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Cleaning Wood Floors Products

July 7, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning wood floors products
What are the best products for Cleaning Hardwood floors?

What are the best products for cleaning hardwood floors? What is easier, gives them an aspect of the most beautiful etc.

Hi, I just started using a natural cleaner everything works miracles on the floors and everything else:) And it feels very good. It is called Caldrea and my sister recommended it to wait and I wanted to find some something that was not harsh chemicals that smell and effects. I just use a plug Caldrea All Purpose Cleaner mixed with water and have not even rub! I was a little resistant to try a natural cleaner, because they do not work as well as the traditional, but it all I'll use now and I love it:) Good luck:)

Cleaning Tips : About Cleaning Products for Hardwood Floors


Laminate Hardwood Cleaning

July 6, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

laminate hardwood cleaning
What is the best cleaner to use on laminate flooring that will provide a lasting shine?

My hardwood floor is a light, laminate that looks and I can not find a cleaner that is brilliant for more than a day or two. I used MOP and Glo, but it has not a lasting shine.

If you buy furniture polish in bulk to get it.I have used pledge on my office floor but dont fall not. We can get slick but it does not shine. You can also use a paste wax and buff it gently. MOP and Glo is more for vinyl.It without wax also relies up.Try wax and perhaps invest in a small buffer for the most shining

Housekeeping Tips : How to Clean Laminated Wood Floors


Cleaning With Vinegar Wood Floors

June 11, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning with vinegar wood floors

How to Safely clean your hardwood floor

Hardwood floors are timeless, elegant design elements and sustainable part in almost any style dà © cor. Raised floors are quality hardwood flooring from top chosen by owner – But the thought of cleaning them safely can be a little intimidating. Keep your hardwood floors looking new and fresh requires a bit of work and maintenance – And the right cleaning products. Here are some tips to help you keep your hardwood floors looking brand new or bring them to life.

Prevention is always better.

It is always easier to prevent serious damage to your floors than repair. These tips will help prevent dust from damaging your floors.

  • Use mats and rugs at each entrance to capture dirt that could get in. track tiny particles of dust and sand will damage the finish on your hardwood floor, and those tiny scratches to pick up dirt your floor requires more frequent cleaning. To place mats or rugs at every entrance to the hall will hold the dirt and keep your floors look fresh longer.
  • Do not use rubber-backed or non-ventilated rugs. They can damage your floor. Instead, look for carpets designed specifically for hardwood floors.
  • Agitate the carpet regularly so that dirt does not work its way through damage to the floor below.
  • Blot spills immediately to avoid damaging the finish or wood.
  • Avoid sun damage by using window treatments or awnings, and regularly rotate furniture and carpets and floor ages integer uniformly.
  • Put floor protectors on furniture and table legs to avoid damage and wear loose weight.
  • Never drag furniture in the background. Lift and carry to avoid scratches on the surface of the floor.
  • Avoid walking on your floors heels and keep claws trimmed to avoid scratches and dents on your hardwood.

Regular cleaning Hardwood Floors

  • Invest in a good quality broom and sweep hardwood floors daily to pick up grains of dirt to lose and dust. You can use a vacuum without a beater bar to get to the dirt between planks or in inaccessible locations.
  • Once a week, a damp mop your floors with a solution of ½ cup of white vinegar to one gallon of warm water. Be careful not to over wet the floor and dry with a soft towel as and prevent water damage. Do not damp mop every day to avoid damaging the finish on your floor.
  • For tougher jobs or further cleaning, use a Professional Cleaning timber according to manufacturer's instructions. In general this means that the application of product on and off for cleaning with a soft mop.

Hardwood floors and Don'ts

  • DO clean stains on hardwood floor with a cleaner specifically designed for hardwood floors.
  • DO buff away scratches and heel marks with a soft cloth and dry. Use floor cleaner only if necessary.
  • DO NOT was hardwood floors with a urethane finish, and choose cleansers that do not leave behind a film or residue. Products Mop-and-shine are not recommended.
  • DO clean sticky spots with a damp towel or sponge.
  • DO NOT use ammonia cleaners or oil soaps on a wood floor. They will damage the finish and it can be difficult to redo your floor when you finish in the future.
  • DO NOT use excessive water in Cleaning Hardwood floors. Wood expands when wet, the amounts so much water can cause the floor to swell, leading to cracking and splintering wood.

