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Apple Iphone Cleaning

August 8, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

apple iphone cleaning
Does my iPhone bought recently (in the black box) makes it a refurb?

I bought an iPhone in an Apple store there are some week (April 2, 2008). The serial number, however, begins with 7W743. I understand that this means it was manufactured in week The 43rd (October) 2007. So my question is: how do I buy a new iPhone six months to an Apple store? The phone was in the black box shrinkwrapped original (not the white box refurb that I know can come) and they do not indicate that it has been renovated. It came with the most recent firmware (1.1.4). In addition, in the box, there were no instructions whatsoever, and without cleaning cloth, but I thought it was normal. Anyone have an idea? Have I made a mistake by buying a refurb, or was it really iPhone sitting around 6 months and somehow had the latest firmware put on that?

Maybe I am wrong but I will say u have been scammed bigtime firmware version 1.1.4 does not exist 6 months ago it back from where u bought!

How To: Properly Clean Your iPhone and iPod Touch


Cleaning Ipod Touch Screen Protector

May 21, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning ipod touch screen protector
how to get the air bubble of a screen protector iPod touch?

I have a Griffin Screen Care Pack, and comes with a shield and a cloth and three mircofiber I already cleaned the screen, but every time I put the screen protector on my ipod touch there are bubbles. How can I remove them?

remove it and do better next time …. …. or get a needle or a pin close and just stab / poke hole in the middle of the bubbles.

Glare-free Matte Privacy Screen Protector with Cleaning Cloth for iPod Touch 2/3 sku 30539


Plasma Screens Cleaning

April 16, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

plasma screens cleaning

Stainless steel housing LCD for food and clean room, digital display

The digital display is more than just hype; digital display has many uses to provide information to customers to provide information vital work to employees.

Its usefulness is represented by the fact that the signaling systems using LCD or plasma are used in many fields and in different extremes. They are found in many places in the industry, from dirt, grease and oil, but they are often protected LCD by enclosures.

These speakers are not only good to protect the LCD screen of the environment, but they can also protect the environment the LCD. The digital display is implemented in hospitals, clinics, facilities for manufacturing food, rooms white and theaters, the same farm.

Stainless steel is the ideal medium for such areas where it can be washed, disinfected, has natural anti-bacterial properties (It does not crevices for bacteria to trigger) and stainless steel is also non corrosive.

To ensure that peripheral seal is properly protected, LCD enclosures are often built to international standards rating. The most common index of European intellectual property and the American standard NEMA.

For a Tight Cover NEMA 4 (and NEMA 4X) and IP65 rating make sure that the envelope will be able to withstand washdown powerful jets of water without worrying about water seeping into the housing and damage the unit.

Waterproof stainless steel enclosures are ideal for LCD supply information in areas where water is not only widely used but also where cleanliness and contamination are often a factor. pregnant LCD methods are the most flexible and versatile protection of digital signage.

Computer Basics : How to Clean a Plasma Screen?


Cleaning Ipod Touch Screen Apple

March 10, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning ipod touch screen apple
Where can I buy bulk microfiber cloth like the cleaning cloth iPhones come with?

I'd like to buy microfiber cloth like Apple sends with iMac, iPod Touch, iPhone and use on my MacBook Pro between the keyboard and screen. Where can you find something this cheap?

any office supply store such as Staples, Office Max, or u can also get them at Best Buy, Circuit City, any where that sells electronics. Also, if you want the same as the one supplied with the Apple branded accessories ur, u might want to visit their website or call UOHSC them. service to see if you can order one from them, it would probably be expensive.

How to Clean Your Apple iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch, iPod Nano 6G Screen – Monster Clean Touch


Cleaning Ipod Touch Screen

March 6, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning ipod touch screen

iPod Touch 32GB

Apple's € ™ s intention behind the iPod Touch is simple â € "take the leased (And admittedly brilliant) interface on the iPhone and the design of a PMP around her. Thus was born the iPod Touch. Itâ € ™ s extremely well built and feels very solid in the hand. The screen is 3.5 inches and all the glorious menu and ease of use, its interface and clarity of screen is first class. We noticed the first generation iPod Touch has a screen with a blue tint seen the latest models have a shade yellow notice is not so bad, but the colors are not neutral and thereâ € ™ s nothing you can do about it. Being based on flash memory, transfers are slower than € Classic "a disgrace. The latest firmware (3.1.1) slows things down a bit and both catchy button € ™ s menus have got slower after this update.

