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Fly Baby Cleaning

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fly baby cleaning

Flying With Kids – Why you should take your car seat when you travel with children

Do you really need to take the seat car with you?

In a word, yes.


Think what States-site FAA Flight with Children ", FAA strongly urges parents and guardians for children in an appropriate restraint based weight and size. Keeping a child in a child restraint system or a device of the system during the flight is the smart thing and the right to do. "


Use the car seat your child is already comfortable with the children involved in. Flying many changes and disruptions … you can help them be as comfortable as possible by making the familiar car seat. Travel Fun = Happy Child

Yeah, but I have to buy an extra ticket

Ask yourself if you really want your child on your lap throughout the flight. Days count on an empty seat is gone. In their attempt to stay financially afloat, the airlines are eliminating routes and try maximize the number of passengers on each flight.

TIP: Ask your airline for a discounted rate when you travel with children. Many airlines now offer discounts of up to 50 percent for children under two years.

Seating Self unknown AND LEASING

If you decide to leave the child seat in the house, what will you use at your destination? Get a car seat of a rental car can be a problem. Cleanliness is often a problem

– It is difficult to know if you have the seat of the car rental agency installed and adjusted properly – Confirm, confirm, confirm your seat reservation child with the car rental agency

TIP: If you do not want to rent a child seat with a rental car or need to rent other types of baby equipment, there are many companies hire baby equipment, you can find Internet.

Another possibility

Some of you have heard of concerns: aviation system child restraint. It is the harness never approved by the FAA. It weighs about a pound and is essentially a small harness that uses the child while in the seat the aircraft (not to be confused with the withholding of tower type of harness is not recommended by the FAA). CARES is a good product, but … your child will still need their own airplane seat and one seat for the driver to arrive. Some parents take CARES board for the seat of the plane verify that the car seat baggage. But that still requires carrying the seat at the airport and put in some type of protective bag / case to keep it clean and intact. I much prefer having my children in their own car seats to see the plan, especially more than I have to buy the CARES and a protective bag for the control of the seat as luggage.

Use a carrier SEAT

My preferred method for taking the car seat when traveling with children is to use a backpack-style car seat support.

Fly Birdie Fly!


Printable House Cleaning Lists

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printable house cleaning lists

Parenting Questions and Answers

Does anyone else think this section went down the tubes?
As cheesy as it sounds, this section should be applied full of laughter, friendship, jokes, tips and vertical … What happened? Trolls and cranky took over and the people deeply fun getting enough of it and left. I'm pretty new to this whole entry, but there some nights when …

Does anyone enjoy "Distributel phone home" and Internet service?
I saw a flyer today and I was wondering if anyone has this service and how is it? What do you think of this? Ps I ask here because I know that many of you moms donate good answers and I wonder if you have it. Yes, I …

Nobody enjoyed the first pediatric hand wisdom about time?
Have you or your brother or your child has a pediatric stroke? Please answer these questions for me: to be the child's age at the time of the stroke? What was the cause of stroke? How long has it been a stroke? How long did recovery take? Do they suffer …

No one have suggestions?
My husband had a vasectomy 9Yrs. ago and we had reversed Jan.08 We try for a year in a half. I'm about to be 27. Our urologist told us to keep reporting every two days around ovulation in which we have ruined to comply mainly in British Columbia, I do not think it would have much impact British Columbia …

Nobody not find the word "delay" unpleasant?
Personally, I do. Reason is that I learned, engage and I'm still here and Children with disabilities (deafness associated with a deficiency second). I understand that it does not offend everyone, but some. This response I get the show: "I will tell every time I chose delayed as Im not …

Does anyone here can young teenagers heart / children to keep children in their child (ren)?
I often see questions from 11, 12, 13 years young people asking if we keep letting them, and most parents (like me) here tend to not speak due to his age. However, I know parents out there exist that employ children this young, children often ask the question say they already do …

Does anyone take a cool mist humidifier crane?
I think having a cool-mist humidifier for my baby's Crane Room, has anyone one of these? I was thinking of doing the Thomas model train or an animal … Thank you! I have two of these animals (frog and cow). They work well, but tanks can be difficult to …

Nobody has any designs for my website mom.?
I have a website. and I want it to be really clever for mothers. I like to get feedback and ideas of others. Do a search on here for Frequently asked questions like why the habit when my baby my baby …

