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Red Wine Stain Removal Carpet

July 28, 2008 by stain remover expert No Comments »

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It was a beautiful Sunday morning on the Steven's household. Each family member was present in the living room, the open space of the house, clad with a loom-woven carpet that covered every square inch of the area.

Dad is sitting on the sofa, reading the Sunday paper, as he sips a glass of red wine. Mom is sipping a cup of fresh brewed coffee after breakfast on Sunday good old days, same time give Dad a glass of wine. John, the eldest, just back from soccer practice, all the dirt and dust, and seat sofa, playing with little Janey. Janey, on the other hand, drinks the milk from his glass of training as she is sitting on the couch.

All goes well for the household, except for one – the living room rug. As of Sunday, the family enjoys together, the carpet takes the most punishment of all this. Dad, reading about rising gas prices and products, accidentally spilled wine on the carpet near the glass and drop. Mom tried to save the glass from falling, but instead of preventing a disaster, has created another, as its coffee spilled on the carpet as well. To add to the misery already brewing at hand, John's shoes have been a trace of dirt and dust into the mat as he walks with Janey. Janey is perky girl is always opened its glass formation and milk splashed across half the room.

On Sunday morning, is now slowly into shadow for the household – and already a dark day for the carpet. The woven textile covering the living room carpet is more than just – Dirty and bruised. What should be the Stevens do?

Normally, a professional carpet cleaner will be required to resolve this problem. But Momma Stevens has some quick fixes for these spots on the carpet. Sunday Stevens can still be saved.

Mom first worked on the wine Red Spot. Here are the steps she has done: work on this first because it is one of those stubborn stains that can easily be removed if are taken first. Before drying of red wine, put salt on the spill area to absorb the red wine. Then, remove as much salt as possible, then wipe with soda. Remember to always rinse with this water, and pat dry with clean paper towels white.

Mom then worked on coffee stain, do the following easy steps: blot the stain with a solution of a half teaspoon of mild detergent mixed two cups of clean water. If that fails, mix a cup of water and a cup of white vinegar can also be considered.

paths John's land are easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner, sucking the earth dry. Prevent dirt from entering into further contact with the carpet, Mom says to place a mat before stepping on the carpet.

Janey milk color (or other protein stains – blood, eggs) can be easily removed by mixing one cup of water, two tablespoons of ammonia and one tablespoon of detergent sweet. Always remember to wipe and dry as recommended.

What Momma Stevens are just some tips on carpet care. As technology progresses, so do products for carpet care. There are products designated for specific tasks for carpets. Carpet Care provided that can easily do at home without professional care, but of course, if in doubt, it is never a crime to seek professional advice. The carpets are important accessories in a household, because they are both visual, security, and a tool of comfort in the house.

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