Deep cleaning and restoration

Is your floor dull and old? Are there stains that will not come with a gentle cleansing? Then, you may need to take more drastic measures.

  • Revive your wood floors through screening and coating. This process utilizes an abrasive screen on a polisher to abrade the polyurethane finish to date on the ground so that you can apply a new coat of urethane. If you are generally handy around the house and no large DIY projects, you can do yourself. Otherwise, hire a professional.
  • Stains that have penetrated the finish in the wood below generally require sanding and finishing. Although the process is similar to screening, it is much more involved. It will be completely remove the old finish and stain, taking the floor to bare wood that can be re-stained and repaired for a floor like new.

If you treat your hardwood floors and keep them clean with regular cleaning, you should get decades of beautiful wear them. Regular maintenance and care is the key to beautiful floors that last and last.

Housecleaning Tips : Using Vinegar to Clean Wood Floors


Floors Cleaning

May 28, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

floors cleaning

Floor Cleaning Mops

For your dust filled floors look like new tools for proper cleaning are necessary. Today, target = "_blank" title = "" floor> cleaning mops are considered to be excellent solutions for efficiently and effortlessly doing the cleaning, and these products almost ousted the traditional clothing and towels paper. They come mainly in two different forms such as mops and mops.

Effortless Cleaning Process with floor cleaning Mops

Cleaning is a tedious task for most people because it usually leads to pain and back pain. For cleaning floors, should be addressed on its knees to dry the floor, and this posture may cause adverse effects on the body. The advent of cleaning Soil mops eliminated all such worries. These fringes are provided with long handles that allow the user to work in a standing position comfortable. There are even models with adjustable handles for you to adjust the size according to your convenience.

Floor Mops dry for trapping dust particles easily

The cleaning solutions help remove even smaller particles of dust. After applying the solution, the floor can be completely offset with good target = "_blank" title = "mops and brooms"> Floor cleaning mops. To wipe solutions, mops the floor with absorbent surfaces would be choices. To easily trap dust particles, these surfaces are made of absorbent cotton, wool, micro fiber and such other materials.

Protect your floors against damage using mops

If you are at risk of ruining your floors with use regular conventional mops and strong cleaning solutions, microfiber mops switching is the best option. These are effective tools to eliminate even the smallest particles of dust all the floors. They can be used even without cleaning solutions, water alone is sufficient. mops employing steam vapor can also operate without cleaning solutions.

Floor mops cleaning are the best tools to make this style, brilliant the appearance of your floors. Approaching any wholesaler would be the best option to find the best floor mops for cleaning your applications.

Floor Care : How to Clean Finished Hardwood Floors


Cleaning Hardwood Floors Products

May 15, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning hardwood floors products

Why I use vinegar to clean hardwood floors

Many people do not even realize that you can use vinegar to clean hardwood floors. It is used for a myriad of solutions for Cleaning The House more, so I would say, â € œwhy not? â € Some of the highest quality cleaning products today is based vinegar and they are offered by Fuller Brush.

If you have a hardwood floor, you know how much beauty it adds to your home. This is the case it is well maintained. All guests you know how much you care for your home if you keep your hardwood floors spotless. But if not properly supported, they Seize Look at € ™ t all. They obviously collect tons of dust and dirt and scratches and all stripes is literally like a sore thumb. Many people with hardwood floors have spent much time, energy and money trying products until the work that Na € ™ t Some of these products will even cause your floor to look worse. So I want everyone to use vinegar to clean hardwood floors, or at least the products containing vinegar. You can shop safely, vinegar-based cleaning too.

One of the best reasons to use vinegar to clean hardwood floors because you probably already have on hand. Another reason If you donâ € ™ t have in hand, itâ € ™ s cheap. Plus, the vinegar is completely safe. It Wona € ™ floors damage t, children or animals if they get them. If you Donâ ™ € t really for the smell of vinegar right and water solutions, you can use mixtures of vinegar and vinegar-based products. Fuller Brush offers them, everything is mixed with vinegar-based cleaning. It will clean difficult stains and the dirt and dust all the days that accumulate on the hardwood floors. They are also safe for laminate flooring and finishes other mixtures. One of the main reasons why most cleaners donâ € ™ t clean effectively because they have waxes and oils which can damage and even the accumulation on the ground. (Another advantage to the vinegar mixture; your home Wona € ™ t smell like a big pickle).