Does anyone take to Business side of this shit or am I making more it is actually better?
So my husband and I do not have a big wedding … we actually barely hanging on a chain .. (Which he did in the past) … anyway, tomorrow is the third anniversary Juliana and my husband a while ago called to tell me her mother has more …

Is this person an inevitable baby-sitter?
Its good that you want to work and earn your own money. But you will not find a job through the responses Y Clean small errors in the language, and send a "question" an ad in your local thesis. Do not let your parents read the first announcement. It will cost a few dollars to put …

Is Does anyone know a song all about the butterflies that would be appropriate to play at the funeral of a child?
"Butterfly" Mariah Carey This is religious – if appropriate – Lyrics – … To listen – * Note – this is hard enough, if you select speakers a bit … *

Nobody knows anything give or take a few bites?
My legs 18 months old son are covered in huge bites. Some crusts are more and some are filled with puss. Most bites are real about the size of a ten and they have a red spot around them on the size of a half dollar. Me and a few other parents …

Is anyone knows how to challenge fatigue?
I have two little under 2 and am finding myself more and more tired every day anyone advice to fight against it and find more energy. suggestions would help caffiene Well, sleep aid. Unfortunately, you probably will not find much of this trend. I do not think at hand is …

Does anyone know how to find children about development and parenting classes?
Your local family services should offer courses or not, who does. You can check with colleges as suggested, they have a large number of EC classes. You may also contact Head Start and ask questions about CDA (Child Development Associate) credential, they …

Does anyone know if they enjoy the Street Sesame spine in the 80's on DVD?
I want my son to be able to watch the same I grew up side, and I think it would be nice to see them together. Did they even the brand? Yes, they do .. we bought my children a season of Sesame Street …

Does anyone know about subsidized daycare contained Peel?
I need to get and child care can not pay the full price of child care. Does anyone know how long to keep them on the list is to grant in the skin? It is also here an income limit that you need to receive the grant and, if so anyone know how much it is? Thank you …

Is anyone know of any standing different layers and potty training video on the model?
Changing diapers is very close to an instinct kittens instinctively know how to use the litter box. You do not need instructions. No, I do not know why there would … the only "market" I think it is like …

Does anyone know the exact site of Megan's Law?
I was able to obtain this month a ago, it is a site where the address you enter on the land your home and registered sex offenders live in your area come. All I can find very soon the site that you are paying for it. I need the site of real politics. Thank you. …

Is Does anyone know what I can do for my son to walk?
I'll try Aquaphor. Good luck, those few feet scary! I vomited a little in my mouth! The scary thing is clearly true on somebody! How about using a grinder or a sander to remove industrial scales. Soak the baby for about a week in hot water …

Does anyone know where on earth I can find a house that requires a babysitter?
I love children and have children in step 3 of my own I want a job as custodian anyone know a site where I can sign this one? or you can try your local craigslist. Go to your local welfare …

Does anyone know where on earth can I find the moon / sun sets you surrounded your children's rooms.?
He goes on to let them know when he is allowed to wake up. I read about it in magazine parents, but can not find it now? That sounds impressive! I want to know if you find somewhere! Thank you amazon ebay google …

Is anyone knows where on earth I can get one of these? Screwball Cherry (ice cream next to the gum bottom)!?
I want one so bad I can not even think straight. I'll be stopping at every gas station and I have not found yet and I know that Bi-Lo does not wear them. Im sure one of you moms colleagues see them somewhere! …

Nobody has a lip-smacking pork chop recipe shake the long side of my carrot? … Dude develop a set. Cooking is a job womans.

Does anyone own access to a printable kilo to pounds conversion table?
I want to have one in my clinic, so when I weigh babies in kilos, parents can have a look at the list to convert pounds (to tell all grandmothers), while I write my efforts. I HAVE googled for an hour without success, so please do let me know …

Does anyone with no codes Ty Beanie earlier time Mcdonalds breakfast glad they mail me?? My son ..? 10pt?
my son loves them and wants more. If you do not want the code to play the game, please email me at: Thank :) If Please send to my e-mail because someone has posted one and someone stole it .. lol. …

Is use any force CHIP insurance for their child?
I will take a new job with a small company that does not provide insurance, so we will buy ourselves. The only problem is that my 2 year old son was not long before a diagnosis of epilepsy, and no one cover (or the cost a ton.) So, we plan to put …

