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House Cleaning Checklist Forms

July 31, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

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House Cleaning Business Forms


House Cleaning Checklist

March 5, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

house cleaning checklist
Any advice for my open house?

I am dreading the open day, but we found a house we really want to go to, so now we desperately need to sell our house. Tips, advice or suggestions for a successful open house? I already a list of things to clean around the house. I plan to have fresh flowers in the kitchen, great room and master bedroom. I intend to have lit candles. Anything I should consider doing? I thought baking cookies, but not know if this has been exaggerated …. Also, do you think I should get a different cover for the master bedroom? I do not want to discourage anyone with a bedspread ugly or is it really important? Also, I'm not the open house, we have a real estate agent. I am dreading because I'm not sure will sell the house and I worry most people have just been curious.

That's what I tell my seller of the open house: Make sure it is clean, clean, clean. Declutter and depersonalize, you move anyway, you might as well start packing now. Fresh flowers are beautiful, but what about flowering plants instead? They will last longer and there may be subsequent projections. Candles are nice, but do not use them in the same room as your flowers. I agree with the owner, if you overdo it on the candles, it can be a bad thing. Even if I'm on the race track odors, with cookies, you will now have three competing scents, flowers, candles and cookies. Choose two. Recently, I held an open house where the owner has done a really good preparation for him. She painted a wall very up a more neutral color, get rid of some furniture in a mess room, took the wall of family photos, put up some panoramic pictures, bought a new bedroom set and curtains for a room in need. She abused the candles, so we blew one to. She had a nice table with coffee, water, cream and a few different types of sweeteners, baked muffins, and people lingered in the kitchen for a while enjoying the refreshments, we wanted, since the kitchen was a key feature of the house. The house is sold to a couple who came to the open house. Good luck with your open house, I hope it's a success.

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