One important thing to know about using vinegar to clean hardwood floors is, you should use white vinegar. It Wona € ™ t spot and it is cheaper than other types. You can use vinegar to clean hardwood floors by mixing one gallon of water hot with only a half-cup of vinegar. Use this solution instead of other solutions with the cleaning agents and water. The purchase of a these cleaners vinegar base for flooring is also economic. You can also use the vinegar solution to clean and treat mop heads. This allows your cleaning tools work best for cleaning floors.

How To Clean Your Hardwood Floors – Professional


Cleaning Pergo Floors

April 20, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning pergo floors
how Pergo floors shine?

when Cleaning Pergo Floors, they look very dull. How do I shine?

They are not ment to shine .. This "dull" finish is what he gived slip stepping on it. G

Housecleaning Tips : Cleaning Pergo Floors


Hardwood Floors Cleaning Products

April 14, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

hardwood floors cleaning products
What should I use to clean my hardwood floors with inlaid marble?

I just bought this beautiful house has floors throughout the house hardwood with beautiful inlaid marble, I do not know what I'm using do I need two different products for cleaning a wood and marble for and what is the name of the products I need?

Never under any circumstances put anything on your wood or marble, as Glo Orang, etc. etc. ONLY sweep, mop, and when there is a real need for good "MOP" floors, you can use a soft cloth (like a micrifibre MOP) sprayed with Windex. I'ma professional cleaner and I can not tell you the expense, because if you will let you touch anything that accumulates on your floors or marble wood dry. Windex is safe for everyone. If you want to be really anal about it get some Bona Commercial hardwood cleaner is what I use. Angie

Cleaning Floors : How To Clean Hardwood Floors


Cleaning Wood Floors With Vinegar

April 3, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning wood floors with vinegar
What's easier, faster way to keep wood floors clean?

I have hardwood throughout my house and my dust crazy. We do not wear our shoes in the house but the stories still seem dusty on a daily basis. I have one month to six starts crawling and I feel even more foolish for keeping the land pristine. I'm not crazy chemicals and most often I clean with vinegar / water or just hot water. What is the quickest way I can get some dust on a daily basis? What should I mop with? Product / tool? Cost is not a factor here.

Swiffer Sweeper X-LARGE and rags are 1.5 times bigger than regular Swiffer ®, so you can clean the same space in much less time. Swiffer Sweeper X-LARGE is ideal to attract and trap dirt, dust and hair on the floors of supermarkets and households. Swiffer Sweeper X-LARGE is ideal for: • Hardwood floors and larger spaces • pet hair and cages • Inside of closets and around closet shelving • The walls and baseboards Dry Cloths are ideal for: • The wood, tile or vinyl floors • under beds, tables and cabinets • Inside closets and around closet shelving • around pet areas • Under shelf appliances, electronics and plants • • The walls and baseboards ************************************** ******* ******************************************* ************************* Now I have this product as I use on my wood floor to pick up small particles, dirt, food, etc. Read more below. ***************************** ********************* ********************* ****************************************** Clean messes large and small in one powerful step. Swiffer Sweeper The new texture has a Swiffer dry sweeping cloth to trap and lock dirt and fine dust, most powerful cordless vacuum to catch larger pieces of garbage, leaves, pet hair and cereals. This is an incredible all-in-one tool for a clean you can feel. Light and compact, the new Swiffer Sweeper works great on almost any surface in your home and cleans better than a broom and shovel. In addition, it requires no vacuum bags. You can easily remove dirt, dust and particles of the see-through dirt cup with a simple pressure a button. Swiffer Sweeper gives you a clean you'll love or your money back. Guaranteed! SWIFFER SWEEPER VAC ® ® Swiffer Sweeper is ideal for: • pet hair • Wood, tile or vinyl floors • Large food items like raisins, cereal and craft supplies such as beads • Non-carpeted stairs • In appliances and furniture ———————————– ——— —————————————– ——— ————————————– They offer a money back guarantee! So if you try it and you do not like (you'll love it), you can recover your money, read below. We are committed to providing quality products to our customers. If you are not completely satisfied Swiffer WetJet our Starter Kit, Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit, Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit, Swiffer Dusters Starter Kit, Swiffer Dusters with Extendable Handle Starter Kit, Swiffer 360 ° Dusters Starter Kit or Swiffer Sweeper X-Large Starter Kit for any reason, we will give you your money

Cleaning Floors : Cleaning Wood Floors With Vinegar


Cleaning Wooden Floors

March 23, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning wooden floors
Move, which cleans hardwood floors better?

