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Ink Stain On Jeans

June 30, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

ink stain on jeans
How do you get black ink on your clothes?

I unknowingly left a pen in a pair of my jeans, and when I put them in the dryer, the pen exploded, leaving black marks all in the dryer. You have not really concerned about my jeans, but I had several shirts there and I need to know how to remove stains. They were not totally dry, but more importantly, is it too late? Now I have soaked in water and tides.

ewww! This will be a miracle if it works, but yes spray will help but I found the best thing to leave things like ink and grease, is not laughing now, but cleaner Spic and Span All Purpose Liquid. It is a miracle product. My friend is a diesel mechanic, and although he comes looking for a Home, as he jumped into a vat of grease axel. I used to spend hours and was on my hands and my small brushes brush trying to get that shit out of her clothes. I ran one day and I had some Spic and Span. So I put together a really bad place and nature of this cleaned with a toothbrush and washed. He left. nothing there but own shirt! Spic and Span liquid all purpose cleaner. $ 2.00 per bottle at the general meeting of the dollar. It smells good too.

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