coast. Springwood Hotel