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Fun Cleaning Tips

July 5, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

fun cleaning tips

Three Carpet Cleaning tips to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet

How many times have you checked out old carpet area because it was If you dirty it was impossible to clean? Living in a home with dirty rugs is not funny at all. After all, you have to walk on the carpet day after day. And in many cases, you will also be sleeping, sitting and playing on the surface. For this reason, the cleaning of carpets should be very important for you. If you do not take the time to keep your carpet clean, you will not like how they get as soon as possible. There is a very good chance you've been in a house that has dirty carpets. Instead of letting this happen to you, take the time to keep them clean. This does not mean you have to spend hours weekly washing and cleaning, but you should at least be careful while doing a little maintenance from time to time.

Here are three tips carpet cleaning you may want to keep in mind. If you already have carpet clean, you may be surprised to discover that they can help you more. And of course, if you're in a house with dirty carpets, you'll be able to use these tips to make a huge transformation.

1. In most cases, you should be able to manage the carpet cleaning process on your own. But before you think that the use of a little water will do the job, think again. In most cases, the carpets are dirty because they have foreign substances deep into the soil fibers. If you get dirt in depth, you must make sure that you take the time to use a carpet cleaning solution. There are many products available at hardware and grocery stores, then you should be able to find something that does the job.

2. If you're not going to be measure to save your carpet yourself, it's time to call a professional. There are many carpet cleaning franchises that can be used as well as individuals who own businesses that focus on this area. Spoil yourself and your carpet professionally cleaned if they need it. You may have to pay for this service but you will certainly benefit when the work is done.

3. Many people prefer to do their own work, but not equipment to do the job well done. If you agree, why not look into renting a carpet washer? You can rent one of these for a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional. In return, you can get the same results with nothing more than a little sweat and hard work on your part.

These three tips should help you to keep your rug in much better shape. No matter how your carpets are, it is safe to say that a good cleaning will go a long way to make a better appearance.

fun while cleaning tips


Cleaning Business Templates

July 4, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning business templates
Avery business cards?!?

Ten to one I Avery Business Card Clean Edge model sheet I have an HP Photosmart 8750. I downloaded the template from the Avery website, and my business cards are still off. They get cut. They are not aligned at all. How Can I solve this problem?

I have the same problem and have never been able to fix it for 3 years! Good luck though!

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House Cleaning Business Checklist

July 3, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

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I have a house cleaning business, trying to make a list of things to clean … AND …. HELP?

For every house people, there sooo many things I need to ad to the list .. I can not make a checklist of general, because each house is very different ideas … ways to make it easier? Thank you!

Bathroom Sink cleaned, disinfected and rinsed bath and / or shower tiles cleaned, disinfected and rinsed Chrome fixtures shined and cleaned toilet base, rim, inside and outside disinfected and wiped Vanity top cleaned and items organized and put away the towels changed Mirrors cleaned Window sills wiped Trash emptied Baseboards dusted and / or deleted empty and dry soil and MOP Spot wipe walls and switch plates kitchen counters and backsplash cleaned Cabinet fronts washed and dried the wells cleaned and disinfected Floor vacuumed and mopped and dried outside of appliances (oven, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, stove) Small appliances wiped Window sills cleaned baseboards dusted or wiped Spot wipe walls and switch plates Trash emptied Dishes washed Wash or dust table and chairs Bedrooms Carpets vacuumed Beds made Linens changed All areas dusted – on top, front and bottom frames dusted Mirrors cleaned Window sills cleaned Spot wipe walls and switch plates Trash empty plates cleared and dusted Lampshade dusted other living spaces, hallways and stairways All areas dusted with a vacuum Furniture hardwood or tile wet mopped and dried under vacuum carpet Baseboard dusted and cobwebs removed Window sills Spot wipe wipe walls and switch plates cleaned glass tables Frames Lampshade dusted dusted Wipe all doors and door handles Clean Inside Clean ceiling fans and lighting fire Walking the dog



Living Room Cleaning Tips

July 2, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

living room cleaning tips
My dirty house makes me crazy?

