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Kitchen Cleaning Chemicals

August 17, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

kitchen cleaning chemicals
Moving into a new house needs some cleaning tips?

I'm moving into a new house next month, but the interior is a little run to say the kitchen was least.The once white but is now a dark shade of yellow and the bathroom and toilet and the less said, better. How do I clean the kitchen units to get them white again and how do I get nasty stains off the bath and toilets? Would prefer a natural remedies that I am pregnant and trying to stay away from harsh chemicals, advice welcome though. This is a rented house so can not really touch the units, after leaving my nice clean house because new neighbors from hell … sigh ….. I Greece, but they sell most of the cleaning products in the UK You are all welcome for a glass of vino if you're still going Kos! I'm going take the juice, but you're all Wecome, Thanks for the good advice, will be getting someone in to clean, I want to do if my way!

Sugar soap is also known as "soap decorators, architects to use before they paint because it takes all the grease on the walls without leaving chemical residues. Use it on walls and ceilings. White (distilled) vinegar is great because its anti-bacterial and anti fungal and safe. It also dissolves grease. And baking soda is the same, it removes most stains. For both you use a teaspoon of pint, but the bicarb and hot water needs quite a drop of vinegar. I use Flash lemon on kitchen cabinets. If the tub is enamel, then the fill with hot water and add a few tablets dishwasher detergent, soak and then rinse thoroughly. He will work in the toilets as well.

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Cleaning Household Items

August 15, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning household items
What household items that you use to clean your laptop monitor?

I bought a new laptop about 5 months, and the screen becomes very dusty and dirty .. what household items can I use to clean it without damaging

Roxxi, I was a network engineer for over 15 years and only in the last few years, I began to work almost exclusively on laptops. I doubt I will ever use a computer again. I work mainly from my home office this days as a smoker and the amount of crud that ends up stuck to the most used on my laptop screen is … sickening. :) The rules: Avoid coarse fabrics and / or another type of detergents or chemicals. This means no towels PAPER! NO WINDEX! Warm water and a flat and very soft. You want the cloth damp but not dripping. Turn off the system before cleaning. Notebook screens are made from different materials made of plastic and there is no way of b course the chemical reaction that occurs between the plastic and chemicals in detergent or water so strict is the safest solution for cleaning. I suggest using drinking water filtered. Many water systems City contain chemicals like chlorine and fluorine, etc. .. I use clean water at room temperature with a piece of old cotton t-shit. all else fails refer to your user manual system of care and cleaning instructions. I hope this helps. Sorry for the caps. :)

Cleaning Household Items Haul


Household Cleaning Lists

July 29, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

household cleaning lists
find that the cleaners will clean this equipment?

Is anyboy know a site or information section on the types of products cleaning / cleaning agents to use certain types of materials … a list to talk about who cleans what. I want to find that many households liquid / powder / paste, etc., will clean certain types of surfaces around the house or apt. Thank you for your help … I spent a little time online, but havent found a "match" list of what works on this.

Heloise I refer to these tips time.I am able just figure most things from here.

Spring Cleaning List


Cleaning Wood Floors Products

July 7, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning wood floors products
What are the best products for Cleaning Hardwood floors?

What are the best products for cleaning hardwood floors? What is easier, gives them an aspect of the most beautiful etc.

Hi, I just started using a natural cleaner everything works miracles on the floors and everything else:) And it feels very good. It is called Caldrea and my sister recommended it to wait and I wanted to find some something that was not harsh chemicals that smell and effects. I just use a plug Caldrea All Purpose Cleaner mixed with water and have not even rub! I was a little resistant to try a natural cleaner, because they do not work as well as the traditional, but it all I'll use now and I love it:) Good luck:)

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Stain Removal Baking Soda

June 26, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

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Advantages of bicarbonate of soda

Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, a normal content that maintains the pH balance. Baking soda neutralizes the acids and bases, if it really eliminates odors quite than just covering them up. In the kitchen, baking soda dioxide emissions carbon when heated, which causes cookies, breads or cakes to climb. Baking soda is one of the reality of most elements towards cleaning, deodorizing, preparation, and for health care. There are several benefits to using baking soda on your skin and hair. There are many products on the market for your hair, system and zest. Baking soda has magical powers that the gain of your hair, the system and zest.

To clean the hair, make one less piece of baking soda to your shampoo and rinse. It will help remove any buildup hair. To clean your combs and brushes, soak them in a sink full of hot water, baking soda and bleach. Add a tiny amount baking soda to dry hair to help curb oil. Add baking soda to your vacuum to exfoliate, which is ideal for the rind sensitive. Baking soda can be used to store not only our homes but our bodies as easily. You can bathe babies with baking soda and water mixture. This will weaken them and facilitate their crust. Use baking soda instead of soap is a better way keep your crust natural and healthy.

