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May 23, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

fabric care company
How do I fill the void in my basement?

My cat died today, and it is in fact one of the saddest days. My friend which used to be by my side now meet his creator, and now I'm getting used to the fact that will not be beside me or scratching at the door to let in the basement of my house. Now I'm really serious this next part, it hurts because he was in my basement where I really started to take care of him, it was where I used to sit down with my bong and my fan (Toker happy tube fabric softeners, etc..) That's when it serves to keep me company and it when I started to learn life was beautiful. My appreciation for him is forever in my heart and it will never disappear, but it hurts to know my boyfriend is gone … How can I make this sadness that infects my heart go? How can I go in my basement, knowing that he is not there?

I know you want it to stop evil he is gone but unfortunately it did not matter what anyone says it wont make it better, you must go through this grieving process just try to remember good memories of him and if you feel the time is right Maybe you could get a new friend to keep you company

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