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Cleaning Floors Vinegar

March 19, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning floors vinegar
Is that too much vinegar and water damage cleaning solution or porcelain tile?

I made a cleaning solution clean my windows. I could use vinegar too compared to the amount of water (like 50% vinegar 50% water) Does vinegar on floor tiles badly? What if I do AFTER mop tiles with clean water to remove excess vinegar?

Vinegar is acid, and if it will not affect your tile cement between the tiles, but will chemically, so avoider acid solution for cleaning tiles. St. Kabir

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Cleaning Laminate Floors

March 10, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning laminate floors
Cleaning laminate flooring?

Can you tell me how you please? I'm tired of trying to keep them clean. Which products are most effective and what is the best type of mop?

Laminate or laminate floor cloths spray cleaner – a sponge and not wet mop – let the cleaner do the work

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Hardwood Floors Cleaning Tips

March 3, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

hardwood floors cleaning tips

Best Tips hardwood floors care and how not to damage your floor!

Some of my best advice if you need to know how clean your hardwood floors and the best way to take care of them and not damage the process. They help you if you have hardwood floors now or plan to do so quickly, either by DIY (do it yourself) or the installation using a hardwood floor contractor.

He has not matter what type of wood you have – exotic, oak, maple, cherry, Brazilian cherry, etc., to remove surface dirt, vacuuming is the easiest and best way to start. If the pollutants are adhering to the surface, like smoke, you can remove by rubbing the surface thoroughly with a damp cloth. You can dampen the cloth with water or use commercial furniture cleaner, but be sure to test a corner of the wood with product you'll use when you do not damage it.

Commercial cleaners are usually water based. They contain generally degreasing addition cleaners. They are used for hardwood floors and wood furniture and are generally safe for people, but use gloves to protect your hands. And be careful about breathing the fumes that are emitted by the cleaners hardwood floor. Use ventilation too.

If your cleaner is oil based, it is flammable. If you choose to use the oil based cleaner, when finished, be sure to soak the rags in water and place them outside in a fireproof container, as metal, away from your house and any wooden structure.

Try not to use cleaners hardwood floor that contain silicone. The silicone will finish smooth, but you will not be able to finish the hardwood floors in the future, even if the original coating is stripped. Also cleaners lemon oil should not be used because they show fingerprints and brilliance will look dirty. But worst of all cleaning products contain usually kerosene, which hurts the most finished and exposure to it is not good for your health.

When wood furniture is exposed to ultraviolet rays of the sun, it will become damaged over time and the same is true for hardwood floors. To avoid this, you can color the windows to block out UV light to shine on the floor.

If your floors need waxing a thin layer of wax is the best. If you put on a coat that is too thick, it does not dry evenly. This leaves a finish that is uneven.

When you wax your hardwood floors, a hard, Waterproof wax is generally recommended. waterproof wax will prevent the problem white ring. If you have already placed a bucket or other container on a hardwood floor and it left a white ring, because the water moisture penetrated below the wax and it actually breaks the link with the surface of hardwood. waterproof wax will prevent to happen.

You only want to wax floors once a year or more. Make sure to apply a little wax, for an accumulation of wax complicated and difficult to remove. You want to choose a paste wax instead of liquid wax because it contains more wax.

With these tips, you'll what to do to help preserve your hardwood floors and especially what to avoid in order not to damage them. There are other tricks you can use to help protect your flooring or help you decide what floor covering to get if you already have hardwood floors or are thinking of putting hardwood floors in itself or by a contractor hardwood floor.

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Cleaning With Vinegar Hardwood Floors

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Cat has diarrhea on the hardwood?

Well, someone locked my cat in my room, so he had a little accident. I do blame. He had a lot of bloody diarrhea lately (if we fed chicken and rice for a while, now it's just diarrhea). It went on my hardwood floor, and then buried him with a couple of towels. There is crap everywhere on the floor and towels. Disgusting. So, how clean it? My mother recommended the vinegar and water for the floor (she was not sure), and water the towels in court then wash. What do you think? Thank you!

Poor Kitty! I would hose out the towels in the backyard is a good idea at first. Perhaps you could just squirt a little dish soap on them, but not much, or it will foam too. Second, wash towels in hot water and much detergent will do. I run them through the washing machine 2 times though. Cat shit smells really strong. For soil, the vinegar may be the case but because it is hard, I'm not sure what you can put on him to not ruin the wood. The real wood, I will not be much help there.

