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Iphone Cleaning App

July 5, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

iphone cleaning app
im 15 and i need help on pregnancy.?

IM 15, I have the iPhone on my calendar period, and he also told me day im high fertility and ovulation, and the night before that I suppose to ovulate my boyfriend came and I gave him head, and he came … but we have always had sex, without wiping or cleaning out the semen. Many people have told me his people a 25% chance IM pregnant and others say 90% chance im pregnant. I want to know the percent right or advice. If your here to judge me or tell me I need to have sex with my age. DONT ANSWER. Thank you <3

and in this case, your 50% chance, sometimes you feel like a magnetic shock when sperm meets egg animal clawing? highly sexed? in three weeks, you will feel the pubic bone is tight? see the veins in your chest boobs surface appeal offers? symptoms of the flu? missed period spotty? OBGYN soon see not take your alcohol drug Prego lives .. Remember you play you pay … hope that his true love … Children are gifts from God!

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