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Cleaning Hardwood Floors Products

May 15, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning hardwood floors products

Why I use vinegar to clean hardwood floors

Many people do not even realize that you can use vinegar to clean hardwood floors. It is used for a myriad of solutions for Cleaning The House more, so I would say, â € œwhy not? â € Some of the highest quality cleaning products today is based vinegar and they are offered by Fuller Brush.

If you have a hardwood floor, you know how much beauty it adds to your home. This is the case it is well maintained. All guests you know how much you care for your home if you keep your hardwood floors spotless. But if not properly supported, they Seize Look at € ™ t all. They obviously collect tons of dust and dirt and scratches and all stripes is literally like a sore thumb. Many people with hardwood floors have spent much time, energy and money trying products until the work that Na € ™ t Some of these products will even cause your floor to look worse. So I want everyone to use vinegar to clean hardwood floors, or at least the products containing vinegar. You can shop safely, vinegar-based cleaning too.

One of the best reasons to use vinegar to clean hardwood floors because you probably already have on hand. Another reason If you donâ € ™ t have in hand, itâ € ™ s cheap. Plus, the vinegar is completely safe. It Wona € ™ floors damage t, children or animals if they get them. If you Donâ ™ € t really for the smell of vinegar right and water solutions, you can use mixtures of vinegar and vinegar-based products. Fuller Brush offers them, everything is mixed with vinegar-based cleaning. It will clean difficult stains and the dirt and dust all the days that accumulate on the hardwood floors. They are also safe for laminate flooring and finishes other mixtures. One of the main reasons why most cleaners donâ € ™ t clean effectively because they have waxes and oils which can damage and even the accumulation on the ground. (Another advantage to the vinegar mixture; your home Wona € ™ t smell like a big pickle).

One important thing to know about using vinegar to clean hardwood floors is, you should use white vinegar. It Wona € ™ t spot and it is cheaper than other types. You can use vinegar to clean hardwood floors by mixing one gallon of water hot with only a half-cup of vinegar. Use this solution instead of other solutions with the cleaning agents and water. The purchase of a these cleaners vinegar base for flooring is also economic. You can also use the vinegar solution to clean and treat mop heads. This allows your cleaning tools work best for cleaning floors.

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Hardwood Floors Cleaning Products

April 14, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

hardwood floors cleaning products
What should I use to clean my hardwood floors with inlaid marble?

I just bought this beautiful house has floors throughout the house hardwood with beautiful inlaid marble, I do not know what I'm using do I need two different products for cleaning a wood and marble for and what is the name of the products I need?

Never under any circumstances put anything on your wood or marble, as Glo Orang, etc. etc. ONLY sweep, mop, and when there is a real need for good "MOP" floors, you can use a soft cloth (like a micrifibre MOP) sprayed with Windex. I'ma professional cleaner and I can not tell you the expense, because if you will let you touch anything that accumulates on your floors or marble wood dry. Windex is safe for everyone. If you want to be really anal about it get some Bona Commercial hardwood cleaner is what I use. Angie

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Cleaning Floors Vinegar

March 19, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning floors vinegar
Is that too much vinegar and water damage cleaning solution or porcelain tile?

I made a cleaning solution clean my windows. I could use vinegar too compared to the amount of water (like 50% vinegar 50% water) Does vinegar on floor tiles badly? What if I do AFTER mop tiles with clean water to remove excess vinegar?

Vinegar is acid, and if it will not affect your tile cement between the tiles, but will chemically, so avoider acid solution for cleaning tiles. St. Kabir

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Cleaning Hardwood

January 19, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning hardwood

The process of Cleaning Hardwood floors in your home

You recently installed hardwood floors in your home. The house appears now nice and clean. Now, what about the cleaning process? How to maintain the cleanliness and texture of shiny flooring throughout years? Do not worry, this article will provide all necessary information.

It will help guide you in cleaning hardwood floors Franc, which provides for use for cleaning, the frequency of soil must be cleaned and a list of the worst enemies of wood floors.

Try the following procedure in cleaning hardwood floors in your home:

* Wood floors should be swept frequently using a fine and a soft bristle brush.
* It should be vacuumed once or twice a week to remove sand and dirt down. If stripes are developing on the ground, then you can use a soft brush to the process of vacuuming.
* Do not use water on wood floors is one of the worst enemies of wood floors. You can remove wet spills ASAP, either with a wet or dry vacuum or with using a soft cloth. So, remember to thoroughly dry the floor immediately.
* You can use a dry and damp mop to clean the floor polyurethaned that excess water can seep in and damage the floor.
* In areas of traffic, then high, it is best to use carpet runners with non-skid pads on hardwood floors.
* The runners and rugs should be vacuumed frequently to prevent the filtration of dust due to the weave and scratch the wood below.
* It is advisable to avoid high heels or heavy shoes on hardwood floors because they can cause bumps on the floor.
* Some furniture or other objects should not be dragged on these floors. Instead, the furniture glide pads be used to facilitate sliding on the ground.
* Mat must be installed at each entrance to avoid tracking in dirt from the bottom of your shoes.
* Cushions Furniture should be used under chairs and table legs, cabinets, dressers or furniture to prevent scratches and rust on the floor.
* You may wax and scrub some floors periodically. Talk with the manufacturer regarding the specific treatment for your hardwood floors.
* Be sure to follow all recommendations of the manufacturer for treatment of bumps and scratches. If everything is the floor is damaged due to water, it becomes very difficult to treat.