I can not keep my house clean for some reason. When I clean my room after nine months behind and all Pulles OUT. I can not get my husband to take out the trash (the chore that I make him do it) or watch the baby so I can clean the house. So I finished by cleaning the whole house at like 3 am and then before I wake the next morning, they messed up. tips or advice?

Lol sorry for what my mother cried every day. Keep everything out of reach. Make your husband do something. Do not do everything yourself. Do you expect your house is clean, you have a family now.

House Cleaning Tips & Advice : Tips for Organizing the Living Room


House Cleaning Plan

June 30, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

house cleaning plan

income start business Cleaning House and save a lot

House Cleaning Services are increasingly in demand these days by the owners who find themselves short of time to maintain their homes effectively because of busy, busy schedules. Increasingly, people are looking for business professionals hire cleaning service to clean their houses. With this increase in demand for Residential Cleaning, there are more opportunities for entrepreneurs to take advantage of the increased demand to start home cleaning businesses, the U.S. and elsewhere in the modern industrialized world. If you are thinking about starting House Cleaning Business, is now a good time to do so.

You will not need formal qualifications if you want to start a business cleaning house. You will however need to address the problem of starting a residential cleaning business seriously. Although there no special certification is required, starting a business cleaning service, it will be several stages, such as writing a business plan, and make a number of market research before embarking on running your cleaning business.

There are certain steps that must be followed by a person who is considering starting a business cleaning house. The first step is to develop a good house cleaning business plan, helping to establish an appropriate direction for Cleaning The House and also helps in proper management of the company.

Another critical step is to obtain insurance for your new house cleaning business. You need obtain general liability insurance, accident insurance for your employees and a link that will help protect you if one of your employees behave inappropriately at the location of a client – for example, something negligently damage, or steal something the customer. Well that these incidents are rare, you'll need to protect yourself in case something like this happens. These are important things to consider when starting a house cleaning business.

The owner of a cleaning company should establish proof of insurance certificates, which show that the company is insured and bonded. This gives you an advantage of amateurs, and cleaners to clean causal offer for people but are not provided and / or servitude. homeowner wants to feel comfortable in that it uses, and allowing access to his house. It is important to build and create confidence among customers and prospects. This makes your house cleaning company attractive to people, providing confidence that are covered in case of accident.

In addition to having copies of your certificates of insurance to show to customers, it is important for building and the burnishing your image in other ways as well. Find a good, attractive logo designed for your cleaning service, and if you are going to provide cars your daughters, have created a beautiful design for cars. You now have a mobile advertising running in the streets of your city, your home business advertising cleaning.

With regard to advertising and marketing your business: You'll need to run ads in local newspapers and perhaps the pages yellow, if the Internet is becoming one of the most significant for you to promote your cleaning business. It is worth your time to go a reasonable amount on getting a professional website designed and built. Make sure you get advice on the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from a reliable source. With good SEO, your site should appear at the top of the free list in the major search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing Ask!, Etc. This way, when cleaning the house someone types "housekeeping <your town>" or "<your town>" Google, for example, your ad will appear in the top ten. In addition to having your ads for free, you can also spend a certain amount of advertising Pay-per-click. This has proved effective for many companies. You need the help of SEM (search engine marketing) experts for you advise on a PPC monthly budget and a set of keyboards targeted. A place where you can find an expert in SEO is

Make sure to specify all the services you offer in your website. You can see a counselor to offer services initially. Perhaps you want to make your business exclusively maid service, but you can also offer services other than cleaning, such as Carpet Cleaning, washing windows, lawn, etc

In summary, then you should start preparing a business plan – a plan of action and a budget for how to start home cleaning business. also include a marketing plan, and implement a system for the use of your daughters first. Think what skills and qualities you will need your wives, and develop tests that you can give them when they apply. You can do a background check on prospective house cleaners – many insurance companies do not cover the loss of element in a house so the housekeeper who was present when the accident occurred has a criminal record.

