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Commercial Car Cleaning Equipment

August 16, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

commercial car cleaning equipment
Be safe in your own kitchen "Early Show" the contribution of Katie Lee Shares pointers, Shows Gadgets Designed to help
How to Detail Your Car : Basic Car Detailing Equipment & Tips


Cleaning Keyboards

July 28, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning keyboards

Cleaning the keyboard

Computer Keyboards always get dirty easily.
After running a Computer Cleaning company for more four years, I'll show you how to clean your keyboard thoroughly.
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plush cloth.

dry cloth or duster.

appropriate cleaning fluid (isopropyl alcohol).


Then compressed air or a vacuum cleaner (optional).

First, shutdown your PC and remove the plug power, unplug the keyboard and hold the head down to release any debris from between the keys.

If you have an air tank compressed and then use it to blow up all the debris of the world and under the keys, if not, use a vacuum cleaner hose to remove it.

Now, take a cotton swab and put a few drops of cleaning fluid on it, use cotton swab to clean the sides of the keys.

After cleaning the sides of the keys to take your lint free cloth and moisten it with your cleaning fluid, remember to do Never pour any liquid directly on the PC. Give the keyboard surface property on the cloth using the fabric.

When you have finished the keyboard gives a wipe over with a dry cloth / duster, you should now have a keyboard nice and clean to clean more thoroughly, follow the guide below.

If have time and prefer to give the keyboard more deep cleaning, you can easily delete all the keys on the keyboard (recommended only for standard PC keyboards).

It is however important to take note of all the key positions so that you can re-assemble the keyboard when you're done.

The keys can be blown off using something like a screwdriver, be careful not to scratch the keys.
Repeat the process above but this time you can thouroughly clean the keyboard on the inside and individual clean the keys.
The keys pop back enough both maneuvered position.
Do not force the buttons should pop a little pressure.

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Parts Cleaning Equipment

July 21, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

parts cleaning equipment

Cleaning equipment, South Africa, Office Clean

Our offices are vulnerable to illness and disease simply because of the diverse nature of people who work there. You and I can make a concerted effort to keep our area clean desktop, but how many more are aware of the dangers of cups communal coffee and other shared elements?

The vast majority of us do not have time to take our meals and coffee breaks and on the contrary, we Chow at the front of the computer, but how many of us bothered to clean up after?

There are food for many diseases and air introduced into your work space unintentionally and some of these problems of bacteria and viruses can do you and your colleagues in a critical condition.

  • Acute nasopharyngitis or acute coryza virus, generally known as the common cold, is an unpleasant and unwelcome visitor who, without danger to life, can make life a little misery. It is a highly contagious virus that can spread around your office in minutes and is transmitted through the air by coughing and sneezing or by contact with secretions from an infected person, either directly or from contaminated surfaces. Thus, after making some calls on the Communal phone or sent a fax job at head office to the bathroom and wash your hands!
  • Poisoning Food is the current result and extremely unpleasant to improper handling, preparation or storage of food. A healthy before and during food preparation can reduce the risk of contamination from a wide variety of bacteria, viruses or parasites. Symptoms include abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea and gastroenteritis.
  • Flu is another infectious disease that affects most humans on a regular basis and symptoms are chills, muscle aches and fever. It is very contagious and can be caught through direct contact with the infected person or any other office equipment they used, including fax, printers, cutlery and crockery and office phones.
  • Another unsightly and painful viral disease that can be transmitted by direct contact with infected colleague is oral herpes. The visible symptoms are called "cold sores" and infect the face and mouth. cleanliness and hygiene in the occupied offices are known risk factors, it is best to take care when using communal glasses, cups, plates and cutlery.
  • I nfectious mononucleosis is best known as fever glandular and the viral disease is highly contagious and debilitating. Characterized by fever, sore throat and fatigue, is known to affect victim for long periods of time, sometimes up to six months. This disease, with influenza, colds and other common viruses may be transmitted to the office with impunity unless high standards of personal hygiene and office are maintained on an ongoing basis.
  • Salmonella is a bacterium that can cause serious illness in humans and many domestic animals are natural carriers. The contamination due to poor hygiene Cross, among others, can cause salmonellosis, which is a rather bad form of poisoning – Common symptoms include severe abdominal pain, in association with fever, headache, nausea and vomiting. Allow the meat, poultry or eggs in the refrigerator for a long period may increase the risk of poisoning salmomella that bacteria are more likely to proliferate in hot and humid.