It is always advisable to use the carpet in areas of high traffic. Spills should be found on the floor be removed immediately. droplets of water are not harmful to soil, but always ensure that sufficient water is not sitting on floor. Find out what method of cleaning and care are needed for your flooring manufacturer's specific and do the same thing home.

Cleaning Hardwood Floors


Cleaning And Polishing Hardwood Floors

January 18, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

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What is the best Stuff 2 clean and polish hardwood floors without breaking your face when you wear socks?

I want them to continue to look shiny, but I do not want to act like I play twister or in the process

What is the best way to clean hardwood floors? If you find that your own hardwood floors always seem dull and polished … Some people also use a floor wax to add shine to the floor. …. because any deformation and breaking down the adhesive is placed on the ground with. … I'm more interested in getting the floors clean. We wear socks in the file.

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Stain Removal Hardwood Floors

March 13, 2009 by stain remover expert No Comments »

stain removal hardwood floors

Tips for Finishing Hardwood Floors

With over Chicago condo and home owners decide to remodel and improve their existing homes instead of buying a new home or condo, one project that many people decide to fight is finished floors hardwood. Not only finishing your hardwood floor to give your home a great new look, it will add value if you ever decide to copy. Hardwood floors have a beautiful finish are one of the top selling points that many potential buyers look for when shopping for a new condo.

Restoration hardwood floors in your not as complicated as you might think, although it may take a long time and a bit of hard work. There some tools and supplies you'll need much. Almost all can be rented if you do not want to have money to buy or thinking you will not need them in the future.

The basic tools you'll need are a kind of sander, which are discussed in the next section, safety glasses, dust mask or respirator, ear plugs, sandpaper, tape, cloth or plastic sheeting plastic, dyeing and plenty of rags or tack cloths.

Before you start sanding, you need to determine the thickness your wood floor. There must be at least 3 / 4 inch thick before sanding, sanding or you could too deeply and damage the floor. Retired wooden floor is normally quite thick, but some of these new materials engineered wood floor can be thinner, to check before starting to sand.

Start by emptying the room of all furniture and sweeping your floor to remove any debris that could cause scratches while sanding. Since there will be lots of dust generated by sanding, it may be wise to take any what window coverings, pictures on the walls, cover the ceiling and also put a barrier foil on all doors to other rooms to prevent dust drift. You should also strips off heating and cooling vents and electrical outlets. The trim along the edge of the track should also be carefully removed and sanded by hand. If you can open windows and even put a fan to remove dust help a lot.

You can rent a sander to most hardware stores. This tool takes some getting used to, if you've never used one before, it is wise to do a bit part in a part that is not considered easily until you get the hang of it. Always Tip sander before you turn it on. Never start while still flat on the ground. Slowly lower it and then move it back and forth right or left, never let it stay in place or will be in a pocket of deep sand and you ruin your floor. Move until you've covered the entire surface.

If your floor has a lot of scratches or need a lot of sanding, starting with 20 grit sandpaper. The decrease in grain the largest grain and the more, the more grain. If you must go up and down, and usually finish with about 120 grains. It is preferable to the edges to the end and make them by hand. Once you're done sanding, vacuum thoroughly and it is also a good idea to wipe the floor with a tack cloth board to be sure to get all the dust up

Now you're ready to make a stain on your hardwood floor. By the type of water-based or oil based stain you decide, you may need to apply more than one layer and do a light sanding between layers. Remember to read the instructions on the product before you begin. And remember that the color of the label or in the store can not be not the exact color of your floor, then try a small patch in an area that is not easily visible to ensure you are satisfied with the color. Be Make sure you have good ventilation while staining the fumes can be strong.

Once you have all the layers applied and soil is completely dry, you should probably rent a buffer to really give the work an excellent end spot. As the sander, start slow until you get the hang of using the tool. The last phase was to link any molding or trim that you removed (after This color of course) and apply a polyurethane finish. You may have to call on more than one layer with drying time between two. You can do this by hand with rags, but using a long-handled tool similar to a sponge mop will save both the back time. Read the label for the recommended drying time, but it's always a good idea to wait a day or two in particular in high humidity before moving the furniture and carpet in the room.

Refinishing your hardwood floors will add beauty and value of your condo or house. Most real estate agents in Chicago have noted that the units with hardwood floors like those mentioned in these condos to new construction target = "_blank"> selling better than houses without wood floors. It not only a great selling point that many buyers are looking for, but something that you can have fun for years to come.

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