Once you have studied free information on , it would be a good idea to consult a counselor available on this site. Then you will be well prepared to make a success of your new house cleaning business.

New Year Planning for Your House Cleaning Business


Business Plan Cleaning

June 26, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

business plan cleaning
East Lancs "hammered" by reductions in East Lancashire is facing budget cuts further than most other regions the country, it has been revealed.
My business plan for my invention USPatent 6986186 !


Cleaning Your House Schedule

June 24, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

cleaning your house schedule
New place, and cleaning?

Hello, I know this sounds completely stupid, but I've never lived on my own before now. I just got married, we just got our first place (yay!) And I was wondering what tips or what is your Cleaning Schedule? Laundry is done every Sunday, and is the only thing we have right now sound, which is pathetic (for us both, but it work) In addition we have not a dishwasher, and we try to keep the dishes clean as we use it. Are there any simple advice that you can think for us to do so as not to facilitate Cleaning The House so … intense feeling? Any suggestions would be great for what you worked for! Thank you very much: D

In fact, keeping the dishes done as you use them is a very good thing! Welcome to married life and your own apartment! I keep bottles of dilution of Lysol in the kitchen and bathroom. In the morning I take a cleaning cloth with me to the bathroom and when I'm done, I spray the sink and toilet down with Lysol and wiping. The bath is never really dirty now. Choose a day to take care of your dusting, cleaning and vacuuming. They do not even have to be all made the same day, but it would be easier to remember to do all this while. Keep a basket for your laundry, and put your dirty linen here, rather than the leave them where they fall. I know it sounds silly to you, but there are people who do not, then wonder why their house is always crowded and why they feel overwhelmed. Having a place for everything, and when you do not use it to put everything in its place. Good luck!

How Clean Is Your House – Amanda’s Cleaning Therapy 3


Quick House Cleaning Tips

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quick house cleaning tips
What are the easy tips for a quick clean – my home -?

For a quick dusting I really like these dusters faster. They do a good job when you're in a hurry, because you do not need to travel all around the dust. They have also done a good job Dusting the TV.

House Cleaning & Organization Tips : How to Clean Your House Fast


House Cleaning Checklist Schedule

June 21, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

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Moving? The Ultimate Moving Checklist

The stress of moving can seem overwhelming. There are dozens of tasks and dozens of things to watch. The good news is that a well organized list can do wonders to manage all this information. This article details the best line checklists in motion or in print.

== 4 weeks before moving: organizations ==

Set the date.

Monday – Thursday are your best choice so that banks and offices are open if you have a problem.

Arrange for the transfer of public services.

public service providers prevent current and future of your moving date. Note when security deposits will be refunded in progress and how much is due when, for the new. This includes:

__ Television Cable / Satellite

__ Cell Phone Service

__ Electrical

__ Gas

__ / High Speed Internet

__ Services Local telephone

__ Long Distance Telephone Service

__ Propane

__ Recycling pickup

__ Sewer

The security system __

__ Trash Pickup

__ Water

NOTE: This is a good idea to schedule use "Turn dates" at least one day before the moving date and "off dates" at least one day after the removal allow for emergency or problems that may arise.

File change of address.

At a minimum, file a temporary change of address to the U.S. post office to buy yourself time before you tell everyone.

You can file online or call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777), (both have $ 1 fee), or go to the local post office and fill PS Form 3575.

Make sure you have enough cash.

Most moving companies require to be paid in cash before unloading a single box. Make sure you have the exact amount to you with moving expenses, deposits, gratuities, and nothing else you need on moving day.

Starting a "change of address log."

Create a change of address by writing log that you receive mail every day. Then, contact the organizations of your change of address each morning or evening. This can divide the task and can assure you that you do not miss important contacts.

Notify the specifics of your change of address.

