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Easy Cleaning

March 5, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

easy cleaning
How do I clean my bunnies cage easier?

My rabbit cage is very difficult to clean. Does anyone know of any cages rabbits are easy to clean? Or do you have any suggestions on how to facilitate cleaning your rabbit cage easy? Thank you!

Well, if the pot is too difficult to slide, try to spray a little cooking spray on the bottem of it, also spray a bit on the stop, then add litter or bedding, I use perferr woodships, because they feel SOOO much better when they are wet. You should also try to train bedding your rabbit, which makes cleaning easier. For tips training litter email me at Also, try to get a cat box scooping, with small holes, it can help save the shavings. Some ideas and I do not use for bedding are the following-* YES Pine wood chips / wood shavings * Ceder, you can make them yourself, by sawing some wood to use for other uses for your family, or rabbits. * NO * shredded newspaper I woulden't use sheets of all the newspapers, because they stick, and can be yucky to clean * You can use cat litter, but it does not smell, or work the greatest I clean the cage once every 2-3 days, and if you litter train, litter pan clean every 1-2 days. Also for more tips on training e-mail me

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