Baking soda is used in many applications, then as absorb odors in the refrigerator, the kitchen sink and flooring. The use of baking soda to remove odors from shoes can cut bread with sensitive reactions new products for removing odors. Baking soda can also be used as a deodorant. When placed in the refrigerator and freezer This helps keep your fresh nutrients, and feeling better. Baking soda deodorizes and kills bacteria in your refrigerator while keeping your fresh nutrients. Baking soda has a sort of uses. It is highly recommended for a ride of your detergent washing routine. Baking soda can also be used to remove stains from clothes easily.

Baking soda is safe and effective paste form to withdraw from the Kool-Aid and juice stains kitchen counters. When washing your clothes to do some baking soda to remove stains. Bicarbonate soda deodorize your clothes so easily. If you are a victim of heartburn. Baking soda for heartburn should simply be used as a control method against ephemeral. Baking soda is really higher, in substance, sodium and can be harmful if used for the wrong reasons or larger amounts. Avoid taking baking soda if you're on prescription drugs or force more blood. Baking soda is an essential element in baking powder.

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Cleaning House Schedules

June 15, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning house schedules

Home Cleaning Services

As it usually takes two incomes to survive in the modern world, housewives are endangered. It seems that this is not the time to clean the underground economy, more and more women in the workforce. However, families expect their home to be in tip-top shape, and many times the only solution there is a problem of attracting outside, such as cleaning services. However, as the home economy of today to clean the facilities play an important role in their decision. They must know that the advance their expenses will be before they clean their houses.

It becomes very popular call pure skills at home to help us in tasks of daily cleaning of our house in order. You can have a complete program that does not give enough time for cleaning, if you stay at home mother or not. It seems that many people are consistently late or the fight with 24 hours of work an hour! As dozens of people need the services of a housekeeper, a cleaning business starting a business. Currently on the market, href = ""> <a cleaning services </ A> are also very fashionable. To date, the cleaning services are very popular business trends. When the service is exceptional, This is more business because of word of mouth estimates.

You should not have a maid of the House Cleaning Services. Many large Houses Cleaning offer various tariff plans, which can be used to provide you with cleaning different pieces to choose from. For example, if it fits your budget, you can have your house cleaned every day. This time saving ingenious for the whole family. You can enjoy the guarantee of a clean home and spend more time with his family to do what you want to do what is most profitable.

You can have a house href = ""> <A cleaning </ a> Come Clean for you once or twice a week, if you can not afford the daily cleaning of the house. This will give you time to everyday tasks such as washing dishes and laundry, and you leave the house cleaning to do great things more complicated. Depending on whether you hire to clean prices vary. You can choose a franchise that deals with cleaning services for large-scale or private companies. They can send different people your home every week to clean for you.

Always make a reference check on the person of your choice in hiring, to learn from their experiences of others who use their services. Remember that all your needs to know to clean the house from the beginning. Do not let get away with family responsibilities, they are given. Make sure they do their job!

Cleaning services can offer a pleasure to live in a clean house, and the ability and freedom to spend their time constructively. You can spend more time with your children and other family members. Remember, a maid service is not just for the rich and famous. Most cleaning services are more than willing to work with you on cleaning rooms. Thus, everyone can make full use of this service, regardless of income.

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Cleaning Bathroom

June 2, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning bathroom
CLEANING: how often do u own? What all do u have to do (how big is ur house) and how often do u bathroom

k if 1)) how many hours a week do u think u own? 2)) How big is ur house? 3)) how often do u clean the room Bathroom ((as fully clean?) 4)) and what ur r organization, cleaning tips to keep ur house looking and feeling good? Thank you for the time responses heart of one of the questions would be great! =)

Firstly, I want you to know that I am a mother at home with my 3 year old daughter. and my bf I are renovating our house so that everything is always getting dirty again. 1. i pick-up to clean the entire house every day for about 1 hour. Then each day I deep clean parts such as, mop floors, clean litter, wash windows, polish all furinture. I usually to bedroom one day, living and dining room, day, kitchen, one day, laundry room and a family of the next, and 3 bathrooms, the other day. deep cleaning takes approximately one hour. on weekends, I try to scan and clean water the patio tables and chairs lawn. 2. our house has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, lounge, dining room, kitchen, family room and laundry. I think it's about 2,300 square feet. 3. the bathroom is complete cleaned once a week, as tanks cleaned, toilets, mirrors cleaned floors. but throughout the week, I'll clean the stain sinks or toilets, if someone leaves Goobers. 4. one of the things I have learned to do is to keep the appropriate tools for cleaning each bathroom under the sink, I do not have to carry my belongings in the house. Each bathroom has clean restrooms orders, Carpet Cleaning, Windex, paper towels, etc. I also let Clorox wipes disposable in the bath for cleaning very fast like toothpaste in the sink or a dribble on the toilet. I noticed that my BF from time to time, use twoo so it is a major advantage. and each room has pledged itself wipes or cleaning in the closet. it makes life so much easy. EVERY day I do laundry. it really helps to make the house smell fresher, I think. and I want to Febreeze curtains. We have recently adopted Grandma's dog and I'm panicking because I noticed a slight odor of dog when I come in and is an animal-nemesis of mine, so I went today and pet each fragrance Walmart pet, neutralizing the air and sprinkle carpet that I could find! haha …. I guess I'm OCD! and I cut all the meters and take care of payroll BF, rent and bills, real estate and business. but I'm home all w / day my daughter and not go to 9-5 job it is totally worth all the hard work. Hope I answered all your questions! (I am somebody grateful to my daily efforts will listen because my bf thinks he should be a cakewalk) and I agree with T stephanie, trash must everyroom be collected daily and taken. you never know what you find in the trash of my daughter …. banana peels (even if it is not allowed to eat In Room) cups … some of the Supper nights. vaccuuming as I do every day and I mop the kitchen all day with the Swiffer things, but the day cooking, I get on my hands and knees and do it right. Swiffer really keeps it out of control.