Is this becoming a brand name as a parent, you feel that you Lost like the quantity of your identity?
In my psychology class, we talked about creating a huge change of identity parenting for most women, especially those who love left behind him a career, friends, and a paycheck. Have you become a parent brass vision life? No, I never abandoned my friends, I still …

Is this your rivals call on Y! A truly all honorable?
I learned the hard way in the past, but if you call that just cause drama, then the ratio of people happy. Why bother after adjectives? If you know the person who is a cigarette butt is just irrational, therefore, why not just ignore them? Or Kill 'Em near …

Is developed adult supervision that pilferage?
must be sober? Yes. Yes Indeed, if the adult is not sober, he / Is contained in no place to oversee anything. His state of mind is distorted. What happens if my child got into some chemicals and has collapsed … Could you be driving drunk him to the hospital? Could you tell them …

Is drug use on the mother song cause autism?
No, the only link that has scientifically proven drug use and maternal TROLLISM. Well, my son is autistic and I can assure you that I have never done drugs! I'm not a deliberate really knows what causes autism. Source (s): peace

More Parenting issues please visit:

Carpet Care-DIY


How To Make Cleaning Easier

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how to make cleaning easier

Using Roomba Robotic Floorvac for Easy Cleaning

Like any household chore, vacuuming is something that has not really give us a thrill when we realize that, once again it is time to start Cleaning The House a bit. Besides taking a lot of our time, household chores such as vacuum is something that can really bore the hell out of you. For this reason, the company iRobot has created its internal robotic marvel, the Roomba robotic Floorvac. With this clever device, it is absolutely not necessary for you to worry about the dust bunny collection under your couch or in your carpet, because as long as you have the Roomba robotic Floorvac, you are assured that you will always immaculately clean house.

The Roomba robotic Floorvac currently operates on rechargeable batteries, you must also worry not spend much to maintain in working order, the Roomba Robotic Floorvac models, apart from having rechargeable batteries, also the auto-reload "feature that makes these Roomba Robotic Floorvac more effective and convenient for your personal use.
When it comes to his work, the Roomba robotic needs Floorvac not supervision as he slides his way around your home with great ease, equipped with sensors that will guide him through as he prowls around your house – do not fall on the stairs or a lump in your furniture, the Roomba robotic Floorvac make sure it cleans all the nooks and crannies that can find. With the Roomba robotic Floorvac, you are sure to be able to relax, enjoy your time in the house or attend to more important things this robot was really done wonders for your comfort when it comes to keeping the house. If this is not enough to make you believe that buying a Roomba Robotic Floorvac for yourself, well, did you know that after the end of a task, it will leave a ringing tone that is finished with the work automatically turns itself off! Nothing like vacuuming effective and safe?

You might start thinking, " which cost me a lot, will not it? Roomba Robotic Floorvac models but are actually very affordable and well worth your investment. It is very dangerous to use the Roomba robotic Floorvac, even if you have children around the house, the robot vacuum cleaner is certainly changing the way most people live today with its many ingenious and comfort can only lead to better things to come, more and more of Improvements are underway on the Roomba Floorvac and its many accessories available.

There are actually four models now available Roomba robotic Floorvac in the market today as well as an assortment of accessories that will help support make your life better with your Roomba Floorvac robotics. Accessories that will help you get better mileage when it comes to getting the most out of your best companion for your vacuum cleaner Daily household.

A brief overview of the Roomba robotic models currently available Floorvac today: * The Red Roomba – a good entry level Roomba Robotic Floorvac model that will help you with your basic needs of the vacuum.

* The Roomba Discovery – one of the high-end Roomba Floorvac robotic models, this baby is more feature rich than those mentioned above, with its self-loading feature, you must worry not for your Roomba robotic batteries Floorvac never unload on you. Perfect for the busy, even people distracted.

* Discovery Roomba SE – a big improvement on the existing model Roomba Discovery feature has been added to it is its ability to wall mount in which Roomba Floorvac ingenious robot will be capable of security itself Tuck far away during loading so as not to be stepped on – all Just how out of everyone.

* The Roomba Scheduler – perfect for those who are willing to invest more on a good model Roomba robotic Floorvac for his many "for-your-convenience" features like the ability to program your Roomba robotic Floorvac specific times and the dates you want to have it will work.