Some of those who may need your change of address to:

accounting tax preparer __ /

__ Alumni associations

Solicitors __

__ Babysitter / caregiver of the child

__ Bank accounts (loans self, control, credit cards, home equity, IRA, mortgage, safe, savings account)

__ Broker

__ Business cards (the new order)

__ cell phone provider

__ Child care / daycare

__ Chiropractor

__ Tribunals, particularly for traffic tickets or local disputes

__ Credit Bureaus

__ Credit card issuers

__ Dentist

__ Department of Motor Vehicles

__ Diapers Service

__ Dr.

__ Dry cleaning pickup and delivery

__ Relatives

__ Health Clubs

__ House cleaning service

__ House of Worship

__ Insurance Claimants (auto, health, life, other vehicles)

__ IRS (Form 8822)

__ Lawn

__ Luggage tags (replace existing)

__ Magazine Subscriptions

__ New card

__ New employer

__ Newspaper Subscriptions

__ Former Employer

__ Orthodontist

__ Parent-Teacher Association

__ Passport

Walker __ Pet sitter / dog / pet daycare

__ Pharmacy (Bonus: Get year expense Updated Summary of tax)

__ Physiotherapist

__ Physician (Bonus: Get reference to the new premises)

__ Postoffice

__ Professional organizations

__ The holders of pension

__ Labels return address (those further notice)

__ Schools (BONUS: Copies of transcripts)

__ Snow removal

__ Security Administration Social

__ Pool maintenance (cleaning of the pool, pool opening or closing)

__ Swimming Memberships

__ Veterinarian BONUS obtain veterinary records and recommendations

__ Delivery of water

== 4 weeks before the move: Resources and packaging ==

Motors or reserve the truck.

If you are using movers professionals to see more details on find movers.

Recruit assistance for the move.

If you are moving yourself, start recruiting friends, family, neighbors and coworkers well in advance. offers free breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages for your employees, and be sure to deliver as promised!

Get the movement of essential supplies.

At minimum, you will need:

__ Markers to label boxes (preferably tip wide, dark)

__ Moving Boxes

__ Newsprint, packing peanuts or stuffing other

__ Packing Tape

__ Scissors or Knife

Make an organizer of the movement.

You can make a travel organizer for all your important notes, receipts and important information in obtaining:

__ Binder, 3-cycle, at least ┬Ż "wide

__ Pocket dividers to separate sections and keep receipts for major

__ Paper to keep all your notes (3-hole graph paper is ideal for this).

to pack!

For complete packaging advice, see NOTE: Nearly everyone underestimates how long it takes to pack, so start early and allow sufficient time added.

Top of separation expensive items of non-essential.

One of the biggest secrets to success is to eliminate moving objects that many of the possible evolution. Donate items to charity, give them to friends, prepare for a garage sale or discard.

== 2 weeks before the move ==

Make arrangements to return the items.

Here are some critical elements to return before moving:

__ Cable / satellite receiver boxes, remote controls, antennas

__ Modems Cable / DSL

__ Carpet cleaner

__ Clothing (loan)

__ DVD and video game rentals

__ Library books (and the school district)

__ Tools (borrowed or rented)

__ Trash cans / recycling bins

__ Purchasing Junk

Make arrangements to retrieve items.

Be sure to retrieve one of the following:

__ Clothing dry cleaning, tailors or storage

__ Clothing lent friends

__ Articles workshops repair

__ Tools loaned to neighbors or friends

Open accounts bank near your new address.

You can open a safe at the same time new, and move all the vital documents and / Or jewelry in the box in advance. This way, you do not have to worry about on moving day.

Creating an "Open me first" box for each room.

You will need access to certain items that are almost immediately after your arrival, and they must be packed in special boxes (one per room) and scored two red markers or stickers special so you can spot them easily. The rooms are distinctive:


foil __

__ Unbreakable or cutlery, cups and plates

__ Coffeemaker (do not forget the filters!)

dishwashing __

__ Pan and a spatula

__ Pet foods and intestines

__ Scissors

Maker __

Room Main bathroom:

bathmat __

Towel __

__ First aid kit (aspirin, bandages, hydrogen peroxide)

Hairdryer __

__ Shampoo

__ Shower Curtain

Soap __

toothbrushes and toothpaste __

tool room or drawer:

__ Batteries

duct tape __

__ Flashlight

__ Head screwdriver flat

__ Hammer

Level __

__ Screwdriver

picture hangers __

__ Tape measure

__ knife

Complete package for "non-life rooms.

