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Cleaning Bathroom Fixtures

April 1, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning bathroom fixtures
Items needed to clean the whole house?

I am preparing to move into a house that was empty for most of year, and I want to clean it thoroughly. Please list for me the shortest possible list of cleaning products I have need for this project. I certainly intend to use a bleach solution, but it will not work for all below. Thank you in advance for your suggestions! Need to clean: hardwood, carpet tile, linoleum, tile and painted walls Windows and painted woodwork and doors (will all be repainted) unpainted wood hollow cabinet doors (to be painted after cleaning) inside plastic and MDF furniture / drawers laminate base counters gas, electric oven cooker, fridge bathroom fixtures Miscellaneous, ceiling fans

Congratulations on your new place! I am passionate about cleaning multipurpose as Mr. Clean. Diluted with water in a spray bottle, you can clean the counters, stove, refrigerator .. almost all the surfaces you want to spray and wipe. Dump a few in a bucket and mop with it. Approximately 1 / 4 cup (or less) of ammonia in a quart spray bottle with water will make windows and mirrors. A bottle of wood varnish should be a house full of wood and dust fans – I heard OrangeGlo Wood Cleaner is impressive. But do not forget your tools: rags, vacuum, brooms, mops. Good luck!

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