Make $100 – $200 Per Day Doing Easy Office Cleaning


Easy Cleaning Routine

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easy cleaning routine

Berber Carpet Cleaning – Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for Berber carpets

Berber carpet flooring is very versatile for home, it is fashionable and practical. When people are choosing flooring, you will find that the carpet is chosen more than half the time. There are texture and color and gives you unlimited possibilities of decorating a room. When Decorating with carpet you get a feeling of warmth and comfort to beautify your house.

Berber carpet is a very popular mats available to decorate your home today. Berber is not a type of carpet, but it is a carpet consisting of small, dense small loops. These loops are crowded together and woven into parallel lines. They can withstand a lot of traffic on foot and you do not see the imprint and the wear patterns. The main reason to choose the Berber is because is easy to maintain and can be very beautiful for many years.

The best way to keep your Berber carpet is nice to have a is regular Cleaning Schedule. By vacuuming regularly and often dirt is not likely to grind the tissue. If your vacuum cleaner has a beater bar does not empty on any snags in the carpet in bulk. If you have animals that have sharp fingernails or children who have sharp objects may cause in your draws Berber carpet. Also remove the spots appear is the best way to maintain the beauty of your Berber carpet.

You can stop the damage that may cause the dirt from your carpet by removing your shoes at the door. You get the dirt and grime, oil, mud and other sticky substances on your track shoes and get on the carpet. This leaves dark lanes in areas with heavy traffic. These channels can be difficult to remove and removing your shoes at the door can be prevented.

Berber carpet is made with different fiber types and each type requires a different method for cleaning. Berber The most common situations that many difficult cleaning is made of olefin. The best way to clean this type of cleaning Steam is Berber. The biggest problem with an olefin, is that it fades after cleaning. Also dragging furniture on olefins will develop brands that can not be removed. Any oil stains adheres with an olefin and can not be removed. The only way the carpets Berber olefins will clean air is to use a cleaning solution that has a pH that is higher. The disadvantage is that the carpet is dirty faster.

When you choose berber carpet nylon gives you the elegance that does not come with price tag of wool. Nylon will stand stain and a lot of traffic up olefins. Because nylon resists stains and mildew better than other tissues. One of the best features nylon Berber is that it is resistant to crush. It is ideal for areas that receive a large amount of foot traffic. Best method to clean a Berber carpet is nylon carpet with a low moisture cleaning methods. It will get better results and carpets are dry very quickly.

If you decide to buy wool berber carpet, you'll be delighted with the performance. Wool is a occurring natural quality that makes it resistant to stains and wear resistant. These qualities are not found in synthetic carpets. When clean Berber carpet made of wool you need to clean with a dry foam method of cleaning, but you'll be thrilled by the results.

With Berber carpet, you have many choices and developing a good cleaning routine, you can enjoy the benefits for many years future.

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Cleaning Tv Shows

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cleaning tv shows

The best products and tips for cleaning up spills

Clean up spills around the house can be one of the most frustrating aspects of home maintenance. No matter what the point is that stained your floor, your first concern is to prevent become a stain. There are many myths, rumors and supposed panacea "perfect" advice when it comes to preventing a spill becoming a stain, but if you want results, there are some guidelines that provide a perfect place to start. Ignore the rumors, debunk the myths and resist the panacea, because they can not let you down. Start with the basics, and you should have no problem taking care of the tide.

Let at the beginning, avoid panicking. Yes, you have some time before the stain sets, but if you rush and eventually implement the tactics wrong, may set the stain permanently. Take a few seconds to get your bearings on the situation and decide the best course of action. A common mistake that is in the race for a spot with hot water, chemicals, heated or any other type of heated material. Do not use these things if you do not know no doubt that you remove the stain requires heat. For most stains, an increase of thermal energy causes the liquid to be defined. It can sometimes make the stain permanent. Thus, for most tasks, appointments with cold water. Cold water can prevent the stain from setting, which can do equally well in cleaning up the mess.

There are some other important general rules. Do not use liquid to clean a dry substance. Adding water to the driest of the substances will grow, and can deepen the stain. Imagine if your child spills some instant powder drink on the floor. With a spoon, coupled with a dull knife will allow Easy Cleaning. Seizing a damp, can infuse the powder with the liquid from spreading stain. It can work with any dry material, so be careful when cleaning powders, ash and other dry spills.

