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House Cleaning Virginia

May 13, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

house cleaning virginia
Can you legally break a lease when you are discharged from the army?

Ok, so my husband and I rented the last house in October we paid a deposit of $ 1,580 and we have never been late on payments. My husband has been released June 12, 2007 on the inability of the Air Force. We told our host that we wanted to move to Bristow, Virginia is approximately 60 miles from where we are today. She said OK and it would not charge us the rest of the month, but it would have to keep our deposit for breaking the lease. At the time, we assumed it was just. Then, while cleaning the things we accidentally broken a door in the basement and told him about it. She then asked if we would address them. Should she use the money they deposit is required of us to solve this problem? The question now is, if we have just fixed the door and tell him that we should be able to get our security deposit back in full ????? I do not know if my husband was legally qualified to get our full deposit back?

This will depend on the military clause in your lease, assuming you have a military clause. Many leases contain clauses military, but it is not automatic. A few States grant a right to military law, even if it is not included in the lease; NY is one of those states. With 21 years in the army, I often saw two common types. A mere 30 days notice required to break the lease without penalty. The provision of other common planned 30 days in advance and one month of a penalty. If your lease has no military clause, the owner was more than reasonable in letting you out of your deposit. You have to fix the door that you broke. It is up to the loss of the bond.

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House Cleaning Virginia Beach

February 24, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

house cleaning virginia beach
clean water is in Virginia Beach?

I live near the ocean, and houses there seems to be a price Decent.

The water is very clean – not its Mediterranean … and it is slightly more turbid than the water in the states of Southeast … just because the temperatures and things like that. Virginia Beach is an ideal place to live. I grew up there (the school of Birth high) and my parents still live there, so I always visit. The weather is nice – very nice hot summers … and pretty mild winters in general … If you are trying to live "AT" the beach … I recommend not to live in the band – the "tourist" beach …. Unless you live in a nice condo wwaaayyy or at Northend. On the expensive end, there Croatan (south beach tourism), with some pretty crazy house … I recommend more of the area Sandbridge …. less tourist-y and near many things to do … If you are not living at the beach there are areas of Nice there … but definitely look around … so that Virginia Beach is extremely low crime … There are some places that are a little shady as other …

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