These diseases are nasty some of the dangers hiding in a dirty work area, especially in a hot environment like South Africa. It is the responsibility of business owners to protect their staff by recruiting a contractor reputable cleaning equipment. Not only significant decrease absenteeism, but workers will probably be more productive in a clean, fresh and safe environment.

SafeWasher – Parts Washer Service – Parts Cleaning System – Cintas


Lcd Cleaning Windex

July 16, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

[mage lang="en|fr|en" source="flickr"]Lcd Cleaning Windex[/mage]
Can I clean the LCD my laptop with Windex, or that the damage?

Never use a wet spray directly on your monitor or LCD. The fluid could leak before you can delete it all and could harm the electronics. You should use a special LCD cleaner. They are specially designed for this work, I use "Endust for Electronics" they sell a can of pre moistened wipes. They Anti-static filter does not attract as much dust when cleaned and they are good for all electronic surfaces. Only costs about $ 5-6 a can at an electronics store, and I got mine over a year (I have 3 computers mine, wives, and work) and use it on each. Also remember to pick up a can of compressed air for cleaning, it is ideal for blowing dust and debris from areas such as keyboards, ventilation holes, and if the CPU. Hope this helps.

Computer Hardware & Accessories : How to Clean Your LCD Screens


Jet Fast Cleaning Services

June 29, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

jet fast cleaning services
Join our community! Visit for all your favorite circulars and coupons! Gathering on the Green Paper will take place from 5-10 pm June 25 in historic Old Water Tower, 914 Hillgrove Ave., Western Springs.
Kyosho Hydrojet GP Kyosho nitro powered water cooled FAST!


My Cleaning Supply Us

May 28, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

my cleaning supply us
Legal question about employers who use chemicals without safety data sheets!?

Recently, my employer (Fortune 500) had a special project for about 45 managers in the company. We were asked to clean a store from top to bottom. The company has provided us with normal cleaning chemicals used for cleaning daily (items with sheets). However, the company also supplied a product chemical known as "Goof Off, Goof Off, 1 and OFF2 Goof", which are all harsh chemicals. The company had us using this chemical, without providing gloves, masks and other safety equipment. The chemical causes irritation landfill and red skin that clears up after about a week, but I developed a dry cough and constant headaches. If you watch the Goof Off Chemicals You see, they recommend safety equipment mentioned above. What legal repercussions my business need for us to use this substance without sheets, and for not providing safety equipment?

you can always report to OSHA, but think you must go to the doctor and get these symptoms documented

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Cleaning Equipment Suppliers

May 9, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning equipment suppliers
I would like to find a supplier to produce samples of cleaning equipment for me. Ideas?

Let me begin by making some sponges and brushes for cleaning … Any help welcome!

Trty looking through the Thomas Register. There are thousands of companies listed therein. You should be able to find one for your Spunge. Good Luck.

Rotovac Carpet Cleaning Equipment Demonstration


Duct Cleaning Robots

May 1, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

duct cleaning robots

ANATROLLER ARI-100 Robotics Design


Cleaning Commercial Stoves

April 28, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning commercial stoves
What is your favorite television advertising?

Mine: The commercial scrub. Maid stove with two men sitting on stools in the kitten with her. Announcer: This is how it feels when you use Soft Scrub. 1st man: an animal rubs against soft fur face. Announcer: This is how it feels when you do not use soft scrub: the second man: Monkey short and is on the 3rd wave stool Puche off and third man. I love …

I like advertising T-Mobile, where the roommate found his girlfriend in his top 5 people and friends told him that you can not give another guy girlfriend a foot massage and you can not put it in your top 5 then the phone rings and he plays This song "Lovers Secret" and his friend was like "I should get that" Classic! I laughed soo hard!

High-Rise Window Cleaning : Cleaning High-Rise Windows: Pricing


Lcd Tv Cleaning

April 20, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

lcd tv cleaning
The best thing to use to clean the LCD TV screen?

I used a number of different products to clean my television screen, but they noticed all the leaves what looks like water marks on the screen when it is not used? What is the product give it a nice clean finish?

The spray that you get to clean your glasses … Best!

TVs & DVD Players : How to Clean a Flat Screen TV