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Cleaning A Dishwasher

May 24, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning a dishwasher

Make your dishes perfectly clean

Dishwasher in most households are now, they are very handy to have, because that they own with ease, and also help in reducing the burden of household labor. But for businesses, commercial dishwashers are a must, there is no way people can wash all the dishes by hand it.

I often hear complaints about the facts that, why do not clean my dishwasher and more? Well, we will seek to cover and meet some of the most common for which this occurs and things you can do to see a great improvement.

Mainly a lot of people to reduce the temperature of the dishwasher there are around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, although it may be more efficient energy, unless you have a dishwasher, ecologically, it does not need the job done well. The minimum of a dishwasher should operate at 120F and is about to effectively clean and remove bacteria dishwasher should be amended to 155F. With the continued maintenance of your dishwasher at low temperatures, you may damage the machine because it will extend its cycle time as he tries efficiently heat the water.

Another aspect that many people do not use the right type and brand of detergent. As the credit crunch Trades people are turning to cheaper alternatives to brand, which is good for certain markets, but you must make sure that you're always using the right detergent, although it may be a little expensive it is certainly useful to have clean dishes. It is possible to choose to use either or gel detergent based crystal, two of these work the same way, once you've found one that does the work for you, you should stick to mark.

Finally, an aspect that many people tend to forget it is to load the dishwasher correctly, it's a bit like a washing machine. If you overload the machine with clothes, they will probably still come out dirty, the same can be said for a dishwasher. If they are crammed with dishes they will always come out dirty, no matter what temperature you have it on.

Considering all these aspects into consideration, you must perform each task effectively to get maximum performance from your machine. If you are still experiencing difficulties, then you should immediately call a technician to solve the problem.

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Cleaning Microwave Oven Vinegar

May 22, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning microwave oven vinegar

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Now that the short winter days are almost history, the sun shines a little more. Of course, with the sun shining through the windows, it is difficult to ignore the film layer that has accumulated on them during the months most cold of the year. This can only mean one thing – it's time to do some cleaning! Here is a list of spring cleaning to help you in your home Spic and span:

1. Clutter – There is no better time than now to fight against disorder. With a little planning, this heavy task may become easier to manage.

You will need three boxes. A box should be labeled "gift". Keep a notebook within reach hand to record the items that you add them to the area. This will help you keep an inventory of these items so you can claim their donation to a charity Local, a deduction at tax time.

Label another box of "trash". These are items that are no longer useful or that they are in fairly good condition to donate. Before taking this box at the curb, be sure to remove all elements that can be recycled.

Finally have an extra box for the items you want to keep, but for one reason or another, these elements have in the room wrong. As you over an empty box by placing the items in their proper location.

After taking care of the congestion, the rest of your list should go together fairly quickly …

2. Dust – Dust your furniture. As you remove your knickknacks and collectibles, the dust and put them in a box. Once the items on your list of spring cleaning is completed, you can replace these items.

3. Windows – Take your curtains and either throw them in the wash or drop them off at the dry cleaners. Wipe your blinds and windows. Use your favorite glass cleaner or a solution of equal parts white vinegar with warm water to clean the dirt off the windows. Do not forget to clean screens by.

4. Walls – As the curtains are down, is now a good time to clean the walls. Use a damp cloth attached to a broom handle to pull down any webs spider lurking in the corners. Wipe the woodwork around the switch, and any other area where dust and fingerprints left mark. Also, make sure to wipe up any wall or ceiling light fixtures, replace bulbs that have burned.

5. The bedding and carpets – as you did with the curtains, or throw in the washing, or if necessary, place them in detergents.

6. Flooring – Coatings different soil need different care based on the recommendations of the manufacturer. For example, use a steam cleaner to shampoo your carpet and remove stains. Linoleum, tile, hardwood floors and maybe need a new coat of wax or acrylic sealant.

7. Other – Do not forget cleaning other accessories. Following the recommendations of the manufacturer, deep clean your stove, dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator. Rec Room bath, give a little more attention than usual to clean the sink, toilet, bathtub and shower.

Once everything on your list of cleaning Spring is over, the curtains can be rehung, the beds are made, and decorative accessories replaced. The only thing left to do now is to go out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather!

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Cleaning Fireplace Brick

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cleaning fireplace brick

Fireplace Maintenance : How to Clean a Brick Above a Fireplace