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House Cleaning Music

August 3, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

house cleaning music
What is the best motivation to clean your house?

I tried music, but I miss the songs of their game, so it will cleaning.

Invite company over! It makes me busy! Seriously, I found a wonderful method and it works like a charm for me. I work in increments of 15 minutes once or twice a day. If I feel like I can keep working, but if I did not, after 15 minutes, I always allowed to leave. It seems that not be enough to keep a clean house, but the odd thing is that many time and I have a home of 3200 square feet. Some days I work a lot more, but most days I quit after 15 minutes. Since I do this every day I find that I keep with things very well … and anybody can do 15 minutes. You do not end clean up the first day, but during two months, you will be amazed … and since you can then continue to do it every day, you'll soon be working on the baseboards and cleaning cabinets and things that nobody ever seems to have time for that! I used the technique to Flylady, but I always quit because it was too hard and fast rules. ( You had to put on your shoes and makeup in the morning, clean your sink at night, to an evening routine. That is fine, but a lot of people quit. I am a behavior analyst, so I decided, hey … best how to get people to behave is to make it easy to drive. Thus, 15 minutes per day on what I feel like cleaning that day, and then if I want stop smoking, that's all. No guilt allowed. I started with a disaster of a house. I was at university, I had two teenagers and several pets, and the house was old. There was always more to do than I could do, so when Saturday came it was work all day. In graduate school you often work seven days a week it has become overwhelming to think I had to get everything done in one day so I often ignored and put my head in the sand until it was horrible. This minute plane 15 has solved this problem and works very well. Read this book: & Here's another you might like: &

Mavado – House Cleaning Offical Music Video (Kartel Diss)


House Cleaning Music Playlist

May 19, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

house cleaning music playlist
Tips for a house party !!!>>?

well im a party at my house .. especially in my basement. my parents know. and they will be from home overnight or ATLEAST till late. but they do not know that there is drinking and smoking. I want it to be fun. there will be about beer pong 20-25 people any advice before or after?? the theme music .. .. Playlist cleaning before and after? .. costs and advice on alcohol? Thank you! :)

tell everyone who will come to make money, about $ 5 per person. ahh! Raspberries wild rabid dog is the blue sky. It costs about 2.99 a bottle and its very good. then get a few of those and hide them just for you and your family. or tell everyone to bring a lot shit because of alcohol becomes expensive. cleaning before and after will be a bitch because not everyone will want to throw things. so just be ready for it. also playlist of music, just put in your iPod and plug it into the speakers. if all your friends, you'll probably even music taste. no theme! lol. part of his house. people want to get wasted.

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