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Ink Stain Suede

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ink stain suede

How to Clean Your Handbags

Keeping your handbags clean may seem like a next to impossible job, but it isn’t as difficult as it seems.  Occasionally cleaning and maintaining your bags will keep them looking their best and help them last longer for you.  Here are some tips for cleaning a variety of textured handbags.  If your bag has a care instruction sheet that comes with it, store it with the bag so you won’t lose it.

Before cleaning any bag, empty out the items in it and shake out any loose dirt or lint that has collected in the bottom.  For diaper bags, you would not believe the amount of cheerios that hide in the bottom of your bag.  Cleaning all the junk out of the bottom will instantly give your handbag new life.  If the lining of the bag appears securely attached and sturdy, vacuum or sweep out the interior to eliminate any remaining grime.

Now that the interior of the bag is clean, it’s time to focus on the most visible part.  A fabric purse can be dry cleaned or spot cleaned with a damp rag and gentle detergent.  Try not to rub the fabric, instead blot lightly.  If the instructions on the purse permit it, some bags can be washed on the delicate cycle in the washing machine.  Line drying is usually best with whatever method used to clean the handbag.  If your bag is made of vinyl, plastic, straw, or wood a damp, clean cloth is the easiest way to clean it.  Please try not to get your handbag too wet as it can be permanently damaged by water.  Evening bags made from silk or velvet should be professionally dry cleaned in order to clean them.

Leather or suede purses are beautiful, but can be difficult to clean.  Leather or suede cleaners are available and can have positive results if the instructions are closely followed.  A white eraser can be effective for removing ink stains (such as pen) or other common smudges and dirt.  Alcohol is never a good option for cleaning a handbag.  Common kitchen items can be wonderful cleaners, such as cornstarch for oil stains and baking soda to remove odors from your bag.  Finally, protecting your handbag from direct sunlight can help keep it from fading and looking worn.