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Tile Floors Cleaning

February 7, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

tile floors cleaning
What better product to use to clean tile floors?

Our house is mostly tile. I have been using a Swiffer Wet Jet and I am beginning to think that I should use something more efficient. It seems that simply pushes the Swiffer dust or what have you this place to another. Suggestions? Thank you

depends on the type of tile – to clean the grout Greased Lightening and a brush to clean grout my kitchen floors and bathroom two floors which are ceramic tile – Pine Sol, bleach or water to clean floors, master bathroom tiles are a natural Porceliner – I use hot water and some soap (some chemicals can damage the tiles are different) depending on the type of tile – Will depend on the type of product. Vinegar is effective, but it will hurt travertine, marble, granite, etc. should look at everything that is an acid on the floor because it causes engraving – but again, it depends on the type of tile. Make sure tile floors are sealed properly – most of the time, sealing lasts about 5 years between applications. It keeps the tiles protected water Turning them and preserve them and the grout. As for what to use – generally I use a mop – a type of butterfly terry cloth for the kitchen, and a mop for the two bathrooms, the bathroom more than I usually do with a washcloth and rub on my hands and knees because of the size, but I will do my floors, on the occasion in this way.

Cleaning Floors : How to Clean Tile Floors


Laminate Floors Cleaning

February 4, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

laminate floors cleaning
What to clean laminate flooring with?

I have laminate flooring in my house, and I'm having trouble find the ideal cleaner for the floor, I mop up one day and then I see all the spots on him! Ughhh.

A major advantage that flooring Laminate flooring has over other types of flooring is how it is easy to clean. Once installed, care after flooring laminate requires very little and very simple, and if done regularly, your floor can be kept looking new for many years future. Generally speaking a simple brush over with a soft brush or a head very slightly damp mop is all that is necessary when cleaning laminate flooring. Follow this with the use of a vacuum cleaner on the edges of the room, and also around large pieces of furniture that can not be moved, and that is all that is usually required.

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Cleaning Hardwood

January 19, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning hardwood

The process of Cleaning Hardwood floors in your home

You recently installed hardwood floors in your home. The house appears now nice and clean. Now, what about the cleaning process? How to maintain the cleanliness and texture of shiny flooring throughout years? Do not worry, this article will provide all necessary information.

It will help guide you in cleaning hardwood floors Franc, which provides for use for cleaning, the frequency of soil must be cleaned and a list of the worst enemies of wood floors.

Try the following procedure in cleaning hardwood floors in your home:

* Wood floors should be swept frequently using a fine and a soft bristle brush.
* It should be vacuumed once or twice a week to remove sand and dirt down. If stripes are developing on the ground, then you can use a soft brush to the process of vacuuming.
* Do not use water on wood floors is one of the worst enemies of wood floors. You can remove wet spills ASAP, either with a wet or dry vacuum or with using a soft cloth. So, remember to thoroughly dry the floor immediately.
* You can use a dry and damp mop to clean the floor polyurethaned that excess water can seep in and damage the floor.
* In areas of traffic, then high, it is best to use carpet runners with non-skid pads on hardwood floors.
* The runners and rugs should be vacuumed frequently to prevent the filtration of dust due to the weave and scratch the wood below.
* It is advisable to avoid high heels or heavy shoes on hardwood floors because they can cause bumps on the floor.
* Some furniture or other objects should not be dragged on these floors. Instead, the furniture glide pads be used to facilitate sliding on the ground.
* Mat must be installed at each entrance to avoid tracking in dirt from the bottom of your shoes.
* Cushions Furniture should be used under chairs and table legs, cabinets, dressers or furniture to prevent scratches and rust on the floor.
* You may wax and scrub some floors periodically. Talk with the manufacturer regarding the specific treatment for your hardwood floors.
* Be sure to follow all recommendations of the manufacturer for treatment of bumps and scratches. If everything is the floor is damaged due to water, it becomes very difficult to treat.

It is always advisable to use the carpet in areas of high traffic. Spills should be found on the floor be removed immediately. droplets of water are not harmful to soil, but always ensure that sufficient water is not sitting on floor. Find out what method of cleaning and care are needed for your flooring manufacturer's specific and do the same thing home.

Cleaning Hardwood Floors