I leave my apartment, and the need to clean wood floors, this that cleans hardwood floors better? Thank you! ps. the floors were covered by a large area rugs, then cleaning them was not really a problem, until now. :)

Well, have you ever cleaned the whole time, Lordy me? Kidding Around here, I'm sure you have (hoping, hoping). Anyway I always use 50% of white vinegar and the remaining clean water, mixed, use a sponge clean mop, but do not saturate the soil. Vinegar is recommended by my wood floor installer, so … Wood does not like water. Except of a poplar, he kills for water. Rife. If waxed, I'm no help, vinegar prob remove the wax that is good if the wax is well … dirty. If polyurethaned then use the product which does not dissolve the finish, it comes in a spray bottle green and if you are in the kit (Walmart), it has its own Grand apartment "mophead" in an almost institutional size of the rectangle. Good works, washable mop thingy to take the next apt or home? It leaves a glossy clean enough. Good idea, forward and backward with the grain, the vertical boards, and it also put spray long hanging from the pocket of the apron year. However, if you are under the age of 65 you will not know what an apron. Do not worry about it. OK? Cheerio.

Housekeeping Tips and Home Cleaning Techniques : How to Clean Hard Wood Floors


Bruce Hardwood Cleaning

March 19, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

bruce hardwood cleaning

Bruce Hardwood Flooring is an industry leader

Nothing can make a room more attractive, elegant and a wooden floor Franc.

With the ability to be dressed up or down to fit the theme of a piece of hardwood is comfortable in any design. In addition, longevity, functionality and natural beauty make it a winner for those who want more than ordinary carpets can offer.

When is the best hardwood flooring oak hardwood Bruce is a leader in the industry.

Founded in 1884, Bruce is considered a leader in the solid American oak flooring because of its attention to detail and quality.

Company was one of the first to offer pre-finished floors to its clients and now offers a range of styles and colors to choose from. Natural beauty Wood is the key to the success of Bruce, especially when he is married with oak ability to retain its look and appeal for years.

When there is hardwood floors, they come with a number of advantages over the carpet. They include:

* Durability. Hardwood frank when treated properly can last a lifetime. Considering that the carpet can be destroyed with time no matter how owner a house works to keep it clean and in good condition. With hardwood, there is no need to replace the flooring a few years.

* Variety. Hardwood floors can come in a number of different styles, colors and patterns. If the fear of not finding a look pass across the hardwood is held Owner not watching, this is simply not the case.

* The environment. Hardwood floors in the natural alternative to carpeting synthetic.

* The value of the property. Hardwood tends to add real value to a house.

* Easy maintenance. It does not take a lot of wood to keep their beautiful appearance.

On the maintenance end, hardwood is actually a type of flooring easy to maintain. Unlike the tiles can chip and break, wood can be touched up to fix small scratches and cleaning is a breeze.

The benefits the carpets are numerous, but the upper part includes stain resistance, cleanability, durability and more.

To maintain hardwood floors look great, all a homeowner needs to do is:

* Vacuum, mop or sweep the floor, need. It is generally recommended once a week and is quick and easy to achieve.

* Spot clean spills and monitoring in the land where it happens. All it usually takes a dust mop, but sometimes special cleaners are needed.

* From time to time cleaning in depth will help maintain the surface appearance of the floor. It does not require specialized clean, but a mop base is the only tool necessary.

* Keep the floor in protected areas with moisture and dirt, such as entries, kitchens and so on.

A hardwood floor can make an ordinary home look simply spectacular. With a capacity to be dressed or down as much as owner wishes, some types of flooring are more versatile either. When is the best hardwood floors, Bruce is the leader.

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