The new firmware also brings a lot of nifty little additions to the camera and weâ € ™ re pleased to announce the most additions, then go a long way in improving minor experience of using of touch. The screen is excellent for movies even if the trauma associated with using iTunes to leave lasting mental scars. Color and Sharpness is very good and this is very well suited as a video PMP.

The Touch also rocks (literally!) When it comes to music. When the Classic has detailed treble, the Touch introduces a hint of sibilance on certain instruments, but it must be said that the retailer is good and at no time wheezing not really affect things, in fact, if you knew no different youâ € ™ d think that the sibilance was part of the track. There was not round at the high end and treble sounds crisp and clear. The midrange is detailed and revealed, in fact, so that the difference in votes and some instruments is immediately noticed when switching from one of Samsung and Philips players to touch. It also Trounce all models of Cowon in the high and mid range where the Cowon € ™ s off a roll in the upper midrange and doesnâ € ™ t his immediate withdrawal but rather â € "That is to say, the feeling of playing a little farther from the rest of the music.

A developer of mid-range is essential for any kind of music â € "either Rock, Pop, Blues and metal â €" the Touch works its wonder everywhere. In Where The Streets Have No Name treble remains controlled and the bass is really nice taste especially in the drum opening score. Cymbals always end up being a slightly crunchy € "there was a hint of additional control over the iPod classic in this regard. The mediums Trampled Rose Alison surreal Krauss € ™ voice sounds a rich and seductive € "the way it was intended. The voice flows like honey, but there is a note of urgency underlying â € "no unnecessary heat tone here. Its notes are more detailed and the whole tenor is clearly shown without any kind of hardness or wheezing. There is however a slight graininess in some sections of the voice. The bass in No More Tears is clean and sounds incredibly fast and detailed, unlike some of the other players that sounded muddy.

In fact, the scoring instrument had deplored the absence of a point A to the function Repeat B. But itâ € ™ s an incredible experience of music, obviously with the right headphone setup / amplifier. By Layla singing is full-bodied and abetted by fantastic guitar plucks the instrument and details of listening is memorable.

Apple has released a New Family of Touch including a 64GB version that takes care of those who need more space. The iPod Touch 32GB one featured here is the second generation that weâ € ™ re not even get their hands on the just launched, third generation. But the news is the new 64 GB version will cost no more than the old 32-A Go € "which means a great value. It has a limitation â € "Rs 25,000 to the iPod Touch 32 GB can not be considered cheap. Itâ € ™ AG Premium PMP with an interface that is unprecedented, music and the superlative quality video, the best demand

For more details on Apple iPhone 3G to log on

How to Clean your iPhone/iPod touch’s Screen (Part 1)


Ipod Touch Cleaning

February 11, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

ipod touch cleaning
Cleaning the face of my iPod Touch?

Can I damage my iPod Touch dabbing my finger on my tongue, then wipe the face of the iPod to erase fingerprints and dirt? I'll get a screen protector soon, but I just want to know if it is safe to do so, or can not touch the display liquid?

no, I did tons of times, I recommend using the black cloth that came with the key in instead of your own saliva but hey it's your iPod

Ipod Touch Cleaning


Ipod Touch Cleaning Screen

January 28, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

ipod touch cleaning screen
Can I clean my iPod touch screen with that?

Well then my father has a jet for his sunglasses to clean / shine them or that either. Can I use on my iPod Touch too? On the screen and back?

Yes I'm sure you can, I doubt that it does damage iPod, so I'm sure it's safe .. But when you do well, this is a temporary solution and fingerprints will not disappear. If it really bothers you, you do not want to constantly keep clean then I suggest you get one of these LCD screen protectors for him:] This is not a solution to the problems of fingerprints, but the screen does feel better with them .. Hope this helped!

How to clean the ipod touch screen very well


Cleaning Iphone Screens

January 14, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning iphone screens
What a good way to clean an iPod Touch iPhone screen /?

Mine is always bad …

Jump to sunglasses, glasses or a camera store and get a fabric that is used to clean these items. It will not scratch or damage the screen of your iPod Touch or iPhone.

iPod and iPhone Screen Cleaning