Want to be completed for the Non-essential such as the basement, garage, attic, utility rooms, etc. so you can focus on the major areas in recent weeks.

Begin eating perishable foods from the freezer and refrigerator.

Consider holding a "Packing Party. "

Invite trusted friends at a party "Farewell packaging." Provide food and drinks, offering music background optimistic, and allow friends to fight against projects that require little supervision, such as packing books or pots and pans. Have friends take pictures and send you copies.

Hold a garage sale.

You may be surprised to learn that you can save hundreds of dollars by selling non-essentials, you earn your money and move more efficiently.

== 1 week before moving day ==

Confirm the start time, current residence address and address Future home with the movers.

Even if you already have this information, it is a good idea to double-check. It is also wise to ask who you can contact (name and phone number) if the authors did not report the time since the start of migration can be well before the open office movers.

Recruit friends to "pass the days madness."

Having extra help for last minute shopping or looking for movers help and answer questions may be valuable.

Arrange for children and / or animal sitting.

Having children and animals seen moving day can eliminate many stress and confusion for the big day, especially taking care of all other important details.

== 1 day before moving day ==

Make sure the cell phone everyone is fully charged.

Moving day would a bad day to be out of contact. :-)

Pack each having one or two suitcases and a backpack (no more).

Same if you're only moving across the street, have a bag with the next, take with you rather than on the moving truck, if possible, make things easier once you go:

__ Sunglasses

__ Favorite toys for children

__ Requirements

__ Something to read

__ Three days' worth of clothes

__ Toothbrush and toothpaste (if not "Open Me First "box)

== == Moving day

Start early.

Moving is stressful enough without waking up late and run with the movers waiting outside.

Take all trash out of the house.

Movers enormous trouble to leave anything behind. So many people were shocked to discover piled their garbage into their garbage and sent along to the move!

Make sure drivers have the number your cell phone and you have them, with their names.

Things on moving day, make sure you have a way to stay contact.

Be available to answer questions movers.

You need to be visible and available at all times near the door is usually a good place.

Make final checks before leaving the house present.

Here are some last things to check before closing the door for the last time:

  • Does air conditioning, fans, heat off?
  • Is the water cut, including pipes?
  • Light switches turned off?
  • The keys and garage door openers at home now turned in or left on the kitchen cons?
  • All that remains in the refrigerator, freezer, stove, drawer under the stove, in closets, bathroom, a porch, a garage, in the attic, in crawlway?
  • Do you wrap your pipes and sprinklers?

Use this checklist to help manage the details of your move to come and enjoy you!

You can get your free list removal, displacement tips and advice on our parent site, And please vist our move blog.

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Daily Kitchen Cleaning Schedule

June 14, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

daily kitchen cleaning schedule
Do you have a house Cleaning Schedule?

I put all day, but I have a hard time keeping a schedule to clean the house … I only clean the bathrooms weekly and weekly cooking, but beyond that, I have a difficult time ahead. I know some people things they do daily, weekly, monthly, etc.. Do you have a timetable for the holding of the house or Do you just store when he needs it?

But, I became somewhat in the timing of lavage white sea, a dark load Thu, run the dishwasher, empty of furniture and dust Fri … But every day I try to clean this mess that we have done … and store each piece before you leave. With a husband and five pets in house .. I am the iRobot Roomba vacuum … the worlds best invention and investment … empty because while I do other things <: o) This , everything is done by the weekend. … Then, because January is a quiet month for my business … I tear a piece at a time, starting with ceiling fans, walls, windows, screens … and in a few weeks, sparking all … And, of course, being the north-west of the Florida … I get a call that some parents are frozen north to come for a visit.

Speed Cleaning Secrets and Household Cleaning Tips and Techniques