A pretty obvious tip, but you can not think, is that you should avoid using color towels, rags, etc. When you clean a stain. Avoid cleaning implements with dyes at any price. The dye is very easy to run when are used to remove a stain, and at the end, the task can become much worse than the original.

Beyond this, most ends up into the category of common sense. Make sure you recognize this type of fabric is being colored. Do not treat the stain with detergent could damage the equipment. If the fabric is dry clean only, then do not use water to remove the stain. This can help prevent the liquid from seeping more in the tissue, and can save you work later. Obviously, you can not do with certain elements, such as carpet, and you should exercise discretion.

When it comes to quality products for the cleaning task, you're lucky. Most detergents and modern cleaners work very well. The combination of chemicals works well for almost any type of defect, and can eliminate the most basic tasks. When the spots are too deep for cleaners base, you still have some options. One of the best options is a product called Shamwow.

Shamwow is the trade name of a product line with a radius like fabric with a patented method that allows weaving cloth to absorb more twenty times its own weight. This means that a large Shamwow towel that weighs one pound can contain twenty pounds of fluid. This tissue does not use dyes, and do not leak not. Instead, they suck up all the liquid from a spot and prevent the spill from entering through the fabric surface. The Shamwow can be cut to any job, it can be machine washed after being used and it is also extremely. The Shamwow comes with a warranty of ten years. The products are based on Shamwow have been known to last as long as twenty years before the fall of another. If you spill on a floor tile great and you do not want to go down on hands and knees with a towel, then invest in the Shamwow Mop. This device combines technology with comfort Shamwow a mop to give you the perfect cleaning device.

The discharge does not be a source of ruin for furniture, floors or carpets more. By combining the right techniques and the best products can give you success in cleaning the you never had before. The next time you have a spill, consider these tips and you can re-floor look like new.

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House Cleaning Music

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house cleaning music
What is the best motivation to clean your house?

I tried music, but I miss the songs of their game, so it will cleaning.

Invite company over! It makes me busy! Seriously, I found a wonderful method and it works like a charm for me. I work in increments of 15 minutes once or twice a day. If I feel like I can keep working, but if I did not, after 15 minutes, I always allowed to leave. It seems that not be enough to keep a clean house, but the odd thing is that many time and I have a home of 3200 square feet. Some days I work a lot more, but most days I quit after 15 minutes. Since I do this every day I find that I keep with things very well … and anybody can do 15 minutes. You do not end clean up the first day, but during two months, you will be amazed … and since you can then continue to do it every day, you'll soon be working on the baseboards and cleaning cabinets and things that nobody ever seems to have time for that! I used the technique to Flylady, but I always quit because it was too hard and fast rules. ( You had to put on your shoes and makeup in the morning, clean your sink at night, to an evening routine. That is fine, but a lot of people quit. I am a behavior analyst, so I decided, hey … best how to get people to behave is to make it easy to drive. Thus, 15 minutes per day on what I feel like cleaning that day, and then if I want stop smoking, that's all. No guilt allowed. I started with a disaster of a house. I was at university, I had two teenagers and several pets, and the house was old. There was always more to do than I could do, so when Saturday came it was work all day. In graduate school you often work seven days a week it has become overwhelming to think I had to get everything done in one day so I often ignored and put my head in the sand until it was horrible. This minute plane 15 has solved this problem and works very well. Read this book: & Here's another you might like: &

Mavado – House Cleaning Offical Music Video (Kartel Diss)


Professional Home Cleaning Tips

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professional home cleaning tips
GRIME FIGHTERS cleaning products that we love: When you can not hire a maid, try these small wonders. In a perfect world, there would not hand basin.
House Cleaning Tips & Advice : Home Laundry Tips


Daily Household Cleaning Schedule

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daily household cleaning schedule

Commercial Cleaning Service

When you submit your work space and office to potential customers or potential customers, do you they see a dirty, unkempt, stains on walls, dusty surfaces, the kitchen in disarray, blotchy carpets, and tough spills coffee on the conference table? It might work for you and your employees, but you can scare away customers. And, of course, there is not much employees who have suffered this kind of work environment dysfunctional long before approaching the human resources or management about the problem.

