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June 22, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

famous quotes cleaning
How many London spent a year in a head on street cleaning?

According to 1990/1991 statistics, the city of Paris has spent three times larger than London was cleaning the streets. Here, let me quote Bill Bryson (a famous American traveler) book "Neither Here Nor There" where he said: "It might be interesting to note here that Paris spends £ 58 a year a head on street cleaning from £ 17 a head London, which explains why Paris and London is a glimmer of a toilet. Would anyone know if the situation has changed and what is the last staistics on current expenditure of London? Thank you.

In 2005/2006 Westminster City Council spent £ 10m on the "Street of the environment". If you like this expenditure per head for Westminster residents only, is £ 55.16 per person (population: 181,286). To London whole, equivalent to £ 1.39 per person (population: 7,172,091). However, to obtain an accurate picture altogether you need to development costs for street cleaning for each authority of the Council in London (which would take considerable time). Also, my data on the population is based on the census of 2001 – now six years overdue. However, if you look at only the center (Westminster), and use data on population Westminster, spending per head seems quite reasonable.

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