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My Cleaning Trolley

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my cleaning trolley

Bulls, shopping carts, and apples: all applications typical auto insurance!

The AA has studied various claims about 180,000 made by the British public and a large percentage have been regular claims, bumps and bangs are a claim made by normal people daily but there are times when insurers must question whether the claims are true. However, these requests are made during the real 2007.

The first funny car insurance claim is a man who had an unexpected shower, unfortunately for him it was a rain of apples that has damaged his car. The next unusual request was a woman who was driving behind a truck carrying carts, unfortunately for women, the truck malfunctioned and trucks overturned his car causing thousands of pounds of damage.

When people buy their cheap car insurance, they buy their policies did not expect not unexpected, but these revelations show that strange things happen in everyday life. Claims recently include a man who could not take his sneezing and crashed into a wall of the church and a man got additional equity when he drove in a car wash, the brush was stuck in the door and as he opened his door to press the emergency button and the machine jammed his car overturned and car wash!

One of the most unusual claims, there was a woman who was herself entered a small problem as it was with a bull on top of his car, the animal broke through a fence and onto the roof of the car, thankfully, women and the bull were unharmed, but the car was wrecked. It will be interesting to see what the cost of car insurance will in the future.

The moral of this story is to be prepared for all eventualities when purchasing your car insurance if you are unfortunate enough to be the next victim of a strange accident, you're covered.

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