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List Cleaning Service

July 10, 2010 by stain remover expert No Comments »

list cleaning service
Can an apartment complex you hire a Carpet Cleaning company and show a receipt?

Our apartment complex gave us a "get together". It statistics we have to hire a carpet cleaning service with proof of a receipt, but it is not the case in our lease that we signed before moving in. It only stats we have to make the apartment in the same condition as when we moved in simple clothes and less tears. In addition to all this when we moved in the carpet was not even cleaned, there was a big black spot and we have documented our move to the list. Can they still make us do to get our deposit full backup?

If spots in addition to ALL that is in motion in the list, they will simply clean the carpets themselves and you bill for it. Dirt, stains, tears, etc., are not normal wear and will be charged. It need not be in a lease. They are simply giving you the opportunity to use and pay for the cleaner of your choice.

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