A professional Commercial Cleaning Services can take the chore of cleaning heavy desk. All employees and management tasks, or have no time to do so, and all the hard work that not in their job descriptions, janitorial work, you can choose to submit to experienced professionals cleaning.

Apart from the dirt toll aesthetic takes office, there are tangible health risks of working in a dirty environment. Think the accumulation of germs employees are exposed to every day. Streptococcus, rhinovirus, staphylococci, E. coli, influenza, salmonella, and germs cold. They come from a customer who sneezes, sick baby to a client, from the kitchen faucet and leftover meals, door handles, the bottom of a handbag, desk phones and sink.

Hiring commercial cleaners will not only clean up your desktop and remove stains long, it will reinforce a healthy atmosphere. And it could also send the message that you are an employer who cares about making the environment Working as welcoming as the family environment. Clean, comfortable, attractive, friendly, and healthy.

Commercial cleaning services are not only a Household Cleaning Products. They have access to quality hospital disinfectants and chemicals and machinery to thoroughly clean the carpet of the office, and waxing tile floors.

Here's a short list of services offered and locations covered by a commercial cleaning company:

Bathrooms Trash collection and processing of recyclable materials, stairs and elevators, sweeping, cleaning, polishing floors, disinfecting door handles and microwaves, refrigerators, air-conditioning vents, windows and blinds, replacing light bulbs, washing lighting, baseboards, Carpet Cleaning and (to get rid of allergens).

The list is long, because the cleaning service business can adapt work to the needs of the Office. Inquire on a custom schedule based on daily, weekly, or monthly cleanings. The company may be able to offer you a free quote, too.

Generally, commercial cleaning companies have loads of $ 250 per month (a basic charge for more than a minimum service) $ 877 for a three days per week, $ 599 per week for cleaning two days a week and $ 375 per month for cleaning one day a week. (Keep in mind that these are all rough estimates. You must first speak with your provider about commercial cleaning their rights and royalties. The above prices are approximate indications.)

Who should hire a commercial cleaning service?

Offices sees often when customers or employees working for the majority of the day will think of these services. For the sake of having a functional environment and clean, and protect the health of employees, it is wise to examine how office space can be better maintained.

Places that see frequent visitors, as dental, medical and hospital waiting rooms should reflect those services. A clean environment is not only visitors feel welcome. It helps them feel secure, too, and convinced that they came to the clinic or medical center that the values of healthy choices and cleanliness.

sandwiches and ice cream parlors face presentation also. A patron walks in and wants to order food. But few People feel comfortable ordering food in a dirty, stained cons. Few people prefer to have a slice of pizza in a booth adjacent to a stained wall splash of soda. And very few customers would return to an eating establishment where they considered the installation of room unsightly and odorous bath.

What are the advantages and disadvantages to this?

The effects of hiring A Cleaning Service Trade can impress customers, clients feel in many respects, treated and important (and they are important). own work environments also improve morale, which could boost the productivity and efficiency.

In addition, a cleaning service takes care of all the parties stony maintain a clean and tidy, leaving employees to focus only on their work.

And then think what really needs to be cleaned, and if employees can not here and there to do the job. Sometimes sink full of dirty dishes do not require Professional Cleaning. Everything he needs is for employees to wash the dishes after lunch and put them in a dishwasher themselves. A bit of individual effort can go a long way together.

Here is the bottom line with commercial cleaning:

There are health and beauty benefits for cleaning, washing, disinfection and business establishment. A commercial cleaning service to all equipment and know-how to do the job. Bathrooms handles door, the pros take care of every detail.

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Cleaning The House Tips

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cleaning the house tips
In the program "How Clean is your house? Are there any tips to clean the walls?

My white walls are very dirty – I do not want to repaint - just get the dirt. Aggie and Kim has never found a recipe?

do not know Kim and Aggie, but I've got cream walls and 2 children, but have you Clear away the attempt, Wilkinson's or Woolworth's white sponge that you just rinse under the tap, then wash the walls of his brilliant removes even Biro felt pen and the wall, you can use it on painted walls or wallpaper, it is really amazing

House Cleaning Tips & Advice : Refrigerator Cleaning Tips


Top Cleaning Gadgets

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top cleaning gadgets
Test Kitchen Aid Training wheels for cooks.
self cleaning toilet gadget buy on ebay! guaranteed business