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Cleaning Your Computer Fan

April 5, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning your computer fan

Cleaning your computer equipment

Cleaning of computer equipment you

Computer affix to other electrical or electronic, are not maintenance free. Rather, it needs some cleaning equipment. This will not only give your PC Performance extremes but also prevent many unforeseen computer breakdowns,

The obvious reason is, after we use the computer for 6-12 months depending on the environment, it will be a layer of dust sitting on it. This happens even when we position our computer a clean room. The computer parts in my own house always collect a considerable amount of dust.

It would be desirable to give your computer cleaned twice a year or so. But before we do, we need to do a little preparation. First, get a piece of paper, a pen, a screwdriver, a pencil and a small can of spray that clean the metal parts of the electronic circuit.

When we are ready, unplug the computer completely and take only the case in a well ventilated area. Open the case and take note of what you will do below (this is important to help you deliver it properly).
1. Disconnect all devices from the mains. These include hard disk, floppy disk, DVD-ROM, the CPU fan and the main power plug from the main board.
2. Take the battery out of circuit.
3. Unscrew all the attached cards like Monitor, LAN, Modem, USB, audio, CCTV, if there is no (lead counsel new mothers now most of these collectively assembled on the main board), then remove carefully.
4. Use the brush to dust off all computer parts.
5. Clear bronze color stripe part of the map. Rub hard until they shine.
6. Spray clean the main board, IC chip or pins, and the needle, as the metal parts of the hard disk, floppy and DVD-ROM.
7. Spray also all the metal parts out of the main map the back of the computer case. (Do not wipe with paper or cloth, if you splash because it can cause damage to him. Just let dry).
8. Put all the cards and tighten the screw.
9. Reconnect all power lines.
10. Replace the main circuit of the battery.
11. Close the box and take to join back to the screen, keyboard and mouse.

A few words of caution:

1. If Please make sure to write the details when you unplug or unscrew things. You'll need it when you put things.
2. Do it slowly and patiently. Do not force your way through the stages of anyof.
3. You know how to reset your CMOS BIOS after delivering the car battery principal. (You can skip steps 2 and 10 if you do not. But be careful not to spray directly on the battery to prevent short-circuits)

This allows restore your computer equipment back to its original look again at the first purchased it. The performance will also improve significantly comparing it to before the cleaning was done. It will also strengthen with some modifications to the software.
How to Clean Your Computer CPU Fan!


Carpet Cleaning Business Plan

March 26, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

carpet cleaning business plan

Start a cleaning business of the House for the Holidays

Summer is the season for the House Cleaning Business. And holidays is the best time to start a cleaning business due to all customers new holiday that is available.

If you are thinking about starting your business, then you must leave the fence and start doing something about it now! Professional house cleaning is the only company that you can start now and make money immediately. Timing is everything and the best time is now!

I really charged during this time of year because there are so many exciting things in progress:

– Plans are underway

– There errands

– Parties are planned

– Relatives and friends are to strengthen ties

With all this activity led many people find it too overwhelming to keep their house in order and are actually like you, they are thinking about closing to find someone to clean their house.

But they have heard "stories" about a lot of house cleaning companies, who can they trust? Even their friends are reluctant to provide a credible reference. The horror stories about damage caused by chemicals spilled, vacuum cleaners that have burned their carpets, even the theft of their belongings.

These people are looking for dependable, professional and they have very specific criteria. You can be one of those house cleaners who meet their criteria.

But you're still sitting on the fence wondering if from your own business is the right thing to do. I'll be the first to ask "why not"?

– Are you concerned about what could go wrong?

– We will miss you a steady income?

– Your family and friends question your decision?

Only you can decide to finally go forward and take a chance. But I would not recommend you do that without knowing all the problems that exist in the construction and operation your own house cleaning business.

It is used for cleaning isolated people search. Now that the house cleaning customers have become more educated about what their options are, they want a professional service which the policy and procedures.

How do you start when you're just a lone cleaner? There are several ways to present the house so that these studies cleaning customers, you agree and give you the job. And the key to your success.

Why not start your dream business now with all companies that are outsourcing to India, China, the Philippines and the country more each month? Your work is not protected. And retirement is becoming a thing of the past. IBM has announced it will terminate their pension plan soon for all new employees. You can expect other companies to follow. Your future working for someone else has ever been more danger than now.

And if you missed the holiday season? Anytime is good to start. Since summer is the season most slow, you can start planning your house cleaning business in July and August and be ready for the new holiday season.

If want to achieve your ambitions, stop listening to everyone, and stop listening to your negative thoughts and otherwise. Start to think positively and take a calculated risk. Make sure you have covered the risk in finding and applying the best available information. There are ways to secure your success, you just have to be prepared to find and make your commitment.

Holidays customers are waiting for you, why you are still on the fence? Start your house cleaning business now, while you remember.

How to Open a Small Business : How to Open a Carpet Cleaning Business