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Make Cleaning Your Room Fun

May 10, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

make cleaning your room fun
In the category computer tech that we have to do an infomercial …..?

In category Tech Computer, we need to do an infomercial for a product that we make up. This is completely false and just for fun. The product I came up with is like .. jet that you use to get rid of the mess. Like, if your room was in disorder, you can spray in your room and your room will be clean. I need help with ideas for the name of my product. Unable to use Clutter-Be-Gone, because it has already been taken. I just need some ideas! Thank you. We also need a slogan for our product. Does anyone have ideas for this? Thank you!

Spray Mist Away Mess-O-aerosol-It-All

Cleaning Your Room Is FUN!